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Galaxy S7 Camera Lens Replacement – S7 Edge Cracked Glass Fix

Today I have in front of me a very well taken
care of Galaxy S7. The worst part about it is that the camera lens is cracked, so you
can’t take pictures. The rest of the phone works fine, but with a cracked camera lens
you’re missing one of the most important features of the phone. Today I’m going to
show you how to replace the camera glass with a new lens so that you can take clear pictures
again. The hardest part of this project is making sure that no glass dust gets inside
the camera unit. And I’ll show you why in just one second. It is really hard to find
quality glass lenses. Most replacements you’ll find online will be clear plastic that you
can bend or fold, but taking a picture through plastic isn’t near as good as taking a picture
through glass. I use Bonafide Hardware glass lenses because they are actually glass. I
got two so that I could show you that the glass is real. This lens fits the Galaxy S7
and the Galaxy S7 Edge; both of them are the same size. I will link the Bonafide Hardware
lenses in the video description of this video. You’ll need a heat gun for this project.
This is important because you want to soften the adhesive under the broken glass so that
it doesn’t shatter more as you remove it. The more your old lens shatters, the more
you risk getting glass into the camera mechanism and killing your focus abilities and your
OIS, the stabilization. I’m also going to use a clear piece of tape. I’m going to
take my heat gun, or you can use your sister’s hair dryer, and heat up the glass of the camera
lens until it’s too hot to touch. Then I will quickly put tape over the cracked lens
and try to pull off any loose bits of glass that I can find. If you end up with a hole
in your lens this project becomes a lot easier. I got one little piece of glass off but that
will be enough to start. Now that the glass is cooled down I need to reheat it to soften
the adhesive again. Then, holding the phone sideways so no glass falls inside the camera
unit, I can lift off each piece of glass individually. The warmer the adhesive is the easier it will
be to do this. You can warm up the phone as often as you need, just make sure not to overheat
it and damage the camera. Only go until it is barely too hot to touch. As you can see
the lens is mechanical, so it has moving parts. If the glass dust gets inside of the camera,
it will stop working. The OIS will stop, and worse, the focusing will stop. Sometimes it
will start focusing again after a couple days when the glass drops out, but it’s better
to avoid that all together and just be careful. So now I’m going to clean up the extra adhesive
and the glass bits inside of the frame. If there are any glass bits still in there when
I press my new lens into place, the new lens will crack because of that pressure point.
So make sure all the glass dust is off. If there are gaps in the adhesive from the news
lens that you put on, then regular dust from your pocket might seep into your camera lens
over time. So make sure it’s as clean as possible and don’t get anything on the unprotected
camera unit. Clean off both sides of the new glass lens, making sure there are no smudges
on the underside since you won’t have access to it once the new glass is in place. Remember
that you are working with glass, so if you aren’t super confident you might just want
to buy two lenses in case you break one. You shouldn’t leave your camera unprotected
for very long. Make sure that the adhesive is still on the glass side of the lens after
removing the adhesive protection. Then drop your new lens into place and line it up inside
of the frame. Remember if you press too hard you might crack the new glass, so be gentle.
As you can see I did retain all of my focusing abilities with this Galaxy S7. Being super
careful with the glass does pay off. Thanks a ton for watching. I did link all of the
parts and tools you’ll need for this project down in the video description below. If you
have any questions leave them in the comments. I do respond fairly regularly. And all of
my behind the scenes stuff can be found on my Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Thanks
a ton for watching. Hope to see you around.

100 thoughts on “Galaxy S7 Camera Lens Replacement – S7 Edge Cracked Glass Fix

  1. ATTENTION!! If you replaced your lens cover and it's all blurry, open
    your camera app and tap, firmly, a few times on the back camera.
    Galaxies lens actually move when focusing and get stuck easily. After
    hours of research and about to order another lens cover thinking it was
    just dirty on the inside, I found this out. One tap and it went into
    perfect focus and functionality.

  2. my damage is literally a hole in the lens (the glass, not the camera itself of course) and i actually don't know how long it has been there, less than a week, maybe 3 days, just noticed it because i was playing music with it in a cup at work at the end of the day last night. how likely is it that i have a problem that goes beyond the glass? is it worth trying just replacing the glass before hitting up my warranty? because that would be allot faster.

  3. Hey Jerry thanks for this video. So I have 2 s7 edge phones, one had a cracked camera glass which I took to be replaced by a cheap third-party vendor. This was a long time ago and I haven't used the phone since. But now I'd like to give the phone away, and upon charging it up and testing it out, I've noticed the using camera (both during live-preview and after taking a pic or video) is totally horrendous especially in low light, it looks super grainy like an old vga webcam! So I quickly opened the camera app of my other s7 edge which is my main phone to compare, and low-light areas look clear and almost grain-free. Would the grainy disappointment be due to some cheap or inexperienced glass replacement from that third-party vendor? Cheers for any insights!

  4. Attention if Galaxy S8/S8+ S9/S9+ is cracked
    Be careful to replace your Phone Screen
    Because it is Edge Screen

  5. I did it! Thank you so very muc you saved me $100 to pay and have it fixed. for literally about 10 minutes of work. i didnt even need my spare lens but ill keep it in case! Your video was easy to follow and an excellent teaching tool!

  6. I broke my lens so hard most of the glass is already broken out, so there is a big hole in the mid and the borders are out of shattered glass. Can I still remove it using heat?

  7. It was easy lying on my back using Tweezerman splinter tweezers. So pointy I use them to eject my SIM card slot. Mine just had one crack diagonally. So I had to stab it far away from the lens to make more cracks but not too many. Removed 3 splinter shards then the rest of that half in one piece. Then slowly peeled the other half out. I did not use a hair dryer. Just consistent slow pressure to peel the adhesive. Doing it from underneath while lying on my back with a flashlight propped by my neck worked great for keeping junk out of the components. Hardest part was keeping the flashlight in place. If you have to stop, keep the camera pointing down on a clean hard surface. I put mine in a cardboard box. Which I also used to catch the glass shards. My Bonafide glass did not have a peel tab. I did not need a heat gun. I wasted time trying to clean adhesive out when it was already fine. The video also says to clean both sides of the glass but one has adhesive, which doesn't make sense. The very most important thing is keep the tweezers away from the lens, the small circle in the center inside your phone at all times. Sharp tweezers can scratch all kinds of things so keep them to the outsides of the glass when you're putting it in too. Line it up with the tweezers, unstuck the tweezers, get it to drop but don't press it, nudge it with the tweezers, press it in and it will click. Use alcohol based hand sanitizer or something and a microfiber cloth to clean. Open Camera and realize it's better than it was before it cracked 😮🤔😁

  8. Why didn't you remove the black seal under the glass ? I did what you did & must of not got a tiny piece & it cracked, lucky I had 2, so the next time I removed it & Walla it's fixed no crack. Be careful people, a easy fix.

  9. worked for me! Got some small glass pieces caught in mechanism but kept shaking and using tape to get them loose, once I did, I put on the new lens and all is great. Thanks so much!

  10. Hey bro, just knocked by side on a table ans broke ghe lense .. ig doesn't focus and ive removed all the glass.. is it fucked?

  11. I ordered 2 of the lenses from Amazon. The Bonifide ones you recommended . I'm not able to separate the thin plastic sheeting that is on the side with the adhesive since there is no tab to get ahold of. They are useless to me. Going to look somewhere else for replacement lens.

  12. My camera is currently acting up. There aren't any indications of it being broken, but whenever I launch the app the rear camera is green and constantly changing color as if it was broken from inside. However I haven't dropped the phone and now only the front camera works. Do you think it might need to be replaced, the lens?

  13. I think i cracked my Google pixel 2 camera as the quality went from brilliant to quite much do u think it will cost to get it fixed. It's the back camera

  14. The link of this lens in amazon shows glass only .does this lens have adhesive that can stick or should i buy adhesive extra sir

  15. so is it obvious that the camera should be focusing before applying the new glass. currently dont have any glass over the rear camera and it does not focus

  16. Hello Jerry … i have a galaxy s7 edge ..there is a pink line on display which is becoming common problem in many s7 edge
    Is there a way to fix it other than whole screen replacement as that is very expensive…?????? Pls help

  17. Hi Jerry, great video simple and good instructions. Just on thing do I need to get adhesive to stick the new lens or the old stuff what is warm will do the trick?
    Thank you

  18. Can I change my bluish screen without changing the whole screen???
    Actually my display got bluish but the screen just work fine.But for that bluish tone of my screen I can barely manage to see throw it

  19. This worked perfectly, a bit more fidly than when you removed your glass…. Maybe not hot enough or inexperience but spent some time picking all the little bits out. (used some canned air to ensure there is nothing stuck in the camera). And all good! focus works fine, no blurr and zooms etc just as it should. Was about to go find a local repair shop and pay them to do it! Not to mention other guides i've found involve removing the back of the phone… Fuck that! Thank you

  20. Great video. Easy to follow instructions. If I had known it was this straight forward I would have done it weeks ago.
    One note: Don't rush the glue removal if using a hair dryer. It works, but takes longer, as it doesn't heat it as fast.

  21. Hi,
    I have this issue, my camera glass was well smashed so i removed it before getting a new 1 to stop the fragments falling into the lens itself. I checked the focus of the camera without the glass and it cannot focus, is this because the camera glass is missing or becaue the lens is damaged?

    Thanks, great video

  22. Hey i've done the repair and the only problem is .. MOISTURE … camera works great but then once the enviorment settles or rises i see moisture behind the lens… how to prevent that?

  23. So i had a hole in my glass and so i am now taking the rest of the glass off…is it ok to take it off then cover in with tape until i get the part?

  24. hey when my lens cracked, the unprotected camera itself has a smudge on it, which makes the camera super blurry. what do i do th fix this

  25. Thank you for making that video, it was really helpful. My lens shattered three weeks after I got my phone. I have no experience in repairing electronic devices yet I tried to do it myself and it worked perfectly.

  26. After recently buying a bulky phone case, the camera lens on my S7 cracked. The rest of the phone was fine it's just that the case doesn't protect the camera lens (tip: don't put phone and keys in same pocket). The "host" at the Samsung authorized repair store told me it should cost about $55 if it's just the lens replacement, which I thought was expensive but at least it would be fixed same day. However, after a tech "examined" the phone, they told me it would cost $120 to repair because the whole camera and cover would have to be replaced because of potential glass dust in the camera.

    Before shelling out $120, I googled "Galaxy S7 Camera Lens Replacement" and came across this video. I must say that this video is right on point and the replacement lenses cost $8 each (I bought 2 just in case). I used a hair dryer instead of a heat gun which worked perfectly. The only "extra" I did that wasn't included in the video was to clean the camera with compressed air (those cans with the straw used to clean keyboards) to rid it of any potential glass dust.

    So in the end, I saved myself over $100 by doing it myself for a very simple repair.

  27. How do I just replace it? I didn't crack it but the smaller lens cover just randomly came off and my camera won't focus anymore. Do I need to open the phone to just replace the entire thing?

  28. Thank you, working great so far. My glass was broken in to about 1,000 tiny pieces with a hole in the middle so I was worried about the camera functioning. Used compressed air to blow it out, so far so good.

  29. hi your video is very very helpful. i broke my glass as i had kept the mobile in my bag the focuss has stopped working. i will order a replacement glass from amazon and try to fit it.

  30. I replace camera lens on Asus Zenfone 3 and now the camera doesn't focus. But I see some dust on the camera. Do you thing it can be by this? And I thing that I a litle bit overheat plastic over the camera, do you thing the camera is KO?

  31. Some one intentionally broke my glass over the camera on my S7. I call a repair service Call: Ubreakifix here in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

    They told me that the lense is part of the camera…. and it cost 260$ + Tx….

    And then a saw your video ! Thanks you Sooooooo Much my freind.

    I will odrer.

  32. Thank you! This was such a cheap and easy fix. The local repair shop was going to charge me $50 and this only cost me $6. DIY repairs are so satisfying! But next time, I'll make sure NOT to keep one of my son's LEGO bricks in the same pocket as my smartphone…

  33. My original phone lens cracked and came fully out after a few days, the camera still worked but a black dot has appeared on the smaller part behind the lens. How do i get rid of this?

  34. Thanks for the instructions! Was able to to replace mine using exactly what you said.

    But, it would be nice to add this warning – not to push to hard while getting he glass shards to trying to poke/create a hole, since you can make a slight dent or major scratch undeneath. And that scratch looks like a glass shard – makes it a bit confusing.

  35. Should the camera be in focus without the lens cover on it? I removed the cracked glass, but I am hesitant to put on the new cover because the camera is out of focus.

  36. Don't usually leave comments – but wanted to say thanks – this video saved me buying a new phone.

  37. I did this and was success ful but When I took it to the pool water got on the lens then I took it out immediately and there was moisture but I let it try and It works fine but the lens glass has dry water mark and yeah it's not gonna be water resistant anymore I guess, it depends

  38. Hey jerry
    If we remove the broken lens before apply a new replacrment glass does it auto focus works without the glass

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