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Game Grumps Animated – My Dick’s Fallin’ Off – by Shoocharu

*Danny humming a tune* [Arin] GUH UH OH [Arin] HUUUH [Dan] Did we… did we start the episode? [Arin] Yeah.
[Dan] Aw c’mon, man.
[laughs from both] boo buh de bep boop (Arin laugh) [Arin] OW OH OH OH OH OH OOOHHH [Dan] What was I– (laugh)
[Arin] OOH NO, that one doesn’t count, that one DOESN’T COUNT [Dan] It fucking absolutely does — [Arin] DON’T YOU FUCKIN DARE DO THAT SHIT TO ME YOU FUCKIN FREAK! YOU’RE A FREAK! [Both] (laughs) [Arin] OOOHHH [Dan] (laughs) [Arin] OOOHHH [Dan] (laugh, gasp) Alright, let’s say 4 left [Arin] Well alright… [Dan] (laugh, gasp, gasp) [Arin] AHH [Dan] (more laughter) [Arin] HHAAAA (gasp) [Dan] 3… [Arin] nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin nuthin this is NUTHIN [Dan] (laugh)
[Arin] NUTHIN [Arin] DON’T BELIEVE ME?! LOOK AT MYYY RESUME 30 YRS EXPERIENCE IN JACKIN OOOFFF *Danny can’t stop laughing at Arin’s rage* [Arin] NO! [Dan] Last one… [Arin] Don’t fuckin’ question my shit OHOH OOHHH OH It’s starting to hurt like it hurts when I eat taco bell TOO MUCH at late at night and I wake up in the middle of the night and have to vom [Dan] Stop playing… [Arin] HA! [Dan] Next time on Game Grumps… [Arin] DON’T GIMME THAT SASS *beatbox* [Arin] OW YI YI YICHEE MAMA

100 thoughts on “Game Grumps Animated – My Dick’s Fallin’ Off – by Shoocharu

  1. Yo what episode does the cold open at 0:00 come from, I know it's a Mario Galaxy episode but I can't find it.

    EDIT: It's episode 70.

  2. Everybody's down here talking about the eye resume.

    I'm just wondering why the fuck his feet are so dirty in bed.

  3. You couldn't have been more spot on at 0:32. perfect representation of how I picture everyone that has their mic sensitivity all the way up and essentially eats it as well

  4. And this is why Youtube needs to cut their "NO SWEARING!!!!" shit. This is what makes Grumps – well – Grumps.

  5. 0:58 This is so cool, bc Shoocharu animated First Date and I've never seen this message before, that's amazing! uwu

  6. I love the idea that Arin is yelling in Dan’s face and Dan isn’t even fazed by it. Dan doesn’t even care

  7. I like how this is pulled from more than 1 meltdown but mostly from that one…nightmarish… mario maker level…

  8. To anyone who disliked this, I feel bad for you because that means you can't comprehend intelligent comedy that these people create

  9. Has anyone else notice that in most game grumps animations,
    They show arin as a giant thumb or chin monster and Danny as a normal guy with a tower of hair

    or arin as a short fat guy and Danny as a tall skinny dude with a huge nose

    What are people trying to tell us

  10. I had a dream where my penis fell off… I woke up and had to check my pants just be sure it was still attached

  11. “INTERESTS: I enjoy walking fast whilst scooping (don’t know what that says) from my kneecaps. I do it every week with my boyfriend Dan.”

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