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Funny videos Dust bunnies Sporty bunny from funny videos ever

>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Helloooooo,
my name is Sporty Bunny. I am here today to show you some of my sports skills. [laughing]
There are many, but I am only going to show you a few, you will see why.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Left, right,
left, yeah I´m the fastest ping pong player in the world. Backhand over there, forehand
here, forehand, backhand and then a smash [laughing], yeaahhhh eat that fast ball [laughing].>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Ow, ow, ow.
Fuzz you. If I had a paddle I would totally have out played you on that one. I also got
dust in my eyes. [to herself] It isn´t easy with dust in your eyes and no paddle.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: I´m open, I´m
open, hey, hey, I´m open, hey over here, I´m open, HELLO I´M OPEN. I always score
572 and 1/2 points when I play basketball. I could have played in the dusty NBA if I
wanted to, but you know, I was too good ha.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Ow, ow, ow my
head. You dusting fuzz ball. Okay, okay, okay, my hands were in my pocket. Hello, is there
something wrong with you. [to herself] Come on, I could easily have scored a lot of points
on that one with my bare hands.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Holyyyy lint,
look at that, what a beauty. Mmmm I´m in love.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: I used to drive
one of these babies back in the day, I was called “the invisible.” I was so fast that
no one could catch me with their naked eyes [laughing] it was the best.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: uhhhhh yeah,
listen to the sound of this baby, uhhhhh I almost had a little accident in my pants,
[laughing], I love the sound. [kiss´s] I love you, [kiss´s] I love you, I love you,
I love you [kiss´s].>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: [scared] ahhh
okay. I didn´t want to drive this baby today. Okay, can someone stop this? Please- where
is the brake? How do I steer this thing? I mean I know, I´m just a little out of practice.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Okay you gave
me an used one, someone should check the brakes and the steering on this dust buster. Okay
I have to roll, you´re all very unprofessional, I am the top athlete ever known in this world
in all sports events, ever, ever, EVER. Dust ya later, dust balls.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: Yesssss, STRIKEEEEEE,
[laughing] I knew it, I am the best.>>funny videos SPORTY BUNNY: [self confidence

7 thoughts on “Funny videos Dust bunnies Sporty bunny from funny videos ever

  1. I have been following funny videos for a while now and must say this is the best funny video, prank, vine or what ever I have seen from you. Thank you funny Dust Bunnies. Keep uploading funny videos, it make my day very happy.

  2. Am I the only one that cant find this funny?  I grew up liking the jokes like "Two amputees play poker, one throws down a hand as the other laughs his head off".

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