Laughter is the Best Medicine

FUNNY WISDOM TEETH VIDS !🦷 (You Laugh ► You Lose) ples

I know, I know with your beard I’m swallowing something right now if I
clear – it’s not – no no don’t put your anus oh gosh dude close your mouth
please just push your mouth till we get home we’re almost um done it don’t do it no
no no close it close it close your mouth Oh Oh the opening my door for me got me
up I’ll turn it off and back me up why no sits on the DMV then know how we
do long time what there’s no way I’m a mermaid and I said what oh yeah that’s just not she’s my let me know because I messed up
like a little bit so dramatic good use my favorite kind of makeup or
bad so it’s picking that flavor this is my makeup tutorials I know that this is
not the same but maybe if they close one eye and straight and all sorts of area
at the beginning and this suit there so we know screaming back please like first
yeah so so we were talking again a number but she wouldn’t allow it so that
she said I can’t understand what you’re saying
like I’m repairing because they can’t do that in your job but like a SUP playoff
you on the checkup and I’ll get your number where’s your tongue at whistles let’s do that I think they want to be Kardashians
because they have a strong sisterly bond it’s no baby let me see the snake yeah we do
where’s your tissue no you know what Kylie Jenner no you don’t get everybody
knows you’re not gonna get Limp implants yeah you look exactly the same no you
know what I want you to do stop looking in the mirror because that makes you
upset all right so close the mirror you’re
super smart wisdom is not the same thing it means yes you are you are you were so
close this you are you’re so cool you are you play soccer
you’re like the best soccer player I know really yeah I am yes yeah you’re
really good and you’re the best I ever won hold phone
yeah that’s me what am i right it’s coming hey loves me 1 2

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