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Funny Vines May 2019 (Part 2) TBT Clean Vine

there's only a couple of days left but it's still school we're gonna work hey yo Jojo let me get $20 man hey why did I say that he probably thinks I'm desperate where is my phone the next day finally you have no new messages zero zip loser loser loser well hello mr. kitty in a pizza it was you going get it come back you mister get me where you guys hello I hop do you guys have any pancakes it's a lecture for white limo nice and lean mates Nevaeh or Jase next arrives quite yet and water below let's wait outside kids let's play outside 30 more minutes and sleep 10 more seconds of sleep you didn't get much sleep yeah let me get four large pizzas a million hot wings and family sized pasta and give me some get this a cup of ice packs in hey Jim when a spider realizes he's been spotted just imagine what someone's breath will smell like if they said hey to you this way oh my god summers in two months so on my to-do list is a get a bikini body or B hibernate till October oh is that a cockroach no it's a Mother's Day flowers your dummy head well your poopy pants that was like a good neighbor State Farm is here wait howdy how do you get they feed up there not only have it honey ah hello who's there I'm a happy Mother's Day to this guy right here hit me what I'm boy amen I need your keys hey what's up it's not my car you're disgusting I just wanted my sweatshirt morning students first let me hop into lesson never flunked class and if I flunked a test good I tell my wife right no I'm not gonna tell my I'm not telling anyone words watch it yeah what are you thinking about what Hey this is how you pronounce this license plate Fitbit Joe go nip down a bump see Bedell go to bed of oh what do you want I want to kiss your face cut Brandon the line is a nice restaurant and action or kiss your face go Marley go [Laughter] got your nose got to nose gachon I wish life had a pause button okay I'm going please tell me where you were genius cookies inside the computer right nobody look at my change hear my prayer oh just don't wipe dab what are you doing stop fighting your arms around and clean up your mat stop nice run I sneezed all right I'm almost 5 years old and I love going on car rides and yelling at birds what was that what was that what was that mama I got you a new Carson it's in the backyard did you clean your homework how do you clean your nope I'm inside of working the same people just not working they just standing around hey let's get a picture of me and Joshua putting them all right one sandwich huh can I use your bath he was walking down the alley what he's real a shop daddy wanted anybody ever told you you should be a singer yeah actually that person is not your friend here lies the body oh yeah yeah I'm here I'm here traffic outside was crazy u-turn called the dark side why don't we gotta be called the dark guy why don't we just be the galactic taxes hey that doesn't go there I know but the slopes are so far how how oh wow it's a man shellfish never seen one in the wild before thanks for the drink Danny of course man this one's on the house really you'd do that for me who that it's Jake from State Farm what are you wearing Jake from State Farm whatever you want a big boy hey time for games give you all the muddy burns oh shoot bro Oh [Laughter] who is it if you open the door I'm gonna kill you what's the Pythagorean theorem a squared plus B squared equals C squared no no no come on didn't I tell you to wash these dishes exactly what are you talking about don't play dumb when you get home after a long day you gotta make the decision should I shower before bed or not hey guys let me see your phone is not even kids wake up we're going to Disneyland in four months oh yeah sure ask Jason when the asteroid hits we'll all be dead well it's our last chance to do anything we want you're right I've never read these poems – oh yeah I know that's why Batum don't talk to him anymore okay hey girl would you say about that guy earlier yeah you sound a little thirsty sir brought you some water I don't care I don't care be quiet I hate arguing with you why because you beautiful really let's be cute hey Dad I dropped your phone in the toilet guys let's make a fine [Applause] Quincy please come back please please just come please late thank you then he fell down with the clown and in the case of being my BFF I find the defendant gorgeous oh my god state the overruled you're gorgeous Hey you're messy beat you ate my food and B what let's see I love how your parents are all happy when guests come over but as soon as they leave I told you to get a guard up bunnies are better I thought you said they were cool we are cool just give me your board aside for all the things you want peekaboo what where are you going well you're not she ended let me go through the ashes from your smoke signals and do a little time here always this Souths max I sleep naked every time no matter what oh really it gets kind of awkward sometimes cuz I have narcolepsy the disease where you fall asleep at random times 65 percent of PE teachers are overweight you telling me to jog you better hold my hand and jog I'm gonna do it you're not gonna do it Jerry say this every week I'm gonna do it I swear oh thank you you were adopted as a child but what do we have here Oh cookies I hate it when you've done a whole week shopping and the person at the checkouts like would you like a bag that's all the fans want to know what motivates you yes huh and you funny know what motivates you good yeah who's on my beer so why you just say so go kill somebody right now three all day oh my god Makayla get over here I'm literally a taco so I know I've never felt more Mexican in my life we need a table we close at 12:00 it's 11:59 yes but if I speak this slowly it will soon be 12 [Applause] hey son what would you like for supper I want food for supper hey Janice our sons a comedian whoa I like running through white people neighborhoods with my shirt off you know you know I pulled you over no I'm trying to get that number officer Bobby Johnson how you doing Oh get out the car you go to jail wait are you seriously gonna eat that chicken parmesan in front of me knowing I'm a vegan you're our waitress and I don't know you wait don't eat the C's fine yo you ready take this final what you don't act like you don't know you know the final you know what's today right you know the final you ready for the final the final you know all these ladies man you think it is Oh got it Hey ladies Oh what are you doing just playing a game what game just the password girl what's wrong but stop I'll get you some crack Diane I know peppermint – why you so needy what's up listen here there is a butcher in front of my oh my this is not your land cow how was it Reverend oh my god he text me back what do you say three emojis – lol sin an LMFAO you guys are married come on a diet I don't want to be a part are you little pity party it's time for you art from TV did you want to follow me on Instagram here kids go play with Barney oh my god hey Jimmy hey I got a joke for you guys why did the white girls walk in odd numbers because they can't even guys are gonna be fuck guys come on side by the red car with the door what you want to hear joke yeah you should learn sign language why it's very handy good one you starting to look more and more like me every day why are you crying you just you just ugly oh I look at something I say so what Beyonce Kruger you know what be on thank got it coach oh my god human with me oh yeah you are you have you kidding me we really have a lot of homework we should do

23 thoughts on “Funny Vines May 2019 (Part 2) TBT Clean Vine

  1. No one enjoys having vines bleeped. Oftentimes it ruins the vine because it was intentionally said to increase the humor of the vine

  2. 8:30 XD haha we all know that crazy moment when you're caught red handed and you panic so much all you can do is make crazy sounds

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