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GATE 2018 Topper’s Interview | Tips on How to Crack GATE 2019 | Success Story of Aman Agrawal

Press the Bell Icon to never miss a video from Hello everyone, Welcome to another video of Testbook Today we have with us Aman Agarwal whose GATE CS AIR is 352. Today we’ll have a discussion with him about his Preparation, his thought process about the exam and how did he manage to tackle the GATE CS exam Let’s start by knowing what mindset did you have during the whole GATE CS exam. We didn’t have a very good Placement statistics at our college so I talked to some of my Seniors and they told me that GATE is the only way to get into a good IIT College and get a good placement. So, I was left with no option but to attempt the GATE exam and I started with the GATE preparations I was lucky, I had time. I started my GATE preparations by the time I was in 3rd year. I started studying through Standard books finished the whole Syllabus of GATE. After which I started practicing questions through various Test Series. Did you took any coaching for the preparation of GATE CS exam No, i was just following the Standard books and free videos which were available on youtube So, what was your daily routine during this whole Preparation Phase? The classes which I had in college weren’t compulsory to attend. So I used to wake up at 4 in the morning and start with the GATE preparations. I followed a standard book for the subjects I was studying. Any doubt that I had, I searched it on YouTube and solved it through those videos which I could get. Firstly, I finished my GATE Syllabus after which I started practicing questions through Test Series. So, What was the Action Plan? Like, this section is to be completed in this month, the remaining would be covered in the next month. I was focused that I had to Finish my whole Syllabus within 6-7 months After which I had to start practicing questions. So in 6-7 months , through Standard books and YouTube videos I was able to finish my GATE Syllabus. After which through Testbook Test Series I was able to practice different test questions Ok. As there are three types of Tests in Testbook’s TestPack Subject Test, Chapter Test and Full Test. So how did these tests benefit you? Because GATE is considered as a Conceptual-based exam How did these tests help improve your Conceptual Understanding? The thing which I liked the most was, that the tests were distributed according to the topics, which helped clear my basic concepts. The questions were made from scratch and as I moved forward with the questions, the difficulty level also increased and I got quality questions to practice through Testbook. The Test Series which I opted for didn’t have questions that were distributed through topics but Testbook gave me the benefit of solving questions according to the topics which helped me realise the topics I was good or bad at. Every subject has a certain amount of weightage in GATE CS. Did you follow any kind of strategy that the topics having more weightage would be the most preferred and the topics having less weightage would be attempted at the end. No, I did not have any such strategy. I was just focused on completing the whole GATE Syllabus. It never bothered me that how marks the subjects or each topic carried. I just had to finish my Syllabus. You obviously must have gone through the Previous years GATE exam question papers So, if you are asked to compare the previous years question papers with the recent GATE 2018 question papers. How much was the diificulty level? The questions which are coming from the past 3 years are quite simple But the questions related to GATE 2002-2006 were quite difficult but the questions are a lot simpler from the last 5-6 years which are mostly basic conceptual questions. If the concepts are clear, anybody will be able to solve these questions quite easily. Which are the chapters that should be covered by the students in the first-half itself? C Data Structure would be the best option to start with followed by DLD, DVMS Maths, Computer Network, Computer Organization can be attempted in the last phase of the exam. Let’s discuss about the next part of the interview over coffee. There have some changes in the Syllabus that have taken place since GATE 2016 For example, if we talk about Computer Networks 2 new topics have been added like IPv6 and basics of WiFi In the previous years, there weren’t much questions relating to these topics. So how did you prepare for these topics? There isn’t much to study about these topics. You don’t to study these in depth as only two new topics have been added in Computer Networks, IPv6 and basics of WiFi Just get an idea about the IPv6 header, the Frame Format of WiFi, CTS, RTS of WiFi, the problems which occur while sending data in WiFi, hidden note problems and export note problems would be sufficient. If we talk about the changes, there is another subject Algorithms which has topics such as NP Complete, NP Hardness are removed but the application is still available in TOC such as decidability So, if the basic topics are removed has it affected the level of difficulty of the exam. What do you feel? There should be no effect on the difficulty level if you know the basic concepts If the concept is well revised to you, it doesn’t matter if the question is application or theory-based. You just need to be thorough with the concepts. Ok, Aman. The Test series which Testbook provides, after every test you get an analysis about your weak chapters, strong chapters and your rank. How was this tool helpful to you? The best two things that I loved about Testbook was, Firstly, after every test it gave an analysis about the topics you are strong or weak at. How strong or how weak you are at the given topic. Secondly, it also gave an about your Chapter-wise preparations Or how strong or weak you are at particular subject or chapter. Testbook also had a live reward test with live ranking, which gave you an idea about how prepared you are for the exam. Which is a very good thing about Testbook. Now that your rank for the GATE exam is out, What are your future plans? I want to pursue M. Tech. Many people opt for PSU, M. Tech even for PhD in foreign universities once they’ve cleared GATE exam. What advise would you like to give to the students preparing for GATE 2019? If you are a 1st or 2nd year student, you can follow the standard books But, if you are a final year student you won’t have so much of time to prepare so you can watch free videos and it is a must for you all to join Test Series. By practicing questions on Test Series, you will have an idea of how to tackle question in the GATE exams, Time Managaement of questions, and for Test Series I would recommend you to
opt for the Testbook Series, because it will help you in practicing questions Topic-wise, Subject-wise and you also get an online review test where you can compare your rank with different others through live test. It also gives you an idea of your rank analysis. In which topic you are weak at and in which subject you are strong at. So it is the best option for you prepare for your exams by getting Testbook’s Test Series. Thankyou Aman for joining with us and Thankyou for watching the video, I hope you liked the video and don’t forget to subscribe to Testbook YouTube Channel.

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