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Funny Prank Ice Bucket

>>Matt: It’s finally summer and we have experienced
our first heat wave of the year. And Drew has been complaining every single
day about it being hot. So I figured, I am going to cool him off today. I am on the way to the local supermarket I am going to buy about, I don’t know, eight,
ten bags of ice and I will explain the funny prank I am going
to do in three seconds. Alright, here in this cart I have 72 pounds
of ice which will be dumped on Drew in about an hour. What I actually did, I set up a little platform
here as you can see. Right in front of the door in the garage. And what I am going to do, I am going to pour
all of the bags of ice into this can jam can here. I am going to fill it up with water and dump
it on him when he enters the house. The container is now full of ice and is getting
pretty cold in there This thing is probably about 100 pounds. So what I am going to do now is to take the
latter down that I am on right now. I am going to set the camera up I am going to somehow climb up here and then
give Drew quite the surprise. Alright, everything is setup right now. I
have the camera setup. Sow hat I am going to do now is to climb up,
monkey my way up into the loft and wait for Drew to get home. [pause]>>Andrew: Are you freaking kidding me dude!
Really! Are you kidding me! Oh my god that is cold!

100 thoughts on “Funny Prank Ice Bucket

  1. Stop complaining in Illinois it reaches over 110 degrees sometimes and I once face planted into the grass cuz it was really hot. Plus the grass was spikey so it hurt

  2. Where ARE you guys? The last time I saw "Wegman's Ice" was when I lived in Rochester – (man, I miss that place).

    Great pranks, BTW.

  3. Did anyone else notice around 1:20 the extremely precarious outlet right next to the door where the water is to be poured? haha

  4. "And this becomes what we like to call, 'The Ice Bucket Challenge'"  Remember kids, every time you prank, someone's gonna make it something good.

    – For your health

  5. Looking through 3 videos I sadly found out where these videos took place… just look at that Ice Bag. I have explained.

  6. Dude that is funny, that`s the first time Drew was screaming like a girl like Hardy har har!!

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