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Furple Reign [Sci-Fi / Comedy Shortfilm]

the final frontier,… It is the year 2028. An asteroid is moving slowly through the frame.
Stop describing everything we can see anyway! Don’t talk about the fuc*ing asteroid!
Tell’em about the starship! Okay, tell’em about the starship…
This… is the voyage of the starship “Adventure 03”
with its lonely passenger far away from home… But why did they blow up the earth? Because it was their mission.
That’s a stupid answer! And an autopilot can never maneuver through
an asteroid field. This is impossible.
In space… no one can hear you say “But this is impossible!” Also: if they don’t come from the earth how comes, the robot reads Isaac Asimov?
I don’t like your accent! I don’t have an accent!
Shut the fu*k up!

19 thoughts on “Furple Reign [Sci-Fi / Comedy Shortfilm]

  1. #Appleseed66 : Thank you very much! (Still cannot answer regularly to YouTube-Comments, cause YouTube made something new and terrible and not understable…)

  2. Hey Daniel, I've just added Furple Reign (great work!) to our new short film platform

    Best regards,
    Peer Bresser
    Co-Founder, Video Producer

  3. Subtitles don't seem to be working on the Furple.. perhaps he has a jamming device for that, his ship looks pretty advanced.
    Is there anything known about his language? Any catchy phrases for us to quote?

  4. Well, for anyone that ever wondered what it would be like if Bigfoot and Barney ever had a child, here is your answer.

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