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72 thoughts on “FUNNY PIGS (HD) [Funny Pets]

  1. can't wait until I'm finally able to get a piggy of my own ❤️🐷 I absolutely adore these sweet creatures 🐖🐷🐽💕💕

  2. And even if they are grotesque they're still cute, for some reason one should cancel the other but it doesn't. I watch the happy pigs living a happy life (not the ones in dirty farms obviously those are f/ucked). Go scratch a pigs back gently and it'll like it, it will lie down smiling for you to gently scratch it's belly. A happy pig makes me happy.

    And that my friends is happiness and the Essence of Life …

  3. Not a good time for me to tell how factory farmed baby pigs (the vast majority) are prepped to spend the rest of their lives in a very small enclosure while they get to 200 plus pounds to be butchered. If you saw it once you would never eat bacon, ham, chops etc. .

  4. So happy I've turned vegan and can finally watch these videos without guilt!
    Pigs are amazing! All animals are.
    They all have different personalities and can be loving and funny and cute. Animals are all awesome ❤️

  5. I wish no humans will slaughtered animals for humans food! Animals are adorable creatures.. God has made them to live just like us

  6. Help this piggies 🐷

  7. I don't understand foreigners. They are so loving with animals but do not think twice before eating butchered meat which was once a living and throbbing animal with emotional feelings.

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