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Funny Rap Songs Video

Every day after I wake up from my nap I go to the garage to pick out a cap I wear an orange shirt and blue pants I like to go outside and water my plants Green stuff like cucumbers as you can see I hate junk food I only eat healthy I don’t like sports, but I love croquet So good I’ll show you up any given day When I drive my car, I sit close up I aint going no where until you buckle up I am so cool, I am the man I pick up tons of girls in this gold mini van If it’s paper or plastic, don’t throw it out I love to recycle, it’s what I’m about Even though many of you think I’m a nerd I am always up for a good crossword Knitting is another hobby of mine And sipping lemonade feels so fine I got a friend that think he’s so cool But I straighten him out because he’s just a fool I’m not fancy, don’t need a cell phone When I make a call, I still hear a dial tone A real man can wash his own clothes This guy is mixing colors, he just blows Tv and video games are bad for the mind A game like Scrabble will help you unwind Finally, when drinking from a cup Use a coaster so I don’t have to clean up.

100 thoughts on “Funny Rap Songs Video

  1. wow when this guy get a girl he doesnt need to have his balls taken away from him he'll give it to her nicely sealed in a recycled bag

  2. wicked video
    this reminds me of a hilarious music video about bulimia that i found… it's pissing off some people, but i think it's effin great and funny

    It's called "The Bulimia Anorexia Song" and it's in my favourites…

  3. @IvAnnAPErEz143 shut the fuck up u dont even have a life your on the internet all day making stupid comments on other peoples video.. you cant even rap at least this guy`s got balls to put it up on youtube good on ya @funnyd00ds keep it up…… @IvAnnAPErEz143 next time stop making stupid comments on others

  4. •why do ya need so many caps!? i just want one. a green one.
    •who doesn't love sports? I love tennis, even though i only know how to juggle the balls
    •why spend time gardening when you can join a track team and race the worlds fastest, me!
    •what do ya have against video games?! And who doesn't love to watch river monsters?
    •i mix up all my colors when I do laundry and nothing happens. Sorting takes too long.
    That's just my opinion thumbs up and reply if u agree

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