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Funny poker moments

okay are you the favorite with the road the only guy with three here I said there were three zombies I’m the favorite in this lineup but I’m a little bit steamed so you got three right one you want three girls three yes pretty impressive that’s the funnest thing ever when he moved all in blind or every 19 hands nah even 19 a no cuz he had to win he had to come first right everybody else has been blind everybody out there coming for the third or whatever so he’s just like I’m all ain’t I’m all and I’m all in you know finally feel helmet calls him in this little body there’s a lot of theme with friends advice you have this table yes don’t try to raise my blind this tournament that’s hell Viet ace Jack suited yes I’m Tommy I’m probably not gonna fold here so last don’t know how I can get away from it right I’d be very surprised I don’t know is blind versus blind so it’s a polka small points things like all you know that handsome be blames that into cards he calls didn’t even look at his cards I will need how he’s made a very good call I know I’m hoping on the darky 50 he did it he hasn’t looked I knew that I was hard to figure out the plow steep and there’s a dude’s worthiness a slick good flop Tommy’s gonna need hopefully a four five to get a tie or I it’s only a tie and two good news I know what he’s gonna do it against the guy that can call so the river changes nothing at all in Daniel check holds wisely getting off his pair of jacks and decided to let him Bluff and then Bluff and then let him Bluff me out but I think maybe he had me beat huh how could you bet that card that’s pretty sick thank you thank you honey thank you for folding the king deck swan makes the call and he’ll get the bad news King Jack no had to be 449 considered it funny how it’s easier to fold when you’re not in the hand oh yeah I love when the pros debating folding the Kings full on the river oh yeah look like a king queen and in them I put him on King Queen you you know the limp and the six handed pas you know yeah yeah that was bad call I mean what I couldn’t have myself with all the with all the professors on your right I couldn’t help myself yeah you’re funny when you’re cranky Daniel why he’s got a four deuce of diamonds he’s gonna be a little tricky here and raised to 3,000 Oh to doctor necessary the whole car cam shows pocket aces now that’s the cure for tricky plays Phil Hellmuth starts this hand he raises to 3,500 with ace for offsuit ambitious raised with an ace for oh let’s do that seven and Daniel Negreanu with a T’s tennozu doubles it makes it seven thousand yeah why we might have jack so I just call I said it from Daniel said he’d bet 10,000 before the flop came down Wow no check Daniel said I bet 10,000 and he put the 10,000 in and he’s flop top to sell cheese boy that’s pretty sweet and Phil’s got aces this could sense the long and full cannot get away from his aces how many calls sees the bad news yep Phil looked a little silly in that hand and we might have ignition here yeah big guy and think he’d agree race me with ace time and put him on the hand a Content couldn’t come on I know Daniel says please raise money in there big papa let me win something yeah he needs this food every poker player has a pain threshold I know poker players that can lose three million before they feel it other poker players that can lose fifty thousand and they’re a basket case I don’t it just I guess it’s in their personality I know poker players that lose a dollar forty and they can’t sleep Jerry Buss has been around he knows what he’s doing so I’d much rather play with him versus someone that has been around and makes his living off playing poker he might do things because he doesn’t care about the money you ever do things AJ cuz you don’t care about the money no sometimes me too sometimes I’ll go out I’ll buy a toaster just throw the money around sometimes I’ll tip the valet guy $2 extra dollar just won’t mean anything to me I just throw it around understand you could do it do it well he’s doing okay for himself he just took over $37,000 in Freddy shaman hours money in the last hand nice pair for Madison variates for anybody vacation someone so he says what do you want to do for a real proper vacation I would say c5 high-stakes poker please don’t think oh if you are on a desert island who would you want to be locked on island with I said with Daniel Negreanu cuz we’d have a lot of fun together wow you know how gay that sounds now watch Antonio’s acting ability here yeah he’s not thinking about Sammy he’s got Sammy he’s thinking about what do I do to get a date with that girl I’m just walking over here behind me no he’s saying he’s a little gun-shy the nicest prettiest girlfriend and you win every pot I don’t know how could somebody be so lucky at everything and you got friends like me while your Luck’s got in somewhere Sammy’s got a bet to win here and he’s going to really $12,000 from far off bet 12 you got anything Sani doesn’t have anything Sammy miss everything how much Yvette 12 let’s hope Sammy missed everything Daniel doesn’t want to give up anything got his head down there you go Tony throw his hand away you’re funny until you that was good like they had no idea everyone looked up and luckily the dealer was pushing the pot towards me that kind of like fun ease the tension this young lady right over here is constantly trying to get my phone number and I will not give it up really pretty easy to remind everyone I always miss truffle I’m not as easy as you are I wish all these waitresses were just impossible berries a one-time man is what his first wife told every day crack it on 63 and again 7 my steaks both thank you very appreciated baby now he’s lost that pothead person get away the funny sees better living here comes a familiar face with season 1 ted forrest he’ll take Gus Hansen seat and Gus’s talking a barmaid he became very attractive everyone that $300,000 pot from Danny on the ground now Gus handsome I did Ted I want to apologize to you for well I called you an idiot on national television yeah I saw that one time I came to a poker game you’re like damn class 17 years old of the story here and this guy buddy see that technique goes like this really your ripples we can hear each part individually 450 cards in the guy’s ear then what happened for our game let’s take the deck and it goes like this like where you can kind of hear each one of the businesses I can’t play here there’s only 50 cards there and he says I’ll use this joke and some guy said you’re unbelievable and cold to think that I was a day Phil Laak raised the 22800 okay and then the Titanic came out of the guys here as Brad booth enters you comrade Phil Ochs talking about space-time continuum the team Stephen Hawking here all of you can tell but Brad booth is from Canada what makes you say that his hairstyle it’s so sick you know that oh no I still have them I’m well if you just called and if you flop class I can save these money oh that’s right the worst lay down my life Williams lays it down and his best hand of the night is still hanging from his neck very funny and the security guard says this game is so juicy I’m gonna get it people raising it up with six new offsuit let me play here whoa boys Paul ahsoka how you doing buddy all right Paul’s a very loud player did you move to Vegas yet oh what’s up Vegas dad I’m closing on Monday actually no way where’d you move aside what’s that uh Spanish trail on what’s that that’s where we got blackout Doyle as Paul Weiss ago if he plays golf yeah guy comes to town with six million dollars it’s like a feeding frenzy it’s like a new restaurant was a good spot but it was amazing to me that Paul who hasn’t played many hands had a pair of kings there yeah I didn’t call he would have lost but he should have called in my opinion for her she should have called in my finger it calls me all the time you have anything not to maintain the doctor is not in the doctor does happen to have the cure for tens that five million dollars on the table Vito’s fish come on fish need a little more food than man right does that be right interesting flop David Benjamin’s got the nut flush draw and ghee has got top two pair and Sammy’s gonna bet he’s got a bicycle at a NASCAR race here and I remember Barry does not like to run it more than one time he does it the old-fashioned way and lets the chips fall where they may Mary gets a nice Wow so three times that could be a half-a-million-dollar nine if Barry can avoid a 310 or an ace and he does and now Barry can take the money to the bank nice man Juwan casually says nice hand like any 22 year old who’s just lost five hundred fifty thousand dollars would say I get one ask you play Monopoly well actually this might be I don’t mean to rub it in but before I forget yeah you know like mathematically it probably wasn’t a good thing but you know I had to say something for all those kids on the Internet that man is idiotic and for those of you who believe that math is idiotic and want to play jacks against aces is a game area of the week of my house you are welcome and bring your feathers I got something personal to ask you this week oh don’t tell me they’re trying to fix me up with somebody maybe some lady from your old neighborhood in Brooklyn believe me women and Brooklyn aren’t that desperate I’ll tell you what I’m looking for in a woman I want someone who likes to take long walks has a great sense of humor and basically someone I can get heads up with a foes gotta realize he’s probably got the best stand here and then and it’s check-check oh man Phil Laak won the absolute minimum in that hand expect I will plate farewell play you know if I could get to Jack’s because this is my net worth and doll got aces I was very dangerous to give two bullets to a man who would kill for Jack’s finger Greek in the lock I just lost his mind I knew this play coming by the way that’s the way I’d play Yeah right I know the guy in the kings and aces I put 50,000 in to win a case no I told Kings four kings or maybe cold to try and make a set earlier we asked Phil Laak and silent my facts are a couple of high-stakes regulars what it’s like to play against some of these young guns if I make it four they just want to make it 14 they want to RiRi isolate and really put the chill in me passive poker does not win the money so here’s what you do against these young players you get aces and you bet $50,000 and if they make 150 you throw your hand away there you go what else you’ll be watching for what do you think I think we should be watching for whether or not you keep your job for next season yeah that’d be a good thing for you to pay attention to I heard you’re not shown either by the way who said that you serious hearts and thanks but I wouldn’t worry about you gave crap you’re letting your feet really cuz I heard you John sang about thread my job is hanging by it right why only last week the president of GSN came up to me said stop the music we gotta get you off the show

100 thoughts on “Funny poker moments

  1. 13:15 – The most stupid thing someone ever said on national television. I dare you to find me a clip of someone saying something even more stupid than this statement.

  2. I really can't think of a more entertaining commentator, in any sport, than Gabe Kaplan. Fantastic stuff! Take note, Norman Chad!

  3. hahha Barry sucks out, and makes his "Math is idiotic" point, bad timing Bar.  Plus look how all those internet kids are doing now; crushing EPT's and the like.

  4. so funny i didn't even crack a smile. it's actually depressing, all they talk is fake shit, acting like they friends when in reality they all vultures .,

  5. Huge amounts of not funny at all. Fuck you faggots geez. I have to go back to watching people admit Family Guy should not be allowed on tv. then me punching them for a laugh.

  6. Kaplin and Benza were the best ever. I'd watch every week if that show made a comeback. Benza was the perfect foil for Kaplin.

  7. Hahahah I gotta stop watching Gabe commentate when I am at work. It is to hard for me to try in hold in the laughter and tears cuz he is such a frickin goofball. he says the funniest damn things!! Gabe for president!

  8. I wish i knew what episode of hsp it was mike matusow says the thing about being on an island with negreanu that was hilarious

  9. 6:14 – 6:24 Now That's Funny!!! Perfect timing because Gabe Kaplan said "Nice" before they showed either pair.

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  11. HSP best poker show ever, Gabe best poker host ever, it was all going so well until they decided to get rid of AJ and then foolishly Gabe.

  12. phil looked a silly in that hand……. phil looks silly in every hand he plays    the best ever don't make me fucking laugh the man is a calling machine his to scared to get bluffed cause he thinks his the greatest his a dumbass his had his day go home

  13. Beta denial nervous as fuck when Hansen calls him out for being a pompous douche 3:14 with his 'sick reads' which are mostly full of guesses not based on math or common sense.. thats why hes wrong all the time in the clips that people dont make bst of videos of… .. he plays so much his variance in guessing that shit has to even out to his advantage often… "he… he… your funny when youre cranky…."….. Oh and lets increase the rake while we're at it ay danny boy?

  14. Autogenerated english subtitles make this even more fun.

    Commentator: The Flop Steep and there's a dudes for.
    Gus: Actually a good flaw.
    Commentator: Bahamians Gonna need
    Hellmuth: oh **
    Commentator Boy a 4/5 to get at
    All: I don't there's the more deep
    Gus: It's only a tie and two canoes.
    Hellmuth: ** On the river dark

  15. "You got the nicest prettiest girlfriend" , then another girl comes and stands next to her with arms folded looking daggers . Whats the chance it was his own girlfriend with arms crossed ? that's funny

  16. At 8:40 the lady asks Doyle if he's alright and then Doyle says "get away from me bitch" and she thought he was talking to her

  17. I'm looking forward to a more modern one. Oh never mind most of the top players now are just nerds with no personalities.

  18. I stopped at 3:43. The video is garbage. It just seems like some obsessed Gus Hansen fan made a Gus Hansen compilation.

  19. 10:03 I actually know a guy who can tell the number of cards in a pack just by touching it. No Titanic. There are people with abilities that we are not used to.

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