Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny Spider JOKE! Epic MeccaSpider JOKE!

– Welcome back, and today we have another MeccaSpider ultimate
high-tech pranking toy. We’re going to get Luke
really good this time, because we have two. (upbeat instrumental music) – [Carl] Welcome back to
Carl’s Toys and Games. Let’s have some fun! (liquid splashing) – Gabe has been dying
to build one of these MeccaSpiders, right Gabe? – Yeah. – Look at that. It’s bigger than his head and my head. – Ever since I’ve seen Carl do this one, I really thought that it was cool so I’ve wanting to build one so bad. – Alright, let’s get to it. – Instructions. – I just have to get
every single thing out of their plastic. – Wow. Let’s do it. (upbeat instrumental music) – We have the base done
and we have the base to the legs done. Now,
we have to put the head, the tail, and the top for the body. – Oh man, it’s looking like a spider! – Ahhhh. – Let’s get the legs on- – And the eyes. – And the eyes. And then we’ll be done. – Well, almost done. – Almost done. So close. So close. – We have both of MeccaSpiders built. It is awesome. This is going to be a epic prank, guys. We’re going to get Luke
really good, right? – Yeah – Double payback. Oh my goodness. We’re going to get Luke so good. Thank you Spin Master for
sponsoring this video. These toys are so fun. – Oh, yeah. – Gabe, are you ready
to turn on the spiders? – Oh, yeah. – Let’s do this! – Ohh… – [Gabe] Oh! Yeah! – What? We don’t – we want them to turn. We want them to turn. – Whup. Oh, that is awesome. – Look, Gabe. – Let it turn on to you. – That is so cool. – Stop, stop. Let’s get the app all ready and set to go. So Luke has been gone
for a couple of hours, so we need to get this prank set and ready so when he comes back we can scare him really, really good. – Yeah, let’s do that. – [Carl] Alright guys,
I have my app all ready and set to go. I’ll carry this one over there, you’ll carry that one. – Okay. – Luke is supposed to be home any second. – And we have our camera set up to catch his reaction of this epic scare. We have Carl set up here and we have a GoPro on that, and we also have a GoPro right here. And mine’s
right on Luke’s rocket. (toy moving) – [Carl] Whatever. – Alright, let’s do it. (upbeat instrumental music) (yells) (yells in slow motion) – Oh my God. – We got him. – That’s another prank. – That scared me so bad. Ahhhh. – Last time I was here there was one and now there’s two. Oh my gosh. – [Gabe] For twice the scare. – Guys, this was so
fun pranking you, Luke. These ultimate high-tech pranking toys, which is a MeccaSpider, is awesome! – Yeah, those are really cool. – Yeah. – I really need to get one of those. – Did I scare you? – Yeah, you scared me really bad. – That was awesome that
we had two spiders. – Yeah. Anyway, thanks for watching Carl’s pranks and games.
Click any of these other videos to watch more and I’ll see you guys next time. Bye! – Bye! (upbeat instrumental music)

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