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Gail Simone is LAUGHING at us, we laugh at her low sales. #ComicsGate

as well YouTube is I was watching a livestream with that Star Wars girl and she had to I don't know let the dog out or something she during the livestream she just takes a half minute off to go let the dog out that's that's what's cool about YouTube it's kind of like a cross between radio and TV but it's allowing people to get in front of a camera who just would never have the opportunity otherwise anyway this tweet is by gail simone and if you don't know who gail simone is well you're probably pretty lucky it means you've never read anything she's written she is a hardcore feminist just to the point of actually i think she actually has an issue with men she says i haven't been keeping up with comics kate and i went down the rabbit hole for a small bit last night good lord what a train wreck they hate each other more than they hate us now okay first of all I don't believe when I read this I didn't think about it a second later it's already occurred to me I get the feeling some of these anti comics gay people are following comics keep pretty closely they have to be because to know what otherwise I have no idea what they're complaining about I'm sure a lot of them were dipping in their waters into Ethan's live streams and some of the other big shows so um if she hasn't been keeping up with comics gate then how did she know what happened literally just yesterday over the weekend was the explosion the implosion of comics gate so how did you know Gail to someone someone send you something she didn't mention that I have a feeling she's probably in in the comics gate how she has her YouTube plane anyway this guy says he worked at a comic book story stopper is some guy stop reading Thor because Jane this this is one of those stories than everyone clapped I were in the comic store and a customer told me how he stopped reading Thor because of Jane Foster sure did I said that's why I started reading it again well not many people read Jane Foster's thoughts it was a story actually it wasn't horrible it wasn't I was I heard people complaining about it I read it it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it wasn't great I mean it was about am a woman dying of cancer and that's a real that is a real heavy cross to bear and every time she turned in the Thor her cancer treatments would get like cleaned out or something so it wasn't effective so every time she turned into Thor went back to human form she got a little bit worse and worse and her doctors are wondering what the hell is wrong with this woman we're treating her the cop the cancer should be at least being alleviated some degree by the treatment it's not so wasn't horrible but it wasn't great and if they talk about oh well Jane that Jane Thor sold better than the real Thor I think it's still better in the beginning but if you look at the course over the course of comics sold it didn't it actually sold a little bit worse anyway he says another customer wanted to quote read comics again and asked me what to read I said if the name Gail Simone is on the cover you buy it you go girl you sweetie Elsa mom um go you can find Gail Simone comics go pick one up leave through it they're not very good she wrote some Conan crossovers with like Red Sonja and stuff and I don't know Batgirl and a bunch of stuff it's not great real stinky cheese says doesn't seem to stop their books from selling the new jawbreakers there's over a hundred thousand not bad and then this guy is a real I don't understand what he's talking about he says yeah but that's 121 K which based on how the Indigo is listing it is maybe twenty four hundred copies total okay what I understand what your point is it's so is 120 the guy says and all it does is prove the fans will pay more for comics they like and it's a business it's about how much money was made jawbreakers made more money for diversity and comics in one issue than Domino did for Gale and whole run Gale chimes in she is so salty no one bought it because he's a good writer sorry Oh Gail yeah here's what's funny about the comic skate books people are willing to pay a premium for these books the premium isn't the look the books are reasonably priced if you get I don't know 100 pages for 25 bucks that's fine and some are even more than hundred pages I mean if you look at cost per page that's totally fine it's the shipping that's such a killer they've got to get the books in the stores or maybe they I was thinking what if a bunch of these different comic book indiegogo indiegogo , skate guys what if they bundled books together they what if they finish the books and just delayed some of the releases and did a crowdfunding together so you could buy three books at one time because the cost of shipping three books is almost the same as the cost of shipping one and sometimes it's sometimes it literally is the same so it's ten dollars for one book you can you can pay like twelve dollars for three books and I realize that's a it's a little bit more money but you're already the average sale for cyber frog was sixty bucks average sale for jawbreakers was forty bucks so people aren't afraid to spend money on these premium books it's just that we hate pain for shipping nobody just wants to throw money away obviously the other answer to that question is to put the books in the stores because they save on shipping too when you send a bundle of fifty books but getting them in the stores is gonna be a challenge and it might not ever happen and that's okay oh and then this guy I'd haven't checked it as clear he's a CAW Wonder Woman and I think he's a pretty high-level troll he says did you read the garbage they're putting out it's an embarrassment how can people not see that hasn't it has nothing to offer all their hateful rhetoric just proves they won't last another year this is garbage and I just want to mock and burn this book and then he includes the brand that's by an Tonio price and Kanan white brand preview PDF on Dropbox and I think the reason he's doing this is because if you open that up you'll see how good the comic is brand is actually very very good and then they Gale catches on to the end it says here this conversation it seems totally legit not staged at all and I'm sure it is because it will see he comes back a little bit later okay so this other guy says now we're just we just been dredging the river from the outside things may appear all sorts of effed up but the soot settles it'll be right back to business again as usual by the way have you seen these amazing cyber frog books so pretty share it around yes I prefer looks amazing and then she comes back this weird she says sure authentic person good luck with that right back at you what kind of reply is that cyber frog is killing it I don't jawbreakers and cyber frog are good books gail simone does not write good books okay so there's a bunch of far left people making fun of comics games well they should they you know we make fun of them that they make fun of us it should be it should be in good fun but there's some of the things that are saying is like angry hateful people always collapse under the weight of their own stupidity and someone called them evil comics babies isn't evil I mean it's a it's a diverse group of people made up of all different types of people and I think of comics Kate I'm defining comics games just people who support independent comics an alternative to the mainstream the big three or four and comics bait gate isn't going away Ethan Van Sciver and diversity in comics are not going away you boys AK are not going away comics gate is growing it's been what two years old the first year was a over a million dollars in the second year is going to be more than that it's not people aren't we're not abandoning comics because the only way you could you could end comics kate is if Marvel and DC did 180 and actually real good comics that'll never happen that's never going to happen they are literally they're literally figuratively that well then I guess literally are they are locked into their ideology for them to they would have to fire for the far-left ideologues the writers and the editors you would have to fire 50 people at Marvel and DC and that's just not gonna happen and then okay SW wonder where my guess is a pulling their legs little bit he says I looked into the creative team on brand and they're pretty cool and professional talent talented and loss of heart Thomas Kane may be a total mess but this is good sorry I went off on it earlier even heroes and capes make mistakes check out Brandon everybody yeah check out brand it looks very very good the sjw's really don't like brand because the t-shirt on the Santa Claus character ask me about my feminist agenda but that is a that is a phenolic and actually he has t-shirts available I forget the company but if you go to if you go to IndieGoGo it'll show you to give you the link where you go to an Tonio Bryce's channel on YouTube it'll give you the link on how to get those t-shirts they're really cool $71,000 his uh his first Kickstarter he said I think he said they actually lost money on it or didn't make very much money on it and he was trying to get Ethan's attention for a little our little reboost and he did and he turned out to be really funny got on Ethan's show is very very funny guy and Kenan was a talented artist so he got this thing published and got this thing $71,000 that that's why isn't why aren't the people at Marvel DC why doesn't Gail Simone congratulating this guy for breaking into comics breaking in the industry doesn't it seem a little weird that they completely just completely ignore this guy because he's so you're saying this guy Antonia Bryce is a hateful bigoted racist is that that's that's what you're saying he's a he's a racist he plot twist he's not a racist he's just some guy who wants to write comics and uh everyone in comics get are just guys who wants to write want to write comics and the occasional occasional girl who wants to read comics I was gonna actually gonna make this a two subject video about the multi almost TV Sapolsky it's hysterical but I see that I'm already at ten minutes so it's going on too long this is a Gail Simone she has a lot of hate in her heart for man she really really has some serious issues 45 years old a hairdresser which is cool it's actually hairdressing is actually a pretty good job to go and do but her books are so full of identity politics there's so far left and there's so anti man and miss Andrus it's really kind of creepy anyway like comment and subscribe

5 thoughts on “Gail Simone is LAUGHING at us, we laugh at her low sales. #ComicsGate

  1. Anti CG stalk comics Gate everywhere they can.

    Gail is an expert troll. And she has legit issues with men because she’s got mental issues.

    The issue that people were bringing up is low level CG’ers aren’t getting help. Low level CG’ers have campaigns that are launching and failing.

    When EVS brings small CG’ers on his show their campaigns bump up $5-$50k in some instances.

    My humble opinion is that people whom support CG artist love the Carte Blanche of the different stretch goals, different tiers.

    If CG burns down the artist will all still do well. They’ve figured out the blueprint to success.

  2. Wipe your chin if you are the one writing that bullshit to Simone on Twitter….. holy shit are you bucking for promotion…

  3. You can always tell a loser. They are the ones who spend their time wrapped around negativity, and fucking around making excuses why they fail.  Simone never was all that much to write home about, all she needs to do is to stick to her excuses, and they will keep giving her books to tank.

  4. I find it pretty laughable if she truly believes that EVS's faction is all there is of comicsgate. Then again it isn't the first time there was drama in that part of the movement, but things went on for CG…meanwhile she kept getting more series cancelled.

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