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100 thoughts on “Funny Wet Fart Prank With The Sharter Toy | Dressing Rooms Don’t Have TP?

  1. If you would like to see Tracy ( Party in the USA) Happen, please donate to the Indiegogo campaign here.

  2. smells like bs, you just made a 20min video if you can do that you can make a 60 min video/movie and upload it to your own personal website . you don't need to no film festival.

  3. I would love a Tracy movie!
    Glad that someone did the sharting in a dressing room finally.
    These sharts sound soo much better! I wonder what you did different.
    And where did you get those pants? Tracy's clothes crack me up

  4. HAHAHAHA! Brilliantly played! Ouch, oh no…OH NO! AND You "thought it was the bathroom" nearly brought that woman to her knees. Great stuff!

  5. to really be honest my friend your farts don't sound authentic they just sound like you just spitting into a cup you got to get it down to the perfection of I've watched all your things I have wash all your things but it don't sound like a fart is it sound like you just spit in a cup

  6. there are some people who use a charter and it sounds more authentic than we you do it I don't know if it's you it's you make it sound like it's spitting in a cup

  7. Some people have absolutely no sense of humor..I would piss myself laughing if someone farted like that close to me! SHARTER 2.0 PLEASE!!!

  8. Love the videos ❤️ you sometimes make comments to your victims,next time you are near the pharmacy dept after you’ve blasted someone,ask them “do you know where the rectal cream is”?😂😂👍

  9. I’m so over the funny wet farts…but I am a Tracy Fan. Interesting to see some people’s reactions. Like the bus driver a while back who was into her. lol

  10. if i had to watch this video and not laugh and someone had a gun to my head if i laughed, that would be a shot to my head caused by a shot from his ass (shart :: cup)……… and 2:14 the guy descends on his ass as the shart goes on!!! 🤣…. and then his Js just make it funner OMG I KEEP STOPPING THE VIDEO AND COMMENTING THIS WHOLE VIDEO IS A HIGHLIGHT AND IM ONLY ON LIKE THE SECOND MINUTE

  11. i wanna pin so many parts of this video lol this may be your BEST MAN, 6:14 omg something DEAD 6:19 if you're watching "this far" or "that far" youre SonsOfArkham fan

  12. One title: Smells like Sea Men. That has to be your best line ever. Tracy is amazing BTW. You are a real natural in that character…if you know what I mean…

  13. "Man, that guy must have ate something dead"
    I've always been confused by that phrase. As opposed to eating an animal while it's still alive?

  14. Man, screw the festivals. They're just as PC as Hollywood… I doubt they'd be down for a raunchy Tracy movie, especially because they'll see it as mocking LGBTQ. Just sell it online for an affordable price. Seems like you'd do well with your platform. I bet more people would see it that way, too.

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