Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny Pranks for Halloween 2017! Roommate Wars!! Kesh Style

Kavish? Yeah and you are… Hi I’m Kesh your new roommate. Whatever! What?! Excuse Me! Where’s my room? Over there. I hope I won’t regret sharing my room with you. Oops, sorry! Hey Kavish! What? From Now it’s our Room and not your room, okay… Oops, sorry! [Scream] Happy Halloween! I got you on my vlog camera. Really Funny! Oh My God Say, hi to the vlog camera. I got him so good Guys, Hashtag pranked Whatever [Shocked] Huh! Kesh! [Scream], what’s this what, oh my god, oh my god! It must be his prank. Wow Original What, what Is this ? Oh my God! Again! It’s him, Kavish. Huh! Really I have been pranking you a lot today, so I thought it Would be nice To bring you a, gift. Okay… Again! I’m gonna get him this time, Hahaha… Oh No! Kavish! you simply need to Cross Multiply This one by the Second Equation. Pass me the ipad please. Really! Hey Kesh! I am going to the Mall and you have to give this to the first Trick-Or-Treater. Don’t dare to eat this. Okay! Why Would I even eat your Lollipop? I am keeping it over here. Is he gone? Okay, I think he’s gone. I’m gonna take it and eat it he won’t even know. What! Really, Onion?! Hoof! okay, Let me go and check once. Oh! It’s so late. [Shocked] Who is this? Oh My God I’m Ready! So? Do you like my costume? Wait! Let Me Guess, you’re a Comedian. Right? So you are a Dancer. A Hip Hop dancer. And, is this your costume? HELP! Oh My God! OMG! [Scared] OMG, OMG! Wait! WAIT! Its chocolate! You want some? What? Kavish, look. It must be the Trick-Or-Treaters Kavish! Oof… Happy Hallo! what… ! Nobody? Okay, What is this? What is this?! It looks Scary, Oh My God! Again Spiders… Oh no! blood… It must be someone prank. I’m Sure I know who it Is. Ok, What is this, what is this? Oh My God! OMG! Boooh. [Laughter] Got you. Happy Halloween! How dare you? Oh oh Wait, WAIT! How dare you? You know I’m Scared of this face… How dare you, HUH? That was not funny? That was so scary! It was so scary! It’s Halloween! Nobody does this kind of prank. You know what, I’m done with you. I’m getting a new roommate. Shhh… Shut Up, I don’t want to listen to you. Kesh, I promise it’s not me this time. Stop Joking now. Shhh… Listen, listen. I am not Joking. Shhh…. LISTEN! Are you sure it’s not you? Yeah! I’m sure. What’s this? Oh My God! It’s Creepy. [Shocked] What happened? Let’s find a torch. OMG it’s scary. Wait, wait, I think I got something.Wait! What are you taking? OK, this is the only thing I got. Stay With Me. I think the noise is coming from outside the house. We should go and check. And I think my flashlight is over there. OK, take it quickly! Light it Man! Ok, okay [scared] Oh My god, Oh My God!!! Oh No!

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