Laughter is the Best Medicine

Funny vids my grandma saved on her phone

there, is no witness I am pregnant and it
is Jesus yeah now get new titties my what my titties right oh jeez you we’ve got Justin Bieber the weekend hello what are you on no she really
wants that oh my god stop recording sir fry are actually very
close we always have such a blast right sir oh don’t fucking play with me I do
hair and rocks what is it for drugs yeah chicken fucking loves wine you love
wine don’t you drink it drink don’t see how was it do you want – are you running yelled dad
yeah dad he said I can’t do tired Ryan if someone was chasing you you have to
be screaming at the top of your lungs but you have to practice Haley we see on
Twitter we do you think he’s asleep move your paw move your paw move his
Paul he trying to cover his piss what the fuck wrote you can’t go to Cannes
are you serious bro excuse me what are you doing that’s my girl bro hey you that’s my
girl bro

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