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FUNNY! The DR. DISRESPECT G.U.N. Easter Egg – BORDERLANDS 3 “The Two Time”

Hey guys I’m gonna show you a side mission that I guess is dedicated to Dr.Disrespect in some way and it wouldn’t be a complete Borderlands game without some modern-day references and easter eggs like this. There’s a character that you’re going to encounter on a side mission and he’s located on the map called Devil’s Razor and there are gonna be two fast travel locations and he’s located near this fast travel station right here that I have circled in red and this is the station that you first spawn into when you access this map. You can expect to have access to this mission when you’re around ranke like 32, 33 the missions called Echo Net Neutrality and you’ll be encountering this character his name is Egrin, and he is located in this gaming little hideout cave are. He’s complaining that he’s having lag issues with his internet and that apparently Handsome Jack is slowing down his internet and speeding up his own because they were in an online gaming competition. You can see how they styled the character with some headphones, glasses and then kind of that longer hairstyle, doesn’t look exactly like him but you can tell that they’re definitely representing him. This characters dialog reflects a lot of Dr.Disrespect’s personality and some of the things he would say I’ll let you guys listen to that and then I’ll show you guys the ___ that you get that also references Dr.Disrespect when you complete the mission. “I was known as Lord of Scaggs, that’s right you’re in the presence of Pandora’s former most elite pro-gamer” “14 years old and I was on top of the world.” “Who would hunt in a simulation when there are living things to hunt?” “It’s a viable career path” “Anyway, I was the best” “Even better than Handsome Jack himself and that try hard did not like getting outplayed by kids” “So he installed an Echo Throttler used it to fast lane his own connection and slow the rest. “I’m talking whole milliseconds of lag” “Ugh, it was a slaughter” “It’s even more evil than I imagined. Crush that thing and I can finally get my connection speeds back up” “So full disclosure Vault Hunter. I was never gonna go back to pro gaming. I aged out. I’m not 14 anymore” “Gotta grow up sometime” “Nowadays, I make my living mining Becco Wafers. It’s a CryptoCoin, you know pretty cool” “I don’t have time to explain how it works. But now that my bandwidth is straight-up bangin.” “I’m gonna be freaking rich” “Thanks fault hunter. I’m gonna make so much frickin money on Crypto Coin” “So hey, how about you take all this stupid paper money. I’m certainly not gonna need it anymore” In addition to referencing Dr. Disrespect They’re also poking fun at the rise and fall of Bitcoin and that whole fad situation, but when you complete the mission you’ll be awarded with cash and also a purple rarity sniper. This is a Hyperion Sniper and clearly it’s referencing Dr.Disrespect. It says the two time for the title and the back-to-back consecutive champio. This _____ was a level 33 when I got it and it did a damage of 242, it did have the electric elemental ability and I don’t know if there’s other variants for that. The sniper has a really nice fire rate semi-automatic at 4.3 with it being Hyperion it has a shield on it. And for this one damage to that protected front-facing shield actually replenishes the bullets in the magazine. It has a 2.6 zoom and that’s because there is no scope on it as you can see right here. I did really like the way this ___ looks and sounds and I didn’t notice any audio with it like there was no voice coming out of it like Dr.Disrespect voice lines or anything. The sniper is supposed to be really good against enemies with shields I didn’t get to test that and I was taking some damage from these Skags, but I didn’t notice any bullet replenishment. So you might need to be against enemies that are also firing bullets at you. But I hope you guys enjoyed this and we’ll see you next video.

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  1. Are you're sure that it's a Dr Disrespect easter egg? Because "Lord of Skags" makes a lot of meme references.

  2. Yes its a Dr. Disrespect references also in in Zane Hitman tree he has skills called "violent speed, violent momentum, and violent violence" which is a direct reference to what docs violence, speed and momentum saying

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