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Gangavva Smartphone Shopping | Guna 369 Promotion | My Village Show comedy

Chandu! Hey Chandu! Chandu! Why are you not answering? Why are you beating? If the phone slips down, will your father buy for me? Does your phone has any horns? Why are you watching it like this… like this… from different angles? Horns? Do you think this is an ordinary phone like yours? This is a smart phone We can see all the wonders in the world Don’t compare your phone with my phone If you buy this phone then you come to know about it You mean my phone is of no use? I will buy this much big phone You will buy a big phone? I will buy and show you Go and buy then She won’t buy but always gets ready to challenge others When will I get to see you buy a smartphone? (satire) Hey lady! He is capturing photos No, madam. I came to repair my phone… And I was just checking it You do your work I’ll check my phone Looking a girl, everyone starts flirting Lady! Give me a new phone Okay! Hey! How do I look? Why do you give me this old model ordinary phone? My children play with very big touch phones… They capture photos… They capture beautiful photos with the camera I don’t want this phone Oh! Do you want a Tablet? What! How do I look to you? You said Tablet… You mean medicines? I’ll come later Listen! Please… Mam! Please come. I asked you for a phone and you are saying tablets… Is this a hospital or are you a doctor..? Or else is this a medical shop? How do I look to you? I want this type of phone… touch phone Give me! We have… 6.3inch display Hey lady! Just stop! What is this usss.. uss.. buss.. busss..? You think only you know English? I don’t understand I’m getting a headache Say it in Telugu What a terrible explanation it was! I don’t know Telugu Don’t know Telugu? Don’t know Telugu? What kind of shop is this? Why did they appoint you… In this shop? I don’t want your shop… Don’t want your phones… Nothing! I’m leaving Please, don’t go! Mam, Please! Hey, Guna! Please handle. I… I… I will teach you I’ll say about it I want this much big touch phone… There are so many phones here Let’s see what kind of phone you want Touch phone Everything is looking good Tell me, which one is good according to you? Good phone..? Take this! This phone works very well and it has 4GB RAM Ram? Why would Ram stay here? And why Ram’s phone will be here? RAM means not that hero Ram of ‘Ismart Shanker’ movie How to explain to you about RAM? Memory… Memory… Yeah! RAM means memory… Memory! Memory means? Memory means… We have a brain right… In the same way, the phone also has a brain If memory is more, storage of the number of photos will be more. How many photos can it store? How many..? 20,000? It can store around 20,000 photos Ohh… Super! 20,000 photos? You can take beautiful pictures… Daily You can take nice photos… nice pics This phone looks very thin, will it break if it falls down? It won’t break easily This is Gorilla You mean sheep..? Buffaloes..? Tablets..? This is not sheep or buffalo This glass name is ‘Gorilla’. Go-rila Yes! Gorilu.. Gorilla! Gorilla glass It means… It won’t break even if it is thrown down This is that type of glass Then shall I check once by throwing it down? Shall I? No! Gorilla glass… Gorilla glass! She is crazier than me Madam! Would you like to buy the phone or not? I crosscheck a 100 rupees for 1000 times before buying it Tell me, lady. For buying a big phone… Shouldn’t I think about it? Whether it is good or bad… Does it work or not. Isn’t it necessary? Tell me! You tell me! Shouldn’t I think? Whether it is a good or bad phone As you are asking for good quality… Then you take APPLE Apple? Shouting with you my throat is paining and I’m hungry too Bring two apples I will eat Apple means… It is not that apple which we eat It’s a phone It costs 80,000 rupees 80,000? It’s not like that Madam! What happened to her? Madam! What happened? 80,000? For 80,000 rupees… We can buy one acre of land Leave all those things Show me a phone for 10,000 rupees Tell me, dear! Everything is fine but… Do you work here? No, madam. Why would I work here? You won’t work? When I came here… you were clicking her photos… And you were talking to her You were flirting Tell me! Why did you do all these things? Is it love? Don’t feel shy Till now you didn’t give me a reply for any of my questions But you smiled when I uttered the word ‘Love’ When did this love start? That cannot be said in one minute Our movie is releasing on 2nd of August Watch it on the screen and you will understand everything What movie is it? “GUNA 369” Okay, guys! So… August 2nd Our movie is releasing “GUNA 369” Please don’t miss it Watch it in theatres It’s gonna be amazing And… Please subscribe to… MY VILLAGE SHOW Thank you, bro! Thank you so much! How was Gangavva’s performance? Gangavva is a single take artist Our heroine should learn a lot from her How did you feel bro? Working with her I’m really speaking I’m a big fan of her Really? Do you watch it? I watch every video of “My Village Show” Okay! Yes! I watched Gangavva in ‘Ismart Shanker’ movie for two times Really? Yes!

100 thoughts on “Gangavva Smartphone Shopping | Guna 369 Promotion | My Village Show comedy

  1. Age tho sambandam ledu talent mukayam gangava lanti valu inka telangana nataka rangam nundi vellipoyaru valu andaru ravali bayataki

  2. Hi Srikanth Anna,
    Nenu MY VILLAGE SHOW ki pedha fan.
    Iroju GUNA 369 movie chusanu superb movie. Karthikeya Anna matram acting iraga thisindu.
    Kakapothey movie piracy ayindhi Anna.
    Action thisukomani Movie vallaki inform cheyandi Anna please.

  3. Bayya miku lights kavalante cheppandi ..cinema lo use chese lights estham? cheyyandi any time ..

  4. నమస్తే శ్రీకాంత్ అన్న గంగవ్వ అనిల్ అన్న అంజి మామ మస్తు చేస్తుండ్రు ఒక్కసారి శ్రీకాంత్ అన్న ని కలవాలి అన్నా ని ఫోన్ నెంబర్ పెట్టరాదే జరా నా 9182973493 నాది చేర్యాల వీడియో చూస్తుంటే మస్తుగా ఉన్నాయి అన్న మన తెలంగాణ యాస భాష మస్తు చూపిస్తున్నావ్🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. bro నాకు ఒక ఛాయిస్ ఇస్తారా brother songs రాస్తాను కామిడి scripts రాస్తాను please one chais acting ante naki challa istam

  6. Gangavva natural expressions superb& all the best Karthikeya Anna mi Guna 369 team ki kuda all the best Anna😀😁

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