Laughter is the Best Medicine

funny videos to watch – new vines 2015

vine video compiler Vine Compilation Like, Comment, Subscribe Click to Subscribe we’ve got Becky with some live
coverage Becky, Did I feed my fucking cat? Becky? thanks Shannon Parkour excuse me could you take some pictures of my family and I?
I already did! w..what! I can only skate board if i put my hands on a wall cause if I don’t i’ll fall. maybe she should fire over there out of town next week thank you let me
know where my skin one day that’s the plan to look at the snakes riddle how it
shakes when threaten let’s ride all sales oh man oh man but the kidnapping
of school logo looks like that way for me and my own person as black as you can
see based upon my dope new air conditioner I’m addicted to money

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