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Where do you think you’re going? Only to the hottest concert in town! Not like that you’re not! But dad! Don’t you dare give me an attitude! MOM! Honey, just listen to your father Go to your room! Ugh! [Stomping] Give this video a thumbs up, if your parents have ever ruined your day Comment down below from one to ten, how mean your parents are or how nice your parents are You might have really nice parents
you might be the lucky one [Whispering]
The lucky one I thought, “Let’s do a giveaway!” to celebrate mean and good parents I’m gonna be giving away one MacBook Air to one lucky subscriber Double check that you are subscribed and also turn on notifications to be the first to watch the videos. Let’s get on to this video [Music Starts] *crunching* [Music Stops] If you enjoyed the video make sure you give it a thumbs up Also, leave me a comment and let me know which prank you thought was the best and maybe if you are brave enough, which one you would actually try on your parents Check out my last previous videos, subscribe to the weirdest family on the internet and turn notifications on I hope you guys have an amazing day, don’t forget to live weird or die normal. pretty morbid Bye! [Ending Theme Music] thanks for watching! these subtitles were made by Zoe Garcia! [Laughing Sounds]
What the f**k? Random clips of me and my beautiful golden retriever, Jupiter [Kissing Sound] [Music Playing] There’s a lizard on me and Jupiter is looking for it [Laughing Sound]
(Unintelligible) Dennis to the rescue Oooh! Mother—- You skipped like fifteen pages

100 thoughts on “FUNNY PARENT PRANKS! TOP 11 FOR FRIENDS & FAMILY! NataliesOutlet

  1. Girl: honey..
    Boy: yes babe
    Girl: did u cheat on me
    Boy: no honeybun
    Girl: do u like me
    Boy: yes u little cutie
    Girl: would u break up with me
    Boy: no ❤️
    Girl: would u marry me

    Now read it backwards ❤️😂

  2. The worst they don't let me go anywhere uuuuuurrrrrggggghhhh I beg for FREEDOM AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!😡😡😡

  3. So unkluku 10/10 mean
    Help this 👧
    Help her parents to be kinde by putting a like so far 0/10


  4. Every time when I go out my mom and dad just ground me I did it and now my parents let me go because of my pranks thanks for these pranks oh yeah so my big sister help with the dangerous one

  5. Fo8cj9jd uo 9jgo cfg o iv nci ui xo0 guy itjvup😍😘🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😪🦄🦄🐶🤩😍😎

  6. 1:24 LOL 😂 The dog just staring at the “mom”

    1:29 The dog leaves

    1:49 The dog comes back 😂

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