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Gays Vs Gharwale | Indian Parents on Gay Children | Funny Short Film | Valentine’s Day Special

Look at this… This girl is pretty, na? She’ll make Rahul very happy. She is very good, see her too. Hey, these are 3…3…right? If Rahul just sees this Girl on Girl action once, He will fall right in line. Right? But this Girl on Girl also means… Gay, right? Love will happen, love will blossom, because its love my friend… Love will grow, love will find a way, because you can’t stop love… Love is Love… Hold this, I‘ll just go to the bathroom and come. Control…control! Focus! I’ll be back in just 2 minutes. Good morning! Come here, look at this. All new stuff… WTF? You’re at this from morning itself now? One minute, Hero sahab. Where are you going? Sit down. We need to talk to you. I don’t want to talk to either of you about anything. Not interested. Shut up and sit down! The thing is, your mom and I were thinking… that it’s high time we get you married. Are you serious? Yeah, absolutely! You’re joking, right? How many times have I explained to you that I am not interested in girls. Listen to this…one last time. I am an Adult and I am Gay! What? What did he say? Why do you want to ruin an innocent girl’s life? I will not get married. Bullshit! You’ll have to get married and that’s final. So stop whining… The thing is there’s a girl we have in mind for you. Our priest knows her family. He was saying that she is a homely, nice girl. Pretty, Polite, Cultured, And Sexy too! Yes…she will teach you the correct use of your backside. Woh, dude…what a bitch! Are you swingin’ or what? Arrey, my mum put these up. In the hope of getting me interested…you know. Pretty. Polite. Cultured. Shalini. But don’t they know? They know! But they choose to ignore it. These days, they try to set me up with any random guy they meet. Shalini! Look at who I bumped into at the market! You don’t recognize him? This is Bittu. He is a Trainer at my Gym. We bumped into him at the market, and he insisted on carrying our shopping bags. You know, using this as an excuse, your dad bought two extra watermelons. I told him: Come home. I’ll cut some watermelon for you and I’ll introduce you to my daughter, Shalini. My daughter, Shalini. Hi Baby! She is not a “Baby”! She is a lawyer. She practices in the High Court. Do you go to the Zym? Your posture is not right. Come to my Zym, I’ll fix you up. Arrey Uncle, he has actually given up. Yes. He has not been able to get any girl till now. Do one thing. Take him to Bangkok. But Bangk…Bangkok? Yes, if both you and your son get a massage together you will not only get good discounts, your problem will also be solved. So do you have any package deal? I’ll go. For my son’s happiness, what else. Arrey, take him to Andhra. There…they will put a live fish down his throat. And all this ‘Gay’ nonsense will come out of him instantly. Live fish…??? But we are vegetarians, do you have any veg options? The Feng Shui is not good in your house. Hold on…one minute. I bought this Feng Shui Turtle from Bangkok. Will this work? In my village … they hang people like these upside down from a Peepal tree and hit them with bamboo sticks till they are cured. What were both of you doing inside? – What the hell were you guys doing?
– Hey Mom, Stop! Stop! What are you doing? He is our plumber! Sonu Plumber! He was fixing the pipes. Ma’am you should have just told me that the shower was not working again. Why did you have to whack me? You’ll find love Love will indeed blossom When you see my love. When you taste my love. When you see my flawless body When you see my flawless body You’ll surely change your mind O fair one, just taste my love Love, love, love O my lovelies I will rock your world… So you have learned to lie to me now? Uncleji is visiting us from Canada, eh? What is the problem in meeting the boy once? At least, for your mom’s sake. Come. Dad, I’m not going anywhere. 10 Rupees…I came to this city with just 10 Rupees and that too got stolen at the train station. But still, I provided for you. Dad! You were always pestering me… “Dad, I want a G.I. Joe. I want a G.I. Joe.” I killed myself to get you your G.I. Joe… Dad, I can’t listen to this sob story of yours… over and over again. You want to do Timepass? Let’s do it. But I will not carry any tea or snacks for them. I will handle that. I will handle that. Your saree is very beautiful… Here they are. The goodies are here. Oh no! Why did you have to take all this trouble? Arrey, no trouble at all…she twisted her hand while making these samosas. She was very excited to meet all of you. You know, Rahul was also very keen to meet all of you. He kept asking me, “Mom, when are we going to their house? When are we meeting them?” You were able to locate our house easily? Yes. Hey, have we met before? I think I’ve seen you somewhere. But where? Where?…Where? Wait a minute! Oh Damn!
Seriously! So dear, what do you think of Rahul? There is no problem. Congratulations…Congratulations… – Listen to me. Let us start with the wedding preparations. Listen! I cannot marry him! Why? What’s the matter, dear? I know him, Uncle. I mean, I’ve seen him at parties. So? So you also go to parties? Arrey, anything can happen at these parties, everyone is very modern. Everybody parties these days. Yes. No, Aunty. What I mean is… I have seen him… with a different girl every time, at every party. No, no…this is not possible. It’s not possible for you to have seen him with girls. You must be mistaken, dear. That boy cannot be Rahul. Exactly!! It’s him, alright. Even my friends know him. He has a very bad reputation, Uncle. He is a total womanizer. Womanizer? Not possible! Yeah, yeah…I have also seen you at those same parties. Every time with a different guy! No, no. This is not possible. Bhai sahab, this is not true. She has studied in an all-girls school, all-girls college! In all these 25 years, we have not seen her with a single boy. That’s just what she wants you to believe, Aunty. But in reality she is famous in the whole city. She goes around town sitting behind guys on their bikes. And sometimes she sits in the front too. Excuse me? On the tank….errr…On the petrol tank I meant. Is this true, Shalini? Mom, he is lying. He hooked up with my best friend, Kanika and has not called her back since then. How will he break a girl’s heart? He is not capable of this. And what about all the fights that happen everywhere because of you? Dad, you know Robby…he limps till date, because of a fight over her. Oh no, it can’t be because of her. We don’t even get blank calls in our house. What are you saying? And shall I tell them what a Flirt you are? He has hooked up with all the girls in college, Uncle. All the girls. I know all about your shenanigans too… Oh no, no. This cannot be. This is not possible. Because my son is Gay! He is Gay. With girls, he is just not… So Uncle, when you know that he is Gay, don’t you think… this “matchmaking” is a little odd? By the way, I am also a Lesbian. What? Lesbian means…Girl on Girl… It means that I like girls. But just like you, my parents are also trying to fix me up. But that is not possible, because this is who I am. Lesbian. Mom, Dad! Uncle, Aunty, you guys are modern in your thinking when it comes to issues like Caste. Then why aren’t you modern when it comes to dealing with Homosexuality? Even the Supreme Court has now struck down Section 377… And has made it crystal clear… We can make our own life choices! Now whatever discussions you want to have, please have it amongst yourselves. Rahul and I have made our life choices. And right now, I choose an ice cream. Will you have an ice cream? Ice cream it is. Wow, that was super amazing! Full on lawyering that was. I know… But, I don’t know whether it will have any effect on them… It will eventually…the law has also changed only now, right? Yeah, that’s true. Anyway, I believe in the end, they just want to see us happy. And Gay? Of course, Gay! By the way, what’s your favourite ice cream flavor? Dear Parents, The Law has changed. Now, could you also please change your thinking? This Valentine’s Day, say #LoveIsLove

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  1. We’re thrilled & grateful to receive so much love and appreciation especially from our LGBTQ+ friends. Pls do help us spread this love by sharing this film with everyone, gay or straight. It’s time the conversation came out of the closet. Just copy paste the link below on your Facebook, whattsapp and twitter pages. 👇🏻

    Also, English subtitles can be viewed by switching on the CC captions. You’ll find the option when you click on the 3 dots on the top right of your app screen. On the browser you’ll see it on the bottom panel. ♥️🦍🌈
    #PyaarIsPyaar #LoveisLove #GorillaShorts

  2. That's fucking filth… because god made adam and eve and not adam and adam or eve and eve… you looser morons

  3. The LGBT syndrome is just an imported self victimising trip from the West. EVERYBODY IS FUCKING GAY. At least all the good looking men are. I know from experience.

  4. Apni Life Choice Khud Choose Karte Hai Woh Toh Achi Baat Ha

    Lekin Allah/Bagwan/God Ne Humain gay Ya Lasbian Bana kar Nhi bheja
    Tah Adam Aur Ewa Bhi Alag Genders K Teh Hum Log Khuda K Rules Main
    Bagawat kar Rahe Hai Guys Understand It Plz !

  5. What a beautiful video !! Love and light to these beautiful god made communities ♥️♥️♥️🌸🌸

  6. Nowadays it has become a rule , if u don't find the solution to any problem , claim it to be normal .
    2ndly no religion gives permission for homosexuality .
    I would tell u why homosexuality is a psychological disorder . V all know there are few people who even prefer to hav sex with animals and few people also get attracted to children commonly known as paedophile . Tell me one thing will a normal person ever get attracted to an animal or a child ? What would you advice such a person ? Won't u tell him to change his perspective !
    Trust me guys few years back I also used to get attracted to both sexes , but later I realised I should avoid thinking about boys , give myself sometime and no more do I get attracted to boys now .

  7. Abey saala ye ladkiyan bhi lesbian hoti hai. Hmara toh pehle se hi kta hai ab toh chances aur negligible ho gye aao londe swami vivekanand bn jaye hum toh unki caste ke bhi hai yogi bn jao rahul bn jao

  8. Larki ka to pata nhi! Larkay ka land farig ho gya ho ga! That might be the reason he is gay(mentally disordered)!

  9. Yeh gay sare college our school wale banate hae
    2 class ke baad kesse lrki ke sath Beth kr nhi dekha, pori zindgi ek he gender ke sath guzarwate hae

  10. Indians aur hindus ki zindagiyan ho chuke hain haraam Kiunkay ab inke nasal koi nahe chalnee larka larka larke larke bethay raho 😂😂 Alhamdulilah Islam me yeh gay lesbian haraam hai. Allah maaf kray bhai tum logon se

  11. Maa baap ki khusi ke liye indono ko sadi kar leni chahiye….ek dusre se sadi kar ke ye ek dusre ka life kharab nahi karenge…. Parents ko bhi is straight world me respect mil jayega.

  12. Koi hai Jo mujhe pyr kre care kare pyr kre bohot Sara plz koi hai to knha hai raabb Ji plz bhej do

  13. I am straight and i am strictly against this shit community LGBTQ. They are such shame for our community. We all are here bcz our parents were straight.

  14. woaahhhh!!! I'm happy that many people are supportung LGBT+ community but still there are some sick mentality people who can't see other happy. Seriously why so hate? I mean if you are straight then stay in your starightness, why you need to go out of your circle to hate on someone who isn't. I know many straight people also support them too. I just hope one day everyone will accept every person for who they are , no matter what their sexuality is 🌈

  15. Fact : Most of the straights have no problem in having sex with homosexuals, bisexuals.
    But when it comes to the social acceptance, then the same people clearly deny it by calling it — unnatural or wrong.

  16. मॉम-डैड,अंकल-आंटी आप लोग बहुत मॉडर्न है न कॉस्ट में बिलीव नहीं करते तो फिर इस मामले में मॉडर्न क्यों नहीं है? इसका जवाब मैंने खाब फ़िल्म में देखा था उसमें एक टीचर बताता है कि आखिर क्यों अंतरजातीय विवाह नहीं करना चाहिए? इसका जवाब है कि नस्लें खराब हो जाती हैं और इसी नस्ल खराब होने का नतीजा ये gay और lesbian है। और लानत है ऐसे लोगों पर जो इसको बढ़ावा देने के लिए ये वीडियो बना दिये।

  17. Next video will be dog fucking cats . And everyone should be okay with it 😂😂😝😝 and yeah let the comments begins mofos

  18. Afsos hi kr skte hyn so-called modrenized civilization ko . Supreme coart me b homosexual judges honge jbi yh law bna dia …
    From pakistan

  19. Kis duniya mein hain ye video banane wale…!!!? Bhai sahab, behen ji, itne bhi modern nahi huye hain humare maa baap chahe wo delhi ke ho ya bombay ke…. bhaiya kuch real banao jisse connect hua ja sake… ya aise hi, aasmani mahal… matlab kuch bhi…. yaar focus should be on the majority not on the minority in anything. Majority india me abhi bhi itni upfront aur khule dimaag ki nabi hai… gadhhon…

  20. In the name of modern world everything bullshit, nonsense, vulgar & stupidity is being made to look cool , okay .
    Kaliyug he bhai!!!!!!!

  21. Lesbians are lovely
    Gays are gorgeous
    Bisexuals are beautiful
    Transgenders are terrific people
    Pansexuals , Asexuals , intersexuals are amazing

    Straight people are great

    Love is love. It does not discriminate. So why should we? 🙂

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