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100 thoughts on “Funny Rottweiler Compilation NEW

  1. When I was 7, I remember my brother got bit by a fucking Rottweiler. My brother was 11 and he wanted to pet him but suddenly that bitch just bite my brothers leg. Now my brother is almost 23 and you can still see the dogs teeth marks on his skin. And that made me HATE ALL ROTTWEILERS!
    And funny thing is… I grow up with 2 big pitbulls and 1 doberman that we later give to my uncle. I still have my pitbulls boys and in all these years, they NEVER bit anyone. And it makes me angry that people see pitbull and doberman as “aggressive or dangerous dogs”, NO THEY ARE NOT!

  2. I love my 120lb Rottweiler, Harley, so so much! He is smart, cuddly, lazy, and so funny! He is so handsome, loyal and a great negotiator. This is my second Rottie. I still miss my first boy so very much…RIP Ditka 😥 They had totally different personalities but equally awesome. They are wonderful dogs and I hope I always have one by my side for the rest of my life! I wish they lived longer! I will cherish everyday I can get.

  3. I missed my Rotti so much. He was such a calm and lovely boy but I didn't spent much time with him back then. He waved at me every single time I saw him ( I was studying abroad for a few years).

  4. I had a Rottweiler named Isaac. The most friendly and loyal friend you could have. He died at the age of 16. I remember at night, he would always sit by my door making sure I was safe. And if I felt scared, I called him, and he could come lay on the bed with me. Where ever I was, he was. One day, my mom's ex was yelling at her for something she didn't do, and Isaac busted through the door and start pushing my mom back to protect her, then went straight for my mom's ex. Ever since, Isaac died, I felt like a chunk of my heart was gone and I felt empty. Today I have 2 dogs, one a black Labrador retriever mixed with Australian Shepherd named Molson, and a black Labrador retriever mixed with Rottweiler named Beau. I also have a bunny named Oreo. 😊

  5. I have a Rottweiler shepherd mix and he is the most loyal dog you’ll meet! Handsome boy but will rip your face off 😬

  6. i've been to many dogs shows and many times their were biting incidents with rottweilers involved. but i 'm sure that was due to ingnorance of people not understanding a rottweilers bodylanguage!…i still think these are majestic dogs and after this video even funny…. xxx

  7. I have my beloved Rottweiler and to love a Rottweiler and have a relationship Bond it is something I have never found with any other breed I'm so proud of my dog he is a beautiful five-year-old German mail and he lives to walk in my shadow I love him

  8. I have a rottie… And it's really cute when you see his tails… It's swinging.. So cuteee. But im aftaid if i cut his tail i will not feel the cuteness again so im not cutting it. It feels good to see a dog without his/her tail cut off

  9. I have rotties at my grandma’s house, they havent been vaccinated but they are adorable asf, they follow me everywhere,

  10. If you have a Rottweiler as a companion you know they really are this goofy and can and will defend you to the end. Best dog I’ve ever had around kids.

  11. Hahaha. Our Rottie makes this chirping sound that makes her sound like a baby chick whenever she wants some TLC.

  12. Had 4 Rottweilers in my life all I can say " the best breed ever ". Funny, playful, devoted to family and when you are down they know how to cheer you up, People need training with dogs.

  13. I love Rottweilers it's stupid how badly they are stereotyped there are more well trained and best behaved Rottweilers than there are bad behaved Rottweilers

  14. The rest of the clip are cute
    A few of them bothered me
    1) the two Rottweiler growling at each other could end bad
    2) people scolding their dogs : it has been show it can give them anxiety,stress or worse in some cases…..
    Positive reinforcement should always be used
    But in case of scolding it should be half and half (imo but i could be wrong)

    (The clip with the howling puppy though so cute 😆)

  15. Everyone who thinks these dogs are dangerous come at me,
    Because they (and pit bulls) are the most amazing dogs in the world

  16. What really irks me is that there's still a stigma about pitbulls and rotties. What all those ignorant people fail to understand is that the trainer is the problem, never the dog. Pitbulls and rotties, if trained and raised properly, are perhaps the most loyal companions anyone could ever ask for.

  17. Only reason these types of dogs are mean sometimes is becuase of the owners. You neglect and abuse the dog of course it’s going to be violent

  18. I love my rott more than anything. They are sweet and loving and SO devoted to their people. Amazing dogs and people need to see videos like this to understand that they are not monsters.

  19. I have a rottie and he is the biggest peice of shit nd when I'm downstairs he will take something off the coffee table and ten run round the island in the kitchen with me chasing him WHILE HE IS SMILING I really wanna beat his ass sometimes

  20. I had a rottie when I was about four, that was like 12 years ago and he was such a good doggo. We had a tiny farm with a few chickens and bunnies and we'd have to repair our fence every now and then cause he even loved the chicks from our neighbor and broke the fence so they could all have a party 😀

  21. These were known as the dangerous dogs before pit bulls. But I grew up with them and they were the biggest sweethearts ever. All dogs can be, just how you raise and treat them

  22. Sorry but how are the two dogs at 3.19 funny ? If they start fighting then you have a potential blood bath on your hands . What makes the suitation even worse is there appears to be a young child who could be hurt in the process ..

    Of you want to reap the consequences for a joke that's up to you , the dogs and child have no say in the matter .

    Some people here may well say " fuck the child I only care about the dogs " but it makes you no better than the person recording it

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