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Gannicus || The Legend [HBD Jess]

The man stands as a god Legend! Once stood a god of the arena Lifetime of blood You would have me fight? I do not fight in a games? Heaviest prices always paid by those we love I would offer drink to lift spirits I’m here for wine I will drink, fuck, until the gods take me You and your tiny cock best pray that day never come Return victorious brothers

20 thoughts on “Gannicus || The Legend [HBD Jess]

  1. Whaaa I don't deserve such a gift! Was shocked when seeing it in my sub feed! Short but glorious tribute for my favorite character in Spartacus
    0:00 – 0:07 — Brilliant work showcasing the greatness and success of Gannicus during his years as a gladiator
    0:08 – 0:11 — Paralleling quotes of fighting from Gannicus, once a man who loved to fight, then his love for blood fading as years pass (At least how I see it)
    0:11 – 0:13 — "The heaviest price is always paid by those we love" Great quote, and perfectly matched with Gannicus' closest friend/brother, Oenomaus.
    0:14 – 0:19 — Ahhhh textbook gannicus and his earthly pleasures. I love this video more than you know :))
    0:19 – 0:20 — this might actually be my favorite part haha. Gannicus was such a great character, could either be funny or serious, very well written.
    0:23 – 0:25 — Very nice head-nod parallels.
    It's good that this video was short because this comment gone on forever to cover each section
    Thank you very much for this. You have a great talent with parallels that I notice in every one of your videos, you are an extremely underrated editor, but I'm sure that will change sooner than you think 🙂 The quotes are always perfect as well. You are a great friend for making this. Thank you again!

  2. Wow what a kind of surprise of you to our man Jess. I am sure he was surprised too and pleased by your incredble gift. As he said yes it was short but so powerful like a trailer for his character in entire serie. You perfectly managed to describe his personality in just 30 seconds… amazing brother. Also music choice. You have really talent for choice of music

    0:00 – 0:02 – Love how you put a voiceover of Gannicus standing like a god with that quote. He is truly god of arena and nobody will defeat him <3
    0:02 – 0:05 – First two shots of Gannicus closing to camera is incredibly satifying man. YOu have really sense for details and also shot close to fire and then shot of Arena with a paraller after Melita death. Magical how those three shots work great together.
    0:06 – 0:10 – Very nice choice of quote parallers. Love how it works so good in your videos. Then its like watching/reading a book with story
    0:10 – 0:13 – haha that paraller with "aye" movement of those two is sooo funny and really warms my heart they are like brothers again

    And finaly my most favorite 0:13 – END, so funny. So let me correct myself. You managed to describe Gannicus character in 10 seconds. AMAZING BROTHER 😀 i love his character so much, so it was very satisfying to watch his personality again and i want to thank you not just for this video, but for telling me to rewatch Gods of Arena again. Amazing work Michal. I am really proud of you 🙂

  3. wow cool 😉 The summer is coming to an end, and I have not watched this show yet, but I think I'll like Gannicus )))

  4. Beauty short and sweet vid! 0:11 – 0:13 was my favorite part – the way you edited the performance of turning of the heads and quote, and the characters performance (reactions) work really nice. Great job! <3

  5. I'm amazed that you can make such amazing edits even though they are short… Short yet amazing. I loved every second of this edit and sorry for only now watching it. Beautiful work!

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