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FUNNY PODIUM MOMENTS on Celebrity Family Feud! Steve Harvey Looks Confused!!

gimme gimme gimme Kevin point values are
tripled fellas we got top 4 answers on the board here we go
name a word that rhymes with yummy salvadore you letting them have it today I came around the corner in turn and I
didn’t see nothing here we go we got top five answers on the board we asked 100
mother’s name something you see in your teenagers room that makes you sorry you
looked Playboy magazine nudie mags playboy nudie Playboy nudie magazines salvadore dirty socks dirty socks okay I came to slay I came to slay the
flame I’m gonna like dude I don’t know here we
go pull yourself together let’s get on into it this is you’re not on this
episode we’re so sorry This Is It this is your moment here nice
shoes like go here we go top six answers on the board we asked 100 women name
something specific that only your man is allowed to do to your behind okay okay yes yes give it give it a
little pinch give it a little pinch that’s right it follows the other day from the
country she said spanked giving this fight with two syllables from us in the
country spine but it’s just faint yeah we don’t play give me give me point values are double top six answers
on the board if kids ran the world what would be the
first thing they get rid of crap I said I didn’t know I don’t know can I have a
do-over they just I want to do over old fresh adults sorry I’m behind the scenes for a reason my god you’ve never heard of this she’ll
have no white buzzer triple top four answers on the board this is a big one
someone could win it name something you hope is this
beautiful on the inside as the outside my sister my sister yeah you got just just one hand on you’ve been up against him before
preseason preseason tough tough Annie sir pretty fast times you got some speed
on yeah yeah good boy gonna be all right man just keep missing key you’d be like
number 89 be right a long time make a lot of money she’s gonna have to learn
they’re gonna be around a long time if you learn how to follow instructions one
I got keep telling you just have a good time I fellas let’s go
point values a double we got to top six answers on the board
name someone you are glad you only see about once a year he hit the buzzer and step back gave it
some thought came back and spilling inside nothing
but brandy totally hit it hit it so we did it okay Tara’s on you before we go to Jeremy Jeremy
mother-in-law pass a place they go play play wait pass link don’t you got
disgusting you ain’t passes you can’t Bank past it don’t pass this beat I
don’t know what strategy y’all but they’ll pass yeah Bill Belichick nothing
the same football y’all play this ball it is harder to guess what’s left than
it is to just truth so you get a couple of good ones out the way they’re over
there stuff because this is a hard one because these cats is young if you ask
me I got a missed hey let’s go guys let’s go hands up here
we go top eight answers on the board name something specific a man would hate
to have happen when he gets down on one knee to propose she says no she says oh
I see another one yeah you’re right I don’t I was just I said I don’t know how to
play no we got a plan you you

86 thoughts on “FUNNY PODIUM MOMENTS on Celebrity Family Feud! Steve Harvey Looks Confused!!

  1. I could swear the title said CELEBRITY Family Feud. Usually, celebrities are people you have heard of, or recognize. That wasn't the case in this clip.

  2. I would put Kellie up and eat her like a cookie, right in front of America!!! Just naw it down until she squirted all in my face!!

  3. He said they asked 100 men/women…. that's gender binding 😱😱😱 everyone duck the millineals and the SJW's and Hollywood will be coming soon

  4. I have panic disorder, which means I have random full blown panic attacks & for some stupid reason my panic attacks get worse at night while I’m trying to fall asleep. These videos are a great distraction from the panic. They never fail to make me laugh.

  5. Those gay guys are suppose to be fashion designers/police or whatever and they let that dude walk out on stage in that ghetto shorts suit? No self respecting man gay or straight would be caught wearing that. Tshirt and jeans from Walmart is more fashionable than that and a while lot less exoensive.

  6. I wish they’d bring this version to Australia. Grant Denyer would have to be one of the driest most boring hosts ever.

  7. Best Podium Moment ever was two men at the ready and Steve asks…
    'Name one of the seven dwarfs that describes your wife in bed'
    The two men looked at each other and shook their heads… neither hit the buzzer.

  8. Wonder if Steve has ever done a show where he didn't scared, questions someone intelegence or sanity, or just laugh out loud.

  9. not funny , more like this blonde as a serious case of attention seeking whoring …. she should take a chill pill

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