Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny vids compilation ! ヅ (AFV)

one two three go my child seriously
does not know what fear is he is so fearless; I was at it what’s a kitty say with the donkey say
what’s a cow say what’s mommy say come on why don’t we get some rich what
where did we get some rich are we were rich yeah I didn’t know cuz we got Oh Charlie I came outside and I found a
four-leaf clover Charlie look mom found a four-leaf
clover want to smell it no you can’t eat it your turn I want to think this slide to be away from what are you doing
are you eating toilet paper are you eating paper all right in the head that was lovely do you wanna go do you wanna go to John don’t sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry okay Hockman gal 101 pizza is it good
would you like a bite of my vegetables

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