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Funny Yearbook Quotes

I cheated on all my exams #kony2012 (he says it) *laughs* The roof is not my son but I will raise it *laughs* Imagine your parents giving you a number in your name. Imagine being named Le’4che Henry *laughs* Le’4che (while laughing) *more laughs* They couldn’t even put and F O (while laughing) *laughs* IT’S FUCKING 4 (while laughing) *laughs* The happier we get the less we see *laughs* Why did he put hashtags in his Yearbook Quotes? (while laughing) *laughs* I’m not sure that’s what MLK said but it’s a good quote.. *laughs* “I hate shirts” -Taylor Lautner (he says it) *laughs* Why does he look like Sharkboy? Because he IS Sharkboy *laughs* Taylor Lautner was Sharkboy That IS Sharkboy JC (while laughing) Sharkboy! You are asking why the person who played Sharkboy looks like Sharkboy Sharkboy! Carson I think you’ll appreciate the one I just put… What did you just put? Matthew Petersen – “What if we spelled people like this: peeple. That would be funny, i think” Kim Kardashian (he says it) Kim Kardashian (while laughing) *laughs* Look at this one! (while laughing) *laughs* One time, i ate a bagel! (while laughing) *laughs* Look at this! (while laughing) *laughs* James Charles Dickinson – “Use code “JAMES” for 10% off your purchase at checkout” (he says it) What a nice fellow! (he says it) Long wang (while laughing) That’s not even a quote, you’re just laughing at the guy’s name It’s a funny name! High school was easy, it was like riding a bike except the bike was on fire and the ground was on fire and everything was on fire because it was hell Dick Long (while laughing) DICK LONG (while laughing) Carlos Carlos – “I hate my name” (he says it while laughing) poor guy *laughs* You know, I’m gonna be honest that doesn’t look like a yearbook quote racc I’m gonna order some food, what should i get? Some booty! Alright, i’m not gonna ask for any more opinions on that *laughs* Disregard females and acquire currency. Why does her name look like the name of a dinosaur? (while laughing) *laughs* Yeah, I put “Subscribe to CallMeCarson on YouTube” as my Yearbook Quote and it’s still my greatest achievement in life. Pole Vault I read it the other way too like he says that and then he runs and pole vaults *laughs* Le4che. *laughs* “If the red rivers a flowin, take the dirt road home” (he says it while laughing) Oh no! That’s disgusting *laughs* Look at his face too! He knows he did it.. He knows he did it.. Why does this man’s bangs look like a fucking barcode? *laughs* JC. Why do you keep sending pictures of the Holocaust? We’re supposed to be getting quotes of Yearbooks and you’re like You know what i’m gonna put in? The greatest tragedy of the entire world! No that was 9/11 So if you guys were to make yearbook quotes, what would you make them? It would be like: “you’re aren’t” and then epic backflip *laughs* Sean – “We’re free!” -The Slaves, 1865 (he says it) *laughs* Alright, i’m good You good? You over Le4che? *laughs* No i’m not! Is this just a picture of- That’s a pier.. Of Seattle? No it’s just a pier.. What’s appearing? Alright Carson… Are you pleased? hold up I think he’s making his own. I think he’s making it, yeah.. I have a sequel to yours scooper Here’s my sequel *laughs* dabs (he says it while laughing) It’s so stupid (while laughing)

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  1. I’ve heard of a woman named Sha – a (you pronounce the dash) and an autistic kid named Double Chocolate-Chunk Cookie

  2. Mine was a reference to a very stupid sentence said by a very stupid girl.
    "Broccoli is a vegetable"

    No seriously. She said it in fucking history class like out of nowhere it was amazing

  3. hi peepole of internet!
    i Hope yuo can andjoy CallmeCarson videos like i did
    this video was t'è best like and subscraib to carson

  4. Just rewatched this and realized that there's a reason the "Code James" is there, it's because it's Mr.Charles. can't believe I didn't notice.

  5. when your future plans are to attend Indiana Wesleyan University but you end up playing minecraft 24/7 and eating Cliff bars

  6. For my yearbook quote, it’ll be:
    “I’ve been crying all day, dragons can’t blowout their birthday candles. “ -Asami Stewart

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