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FUNNY TRIBUNAL CASES: Hilarious Quotes II (#25)

A-S-U. Sundevils? Sunbutt? My Butt? hashtag
butts? hashtag my sexy butt? Hashtag dat ass? Hashtag spankdat.
Maybe they thought it was Lux support, Yi mid and Alistar jungle. Yeah. Maybe they thought
I was fisting my own butthole. Ohhhh! So I’m glad you like throwing games, Karma.
We could win if Vi went tank. We could win if you got your head out of your ass. Gotta
teach people to build properly, somehow. And stopped complaining. The more they lose. So
you go full retard and get toxic. The less they’ll do it. You never go full retard.
I’m gonna wait for five gold. I’m not AFK. Report Jew for A F K.
Cho, go feast. That a fat joke? No. Are you have a fucking jungle? I am so tired
in running. Laugh out loud. Fuck. Fucking English. Our Germany is the greatest language-
in the world. [laughter] Shit ball. mid. Leona you got wrecked so hard
you had to leave lane please stay quiet. Veigar you fed LeBlanc so hard she’s raping. She
killed me twice, kid. Look at scores, faggot. Sorry. I save you. Cause you’re the only one
without a vagina. I know. Holy shit he has a huge penis.
Why am I small? Laugh out loud. If you get more health, you bigger? Are you looking at
your penis? No, that’s all. Teemo K-S. Kill steal only.
Noob. Teemo reported. For 3 of us. Yi and Elise are my friends. So Teemo reported. Yeah,
the white guy is stealing from a minority for the first time. You head him- I’ve been
assaulted by 3 Mexicans all match. Oh my God why the fuck do you guys wanna kill
me so much? Dicks. Cause money. People take this game waaaaaay too seriously.
We’re gonna lose turret regardless. Sit at turret. Stay under turret. Wow. Fuck you I
don’t fucking take this game too seriously it’s just I’m passionate. Laughing my fucking
ass off. Leona. And you still suck. Report Lux, by the way, just for kicks. It’s funny
to get the wrong people banned. Fuck you. Hahahaha. Just learning this champ,
chill out. Hahaha, well you’re a kill stealing son of a whore.

23 thoughts on “FUNNY TRIBUNAL CASES: Hilarious Quotes II (#25)

  1. there are some indonesian players who plays in NA server (since our server suck and community is super toxic you have no idea)
    anyways "asu" is a common curse word like fuck and shit which i honestly dont know the meaning (cause it's in "sunda" language which a lot of people in my generation never learned)

  2. You guys think Mundo is embarrassing? Please. Like half the people of Germany can't even speak German correctly. And some cases are literally brain-aching to listen to. I know people who couldn't form full sentences if their lives depended on that. THAT's embarrassing.
    Normally I'd be rightfully pissed that this is made fun of (I wanna see how Americans would do without the luxury of everyone speaking their mother tongue, you know, I bet 99% of everyone making fun of Mundo wouldn't stand a chance of reaching the level of skill in German that Mundo reached in English), but I just can't defend my country here to not share the flag with all those idiots who made me lose a large portion of the pride I had for it… 🙁
    I don't hate the vid now, if Mundo is made fun of because he acts stupid and cocky, go ahead, he deserves. But making fun of his English is unfair and on the same social level as his behaviour. Correction: Below his level.
    I'm not hating here, but feel free to throw your patriotism at me anyway, if you can handle an answer.

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