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Game of Thrones 8×04 | crack!vid ♛ song spoof

All right, who’s not dead? Sound off. My emotions! MY EMOTIONS! I’m stuck on this roof It’s burning and shit It’s smoke in my eyes It’s smoke in his eyes? Yes, there smoke in my eyes I think you should be Lord of Storm’s End. Say WHAAAAT?? Vomiting is not celebrating. Yes, it is. To the Dragon Queen! GENDRY! To Arya Stark Wrong! Wrong, wrong, wrong DRINK! Charlie, that really hurt. Ouch. He keeps fighting. He keeps fighting. He climbed on a fucking dragon and fought. You just have to say that you’re fine, when you’re not really fine. And you just can’t get into it because they would never understand And after all that, this fucker comes north and takes her from me. Just takes her, like that. I mean it Clegane. My heart is broken. She could have mad you happy, for a little while. There’s only one thing that’ll make me happy. And what’s that? Two chickens. I’m gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room Be my wife. Be the Lady of Storm’s End. Not today. They ask you how you are and you just have to say that you’re fine. And you’re not really fine. But you just can’t get into it because they would never Don’t touch. You can touch me. I’m not afraid of wildlings. It’s bloody hot in here. I have a boner right now. So do I. Oh, move aside! Not the way I love you. Is that alright? I’m just gonna get some water… I’ve never slept with a knight before. I’ve never slept with anyone before. For fuck’s sake On your own? Not anymore. I’ve never begged for anything, but I’m begging you Wish I was going with you. I don’t plan on coming back. Neither do I. Fuck this shit. I’m out So tell me, Eddie. Is that a rabbit in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? I’m happy that you’ll finally have to climb for it. Do you know how long I’ve waited to tell tall-person jokes? To climbing mountains. To climbing mountains. You’re not like your sister. You’re not. You’re better than she is. You’re a good man, and you can’t save her. You don’t need to die with her. Stay here. Stay with me. Please. Stay… Hey, leave it at that, bro. You don’t need to do anything else. You don’t need to do anything else! What’s this? What’s this?? why, WHY, why, WHY, why why, fam? WHY!? Who the fuck are you trying to impress? This isn’t gonna get you laid! Dracarys! Dracarys is clearly meant for Dany. Missandei knows that her life is over and she’s saying you know, light them up. The end

100 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 8×04 | crack!vid ♛ song spoof

  1. Y HBO MAKE MY OTP COME TRUE AFTER I GAVE UP AND THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE PLATONIC ONLY TO BREAK THAT POOR WOMAN'S HEART! Jaime better kill his mad sis and go back to Brienne cuz what he has with Cercei is an obsession

  2. "Not TODAY!"…..wait do u think arya wants gendry? but just not right in at this moment? i see…….I SHIP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. As soon as I saw Jaime taking his clothes off and saying it was hot in there my mind immediately jumped to singing "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes"

  4. I am dissapointed in you. It was right there. The joke was right there, on a silver platter for you and you MISSED it!
    Arya refuses Gendry's proposal, 'that's not me', then takes up her bow and takes another shot to the target while Gendry stands, a broken man…
    A BAD NAME!"


  5. i'm so betting
    Jon destroys the Iron throne then goes north to be with Tormound
    Brienne is pregnant
    Dany is pregnant
    Arya and the Hound both die killing the Mountian
    Jaime and Cersei both kill each other.

  6. Seeing Tormund so heartbroken broke my soul. He only wanted to love his beatiful giant knight and have giant babies to conquer the world 😢

  7. that fucking song when the hound is trotting along and the 'oh for fucks sake' just had me in tears 😂😂😂

  8. This episode messed me up seeing them burn Misandrei die Brianne and Thurmond getting hurt Ghost beeing left out Dany and Jon fighting and Gandry being refused and another defeat for Dany

  9. You know what is the saddest – this episode was such a catastrophy that the crack vid was better actually.

  10. She was real unfortunate to get beheaded so high up. When beheaded – the head doesn't lose consciousness for another 15-25 seconds or so.

    If during the French revolution people who got beheaded did the appropriate facial expression of what you would expect of heads that were dropping down in those baskets – if the drop was uncomfortable for those heads, imagine how uncomfortable was the fall for Misas head.

  11. The one thing i wanted for the last season was that the Dragons alive. but no they cuties must die. what a shit 😤😑

  12. Legit felt like crying when Tormund was crying 😥poor bubba just needs a giant love of his own

  13. Why does the director not know how to pronounce dracarys or Missandei

  14. It does not matter if Dany and Jon are related…even though it is incest, if they love each other they love each other

  15. How did he pronounce Missandei, first he kills her like a tool for someone else's character development(or plot) then he butchers her name! She deserves more

  16. yara’s boutta come back like “okay so can i have my brothers’ body so that we can send him off in the tradition of the iron islands?”

  17. Yes ATLANTIS! Most underrated movie ever. Didn't even get 5 seconds in and needed to make that comment.

  18. Missandei last words: I am the God of Hellfire and I'll bring you FIRE !!!
    I'll take you to burn.

    Fire, I'll take you to learn.

    I'll see you burn!

  19. I had that exact scene of Atlantis playing in my head at the start of the episode, and even said to my family "who's not dead? Sound off" and they didn't get it so this video is extreeeemely satisfying for me

  20. The stupid smiling face of Podrick + careless whisperer => EPIC 😂😂😂😂

  21. eventhough daenerys annoys me, I really want her now to burn the king's landing, let her go on her own. She stood down for a long time now. time for fire and blood.

  22. i fucking love the look on Brienne's face when Jaime starts undressing like … "is … is he … is he …" XDDD

  23. People during season 7: Daenerys is a mad bitch because she wants to use the dragons and take the throne first!

    Me: EXCUSME WTF????

  24. This is funny. I am watching this video and they say the end and then is HBO preview for season 8.

  25. it's gonna be arya + hound vs. mountain in the throne room while cersei will be sitting on the throne sipping on wine.

  26. Seriously, how did NOBODY (Tyrion, Grey Worm etc.) think Cersie had Anti-Dragon defences ready. Like WTF.

  27. I didn't need the rest of the video just that opening was worth a click. LOL LOL LOL DOL (Dies of Laughter)

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