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Game of Thrones 8×01 | crack!vid ♛ song spoof

We’ve been here for some time. My apologies. No question about it, I am ready to get hurt again. What do dragons eat, anyway? Whatever they want. Horses? Two thousand. And elephants? *sigh* I wanted those elephants! I was told the Golden Company had elephants. Elephants I believe. Uh, no elephants, Your Grace. That’s disappointing. I think I need a hug. Go on! I don’t know ho to ride a dragon. You know nothing, Jon Snow. You want a whore, buy one. You want a queen, earn her. Boo, you whore. As a true friend and an honored guest, I should be calling you, My Lady. Do not call me, My Lady! As My Lady commands. Ah, is that a command, Lady Stark? That day, she was amazed to discover that when was saying “as you wish” (My Lady) what he meant was “I love you.” And even more amazing was the day she realised she truly loved him back. Your mother was Lyanna Stark? And your father, your real father, was Rhaegar Targaryen. Stay back he’s got blue eyes. I’ve always had blue eyes. I’m going to put a prince in your belly. It’s cold up here for a southern girl. So keep you queen warm. You’re kidding me! What do I hold onto? Whatever you can. Who’s that? Jaime fucking Lannister! Sir Jaime. Spongebob, I see him. What’s he doing? Uh, he’s just standing there, MENACINGLY! GET OUT OF THERE, SPONGEBOB! My right ball got trapped and I didn’t have time to say stop and I was being swung round. And in my head I though this is how it ends, on this buck swinging me round by my testicles. Literally. What are you doing out here? Waiting for an old friend. Hello darkness, my old friend I’ve come to talk with you again because a vision softly creeping The end

75 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 8×01 | crack!vid ♛ song spoof

  1. First seeing umber die: that poor lad didn’t last long!😭😭

    Seeing umber again on a GOT crack video: watching him screaming 😆🤣😂 I’m going for hell aren’t I? 😳

  2. 3:42 When your best friend tells you that you were never a bastard, you are actually one true king of seven kingdoms but you realize that means you fucked your aunt…

  3. Damn! This is amazing!
    Can I ask you, where is that voiceover that you used for Arya and Gentry from? Because it was just sooo cute!

  4. Big fan of playing The XX's Reunion for reunion scenes 😀 I can see you've also done that in the 8×02 video. And thank you for the Princess Bride piece, i too thought that at the "as you wish"

  5. Oh my god, I've seen the memes about "As you wish, m'lady" and Princess Bride, but having the narrator edited to the Gendrya scene… perfection!

  6. 5:05 whenever i see jon riding the dragon i remember what hardship his balls have gone through

    Edit: im sorry I didn’t know it was also in this vid HAHAHHA

  7. dany is so annoying, running after something she doesn't even want, or would be good at, she is a free spirit, breaker of chain, she is not a ruler, and she become bored just like Robert baratehon, give it up to tyrion, who actually good at politics

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