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Funny Penalty Kicks in Football

that's the penalty and look who's gonna take it here it's the newcomer Elliot on from this block Ibrahimovic Curtis for the pudding Cup [Applause] what a start this would be alley at 9:00 all we tried to pet it and it did [Applause] oh my goodness I can't believe my eyes he better have repeat fees on that because that's going to get played over and over and over again Novitsky [Applause] good over here no sense of the argon National Guard ago muga II Jacob is attack nothing sir [Applause] [Applause] Independiente Guadalajara nooses cabana la Pico pero muy mala pico pero movie man Bendix para oh come on guys subscribe right now

24 thoughts on “Funny Penalty Kicks in Football

  1. les tirs au but qui frappent la transversale puis rentrent après rebonds ne sont pas valables normalement…

  2. Imagino que los "penales" para criminales no deben ser muy graciosos. Así que se me hace mas gracioso eso de "penales graciosos del futbol"

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