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Funny Viral Video Makes Big Money

did you know that netflix is a new sponsor
of the young turks it’s awesome argues that fits the back in january alone i deserve or family
put up any video on youtube of their son david after his visit to the dentist correctly so
that video on the show in fact he seems to have that video now nearly
show them a little bit i will get that for a little later but uh… is basically a stated
after the dentist keys all drugged up because they probably pull this tues dot or something
and he’s asking is that if the videos really reflect israel uh… cell that main question of the reason why this
story is being brought up again today is how much money do the detective or family make
off that viral video so her studio first let’s watch a little bit
of a video for seniors have it understand right now we come back reimbursement might yeah i know how did it go you know anecdote but didn’t it looks like they were university real life good forefingers maa don’t put that info put it in your gielgud suggests you can stay in your seat uh… patent nobody ever be addressed desired you know no again deduct but anniversary seen this
video experiences you know if the user has sixty to million minutia right one of these are logs that people think that
did you know they uh… he’s asking like existential questions
villages that amazing no if you’ve ever had young kids you know
how it works my nephews and whether we like will have all there were
three years or whatever the like why did god make the some or on the move but not the move around
the sun whatever dessert to that will be with accurate antonio all but not to do that question excited apply dot unicycle messed up uh… okay now leads uses the cad to carry all the kids are very
fast questions especially with their doped up but whatever payment that is give the state that to this
kind of but anyway because every like the civil strife that existed gabriel now how much money they make one hundred fifty thousand dollars yesterday of carol incredible is that a hundred thousand dollars came from you two
another fifty thousand dollars came from licensee and merchandise uh… like so we want to put that a part of
that an ad visio did the up eight thousand dollars for that okay not bad i mean it’s not like you know
and i’ll read this good may be charged with the kids of unit factor
for other parts without or whatever uh… so that i think i quit his job but that
good a job that personally you know he was a real estate agent for danny quit
his job and well that he didn’t really have a job left the property rights of books so
he says that he saw thankful for this because it gave him the opportunity spent some time
with his family and now they’re developing scraps for dentists
that are uh… divorced means saving a c like little pictures
of the boyer something on him met people funny another proliferate the lineup or absolutely
and you say you know there was a job and uh… you two-parter program at some point and they said that they just want to show to their
family friends and then a couple of days three million people and watch it and there’s just no bullets doubles doubled any assistance you may review the slot of
user you typically these them out of money right so they got a hundred thousand at some point
one eight joined as a running ads on that not bad metaphor let me know what that’s good
news for this park or what more people so one do google videos and put up when you
do public as on fire and so they they aren’t about love of it and ever to unfortunately brought their kids don’t do it and kate template with the stand where where
id don’t do it did you tell the interest of a new sponsor netflix you get a free trial membership say because the ninety nine cents netflix dot com slack she waited

100 thoughts on “Funny Viral Video Makes Big Money

  1. @SinnFein4ever

    Please do the world a favor and get a life. I'm having fun and yes, Ana's breasts are lovely as she is.

  2. @SinnFein4ever this is youtube, not an essay. i dont give a fuck. and i attend west view high school in san diego. look it up. and all ur talking about is grammar? wtf> how about talking about the issue. that u dont know kids.

  3. @xmike87 It's a clip from "Gladiator" at the beginning of the movie when the roman the roman army destroys some other army. The chief yells it in defiance before the battle.

  4. I was actually expecting them to make more from that. 62mil views is a lot, Youtube probably made several million from ads

  5. @Maziyar I LOVED him when he did Political Gangsta. Now, it's meh… I totally agree with you. He did say it was 'for his IRL job" though.. so I guess I can respect that.

  6. fucking tyt audience must be 12 year olds…"ana is hot" "anna's hot today" "wow ana's hot"…fucking all i can read in the comments…its why Fox news puts bimbos on the box……how pathetic is it to read that some basement dweller is jacking off to Ana….CREEPY fucks

  7. @xadam2dudex

    Your an adult, that kid is like 5. The dentist probably put him under so he didn't get an aneurysm from crying and screaming his head off in pain.

  8. I kind of feel bad for this kid, and worse for that little fat boy in that retarded video where another baby bites him; at least Al Bundy had his one big moment in high school when he could remember it. By the time these kids are old enough to get laid because of their fame, their fifteen minutes are going to be long over.

  9. @ahmadclk
    "shut up can be written as shut-up"

    …That's actually not true. Shut up is two seperate words; it can't be hyphenated. The word smartass can be written 'smartass' or 'smart-ass' and still be correct but 'shut up' can never be 'shut-up'.

  10. @Maziyar
    "RayWilliamJohnson? I have never seen MORE of a Sellout"

    …Do you know how big of a sell-out that guy actually is? He, like most of the biggest comedy-type channels have someone else do all the work. A company writes a script, then the user films himself and sends it back and the company edits it and produces it. None of that stuff RJW does is his own material; he's just an actor. It isn't like they are breaking the law but it defeats the whole purpose of YT creativity.

  11. isn't youtube paying people per click on their ads or am i wrong ???? :O…. my nephew's dentist appointment is comming up !!!!! let me knw quick!

  12. Please stop going on about Ana's breasts it's getting kinda old! Haven't you guys seen a hot chick b4?

  13. The father is a complete fool,
    to have taken the kid to the dentist.
    He should have waited until Obama raised taxes,
    so that we could have universal dental care.

  14. Youtube Partners get 100,000 dollars from Youtube/Google if their videos get over 50 million views ????


  15. it was a shitty video anyway. some kid rambling and he gets famous? nothing special about this kid or the video.

  16. @jibsmokestack1 breasts are like art
    you can see the same ones a thousand times and still be in awe of their beauty

  17. Ana looks so well put together….im not a pervy wanker….im just sayin…

    cenk's swivel chair ad at the end is terrible. the face he makes is repulsive….stop it, the ad sucks.

  18. @Lastknownuser LMFAO Dude I went back to see if he really was looking XDDD lol He was staring for like 10 seconds =D

  19. @Kirbynessness why not? This is America (where this video was shot and where i live) and we have capitalism everything goes….even the 'unfair' looking things :0

  20. That's nothing. I thought she was about to say one hundred fifty… million. He quit his job for $150k over several years? That's a couple years of revenue for the average American family. Guy is freakin' nuts.

  21. The idea of posting up a video of a doped up kid on Youtube as a joke seems a bit off. I understand that the parents never expected to have the video gain so many views but it is YouTube and in principle I'm wondering if it is really right to put up something like that of your child. To me personally it looks as if it was designed to make fun of the child and the money just came as an unexpected pay off from all this. In eithier case I hope the kid sees this as a joke when he gets older…

  22. @volumedealer1
    Remember, Youtube offered money AFTER the time video got a lot of views. Video came before the moneymaking process.

  23. @mikez565
    They are just having fun with the ads. I like the cheesy ads better than the same lame serious ads.

  24. @LeLimeLine Dude, if I was Cenk I wouldn't look at them. I would watch the tits at home through YouTube xD

  25. 100,000 is a lot, but for the amount of fame this got, an old school paid actor would have gotten 9 times as much…

  26. @rylraven13 Sort of the same thing, its not like they really had to work for it, they put up a video and got lucky with it, but I hear what ur saying though

  27. When the video started and first wasn't rendered(That yellow/green screen thing), Ana's face's shape appeared in the yellow, it was kinda creepy.

  28. How HYPOCRITICAL is this video? They're making tons of money off of youtube and yet they seem to be chastising someone who has also found success off of youtube. Maybe they're jealous that the DeVores are making more than they are? Lame. Unsubscribed.

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