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Funny Police Posts

Just to be clear “I was looking for a pokestop” is not an Acceptable reason for being on the roof of a shop with a crowbar at 2:00 a.m. Have you received poor customer service from your local drug dealer? Maybe you’ve been ripped off received a bad batch or under a payment plan if so why not give us a call We have people standing by the phone ready to take your calls. We may be able to help you out Girl: I drive in the right hand lane all the time.. *me trying to impress her* I love blocking traffic to #badroadmance #tothelefttotheleft Hey, I just met you and this is crazy, but you were speeding so slow down maybe. My housemate ate all of the cheese in our fridge, but he only paid for half, can you please help? What kind of cheese was it? We don’t normally prosecute for swiss cheese due to the cases being full of holes. Driver negotiating an alternative to a breath sample with an abbypd officer: couldn’t we settle this with a pinkie swear? You’ve heard of speed traps… we have weed traps. Undercover 420 operations are in place discreet traps have been set up throughout the city today With all due respect get off Facebook and get back to work with all due respect Facebook surfing the web and donuts takes precedent over work your tax dollars hard at work Dolla Dolla bills y’all drugs recovery Paisley on Sunday 31st of January 2016 a Cannabis cultivation with a street value of approximately Twenty thousand pounds was recovered from an address in Max Walton street Paisley Chadar added wearing crosshatch genes to the Chargesheet Gordon we let the fashion police deal with those Offenses not a scam if you’ve committed a burglary in the leicester area within the last week Come to our police station and claim a free ipad anyone lost a huge amount of Cannabis and the Chalmers leeward area don’t panic We found it, please come to the police station to collect it trying to ruin our party because he wasn’t invited But don’t be jel b. We m cock-blocking bastards Ryan Sorry for spoiling your party but from what I recall you weren’t getting any of the action anyway Sleep tight that awkward moment when we are unknowingly smoking a J white outside of the doors to the york regional police Wing of the mall that awkward moment when you realize you just drew way too much unwanted attention to yourself Drugs are bad Brittany. Never have I ever gone over the speed limit… the whole of NSW takes a sip.. #slowdown. Wanted to arrest: Samuel Evan Lake has a warrant for his arrest. I need to get a new mugshot Come see us, and we’ll arrange at no cost. If only they were as good at finding me as they were with comebacks. Surry Hills hunt for 18 year old Amy Sharpe who fled Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex last seen on Riley street at 3:00 p.m.. on Friday Can you use this photo, please and thank you. Yours truly, Amy Sharp. Reardon, Levi Charles, 23 years of age. White Male. 5 foot 11 inches, 160 pound, blond hair, blue eyes, wanted on forgery (common scheme) Felony Total Bond $2,500 Levi Charles Reardon likes this. Wanted person: Caylan Clossick, 18 years, is wanted by the police. If you have any information as to his whereabouts Please contact 101. Found him down the Nuts-And-Bolts aisle at BNQ He was looking through the plane window on my flight to Spain last week. They can’t get near him. He hears them coming a mile away. How you gonna catch someone that can fly he has left traces of his whereabouts in the Metro center? It’s ok, he’s not on the run, Master gave him a sock. I’m just here for the comments. When you’re 10 minutes into dumbo and chil and He gives you this look. Can you not pick him up on your radio with them bad boys? His parents were unavailable for comment. How many pencils could you fit behind one of them Last-known whereabouts? Orbiting the Earth’s atmosphere with the wind we’ve been having recently this lad could be anywhere Michael Shane Hagger is a 34 year old male who has three warrants for his arrest issued by the Tokyo District Court if you have information as to this man’s whereabouts please contact the Taupo police on zero seven three seven eight six zero six zero or crimestoppers on zero eight zero zero five five five one one one Hoo Rah. Arrested a 28 year old man today for stealing a twilight Saga DVD boxset Store owner suggested making him watch it as punishment our apologies for the fruit Ninja tweet sent earlier One of our kids played the game on our iphone and unknowingly tweeted their score Do you live in Little Halton or warden hate the police want to Brag and revoir knows isn’t it? Retweet if you have drugs and haven’t been caught. Any dealers in Vaughan want to make a 20sac chop? Come to Keele/Langstaff. Mr. Lube need a spliff or two to help me last this open to close Awesome! Can we come too? Anyone in Wilkes-Barre know where we could buy any drugs Asking for a friend hit us up at five seven zero seven six zero zero two one five #notacop *lit outro* 🙂

100 thoughts on “Funny Police Posts

  1. I really wish my police department could be this cool instead of stopping teens on the street who wear black and ask if they’re off to commit Suicide and fining kids not wearing a helmet while riding their bikes around the neighborhood.

  2. 4:03 the fact you can say the word 'taupo' is cool. The fact that every other person in New Zealand think it is said 'Taupo' like 't-ow-po' is still pretty weird

  3. Yeah, well done policeman, you've just taken away the only medicine my grandmother can use for pain relief that won't kill her. Oh, and given her a court summons to boot. Yeah. Well done you.

  4. I wish I saw more police posts from qld cause nsw is taking the cake here with how hilarious they are XD. LETS HOPE THATS NOT HOW IT IS WITH STATE OF ORIGIN

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