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FUNNY PICK UP LINES 2017 #Pickupline

Funny Pick Up Lines 2017 Welcome back first of all I just want to say sorry i haven’t released video since last year whole look at this fucking smart guy it’s a 20-17 but a week ago was 2016 you see what he did so smart good job like most people in a relationship I was wondered do I still got it only way you can lose something as if you had it so i thought why don’t I try seeing if my audience thinks I got it you have like a ninety-five percent male audience challenge except nobody challenges challenges nobody challenging challenge exam challenging yourself challenge accepted I just came over here to say you have beautiful eyes pretty smile and I oh stop i just want to taste your school days haha be done I’m just saying if I was a girl I think my vagina would crawl further into my body than it over to use I think my vagina would dry up more than the sahara desert after hearing that terrible pick-up line you just threw out okay I’m a little rusty you think you can do better I know I can do better you walk up to a girl you say like meatballs you want to meet these ball i will call you by aggro because ever since I noticed you about four hours ago this boner hasn’t gone away you are crazy sexy and my therapist says I’m just crazy disease okay all right I got it I got it ok you’re in a bar you walked you see the most beautiful you lock eyes smile you continue to walk past once you get a step pastor pause you bring two steps back look at her you say if I didn’t stop to talk to this would be the biggest regret of my life I thought the meatball one was better but nobody who doesn’t like meeting a nice pair of balls huh alright here’s one for the ladies you go up to a guy and you say hey I’ve got this new basketball rim in my backyard but I don’t have any balls to play with this my vagina smell like chloroform to you I’m just kidding thats don’t that’s inappropriate they’ll do it hey can i suck on your for a little bit did you just bleep me out you liked this video hit that like button if you did like this video to get the other one but I mean whatever if you knew this channel and you want to be a part of this family hit the subscribe button if you want to see some of those videos I’ve done in the past I’ll put those over here alright 2017 let go you know what you need to do so go do it get

18 thoughts on “FUNNY PICK UP LINES 2017 #Pickupline

  1. Your on screen presence is getting better, and it really helps your delivery. How much of it is scripted and how much is improvised?

  2. I realize that this is on your video and doesnt relate, but I have no clue how to get a hold of you, but what would say about me doing some legend of zelda recordings? I have the old consoles and the games plus a nice tv

  3. Hi I think you're hilarious 😀 there's a Finnish saying "antautua työlleen" that doesn't translate very well but it means "(to) surrender to one's own work" that could be better translated as "Dedicate oneself to one's own work" Which is exactly what i'd like to see from u. Honestly all the other topics n videos in ur channel didnt' really catch that much interest but to me the side persona and all the other elemets here vere funny AF. 😛 peace and i hope the best for you on your work.

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