Laughter is the Best Medicine

42 thoughts on “Gabriel Iglesias I’m Not Fat I’m Fluffy Comedy Central Special

  1. Have you seen im not fat im fluffy the other one at the end it said i speak Spanish to mother fucker

  2. OMG LMAO FLUFFY I Love your work. Can't believe I had never seen your work before last week. Wishing you Huge Success. And I Agree you should be More Famous. One day I will get to see you live. . . . . . . . Can't wait 💕💯💗👍👍🎂😍🥂

  3. I love how you dedicated this special to Frankie. I love every one of your specials. I watch them if I’m having a bad day because you make me laugh.

  4. In Massachusetts, a State Police substation is in a Dunkin' Donuts plaza for real!
    I went to the Dunkin' Donuts and couldn't stop laughing

  5. My husband saw this before having to go to El Paso for work so obviously, he had to check out Chico’s tacos. He sent me a picture and said that Gabriel was correct in the bathroom trip you have to take after but that the tacos were fucking delicious and worth it 😂😂😂

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