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Funny Videos - THE BEST Beyond The Vine 2019 | NEW Funny Instagram Videos July 2019

excuse me you have any spare change I can really use it oh man I'd love to but I don't have any cash on me only I've got how I actually accept part of my phone yeah you could just swipe I could really use oh oh yeah but this car doesn't swipe but only other chips oh I'm sorry I have an ATM right here I can really use it look I'm from India it's not even the same currency bro I'm sorry oh well I have currency exchange right here I can really use it we've seen yen you know what just take this one two three have a good day you'll have a good beat excuse me change I'm homeless how many money I have a job application right here first they have to bring the way you already know today the kid is newly single maybe get a spider-bite good to go my eggs go right hand say can we get to the break-up being single is definitely interesting yeah it's definitely interesting so I'm still building don't be too clingy thank you Halloween edition this custom custom custom made I'm feeling right for Halloween I've never seen nothing like that feeling that that's not all right you know that's that Pokemon Oh pitbull 50 that ain't nothing hey I'm gonna get out of here don't hit me stay up stay up Sam stay up da stay up okay yeah I've been music this oh yeah Oh y'all want some water don't be six dollars free bitch ain't shit free oh hold up without a handle side is it gonna have to smack song hey Siri play bucket up oh no sir upside-down black home hey wow what's up Thank You brothers Thank You brothers yeah can you please babe I can't stay I called out last time I'm gonna miss you so much – I'm gonna miss you my knees are dull and boring without you babe don't think that way but I can keep texting you will continue texting it's gonna be fine it's only a few hours we'll go to the mall we'll spend some money well spent mama we can't spend money I'm trying to make money it's only a few hours babe it'll go by like that oh dang god man she was so annoying today I need some alone time I forgot it isn't it like a missing me babe I forgot my purse Wow is hot hot this weather being unreasonable this carton roll pass both times they ride past again they're gonna take a ride to see God they looking unusual damn she got on the Sun dress she can come get undressed up in Aurora her summer and make her go sit out for nine months cuz freak man freak man yeah that's me I don't know what he looking at bucko let me take my shirt off so you know I got it on me it's 90 degrees out but he can get here with this forty it's hot hot and you can get shot shot nobody whooping what a bummer I drop a hundred in this web cam they go a group of five sisters let me start doing push-ups so they know it's gonna be a hot boys summer is whether it's beyond me I'm gonna call to see what a pool parties hit no that ain't to move I'll be ahead leave somebody in a pool of blood I hope don't nobody lectures weather go today here cuz the Sun out and guns out it's gonna be let me go back in the house to the fall armed are you doing about dumb if a person asked for water cut was cut would you give them baby ask for a workup what would you give there you go good way to find a Brody good way to find it we're glad to catch up the birds are coming to drive through ordered 10 chicken niggers how many ketchup do they get how many Kent Jack do just one what if they want a 50 chicken egg because I'm gonna catch up would you give them how many just one what did they order 10,000 chicken I'd only mean one there you go move that yak way okay they come late night ask for the ice cream machine it don't work there you go what if you do it what if what if you do work it don't work it's not what if we give you some ice cream and the machine is down – what would you tell them tricky question still don't work thank God get out of him yeah Wow I'm not trying to go to work I'm gonna work on coming down I am elevate let me put on my fake smile before I pull up no that ain't to move fuck them people damn I wish I knew if God was gonna call me home today so I have to even go to work job for me Stan for Jesus open the break room I'm in there all day they can fire me fucking people think we friends I'm just here to get pay bucko stop talking to me work man work man yeah that's me Dean it's the first day of the week um bow God take me no it's supposed to be a man of fat but I'm be doing fat or not if anybody say anything crazy to me today fuck there's something – turn around I just want to sell drugs not that I need to move let me go clock must-dos stupid ass see I'm gonna call in Dave um Brad bucko I got a clock in in five minutes God please let this bitch how's it going in Oh dumb okay we're supposed to make a left back there oh I'm just following the GPS continue straight to handle okay is this a drug turn what's going on well I'm just fine with the GPS s continue past the drive-thru and don't forget your napkins see okay yo we at the car wash it's what the GPS is 400 feet continue washing yo are we at the airport right now continue to Terminal four and enjoy your vacation continue straight ahead you

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  1. How can any person with ten brain cells find this ridiculous shit funny? Not one thing in this is funny. You low IQ millennial motherfuckers need to go drink the Kool-Aid. We've had enough of you assholes already.

    The lack of knowledge of the English language is also appalling. Dumbasses all of you "How Hood Dudes Be When They go in for a job interview". WTF? Poor grammar, pathetic sentence structure, and random capitalization. Did you make it to third grade Destorm Powers? You a dumb motherfucker.

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