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49 thoughts on “Generic Girl action comedy series – E1 Exposition!

  1. Hey Andrews! Great to hear from you and thanks very much. The adventure and mayhem will only become more frenetic as the series continues.

  2. Thanks, Andrews! Coming from you it is truly a compliment since we admire your work and look forward to seeing "Shadow Lurkers" on the big screen.

  3. Retro colors come from the retro paint store and retro clothes come from the retro clothing store. (Goodwill, Salvation Army & my grandpa's closet)

  4. It seems that she's heard Pete's whole schtick before. Wouldn't you get tired of sharing a flat with an aspiring superhero? Nevermind asking him to take out the garbage.

  5. Molto grazie, Bella! We thought, 'What if we were all 10 years old and brought a comic book to life?' Voila: absurdity.

  6. Interacting with our audience is what we live for! We're nothing without our viewers. When a viewer tells their friends about us, we become so excitedly giddy, we nearly explode in a cloud of rainbow confetti.

  7. What up Drew! Thanks mucho for sharing your work with us too– great innovative work on your Harvey Dent/Two Face film. It's all about cross-promoting online to reach new audiences, so we're always down to check out other filmmakers. This is how we take charge of our corner of YouTubezilla. Be sure to download the new YT Creator Playbook to optimize your titles, descriptions, and tags – just came out 11/28/12!

  8. Thanks! We'll tell our composer Daniel James Chan (Dan to us) that you dig the live score. It was awesome going into the recording studio and hearing a band of musicians playing the theme that I hadn't even heard yet! And hearing Gillian's theme with the lyrical clarinet solo made me well up with near-tears at how much soulful energy the musicians were pouring into our little show. The vision became a reality thanks to Dan! He deserves mad music props.

  9. Thanks Jason- you can tell the evil Doctor M has been studying the ways of superheroes in some attempt to outwit them. Obviously he hasn't figured out how. The old school Max Fleischer cartoons are also public domain, so we used them without having to worry about seeking cartoon licensing rights (which could have cost more than our entire series budget!!)

  10. Hey Team GG — Congrats on the International Academy of Web Television Award Nomination for Best Comedy Directing! As big fans, we made a short playlist of the 2013 Noms. Please help us pass it around!

  11. Great camera work. I really enjoyed this. Officially subscribed.

    Check out the first episode of Creative Differences Monday January 28 with new episodes airing every Monday!

  12. Gracias folks from CDS, we'll gladly convey your compliment to our director of photography Jack Alexander, who's available for more gigs, hint, nudge. 😉 We look forward to watching your show and welcoming you into the series community. Break a leg!

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  14. Gracias new friends at InvoluntarilySingle (hmm, sounds like the life of one of our co-creators… the one who isn't married.) We'll definitely add you to our watchlist—webseries creators must unite! How did you find us by the way? 😉

  15. Huzzah! Many thanks to you, good sir Devin Peacock! We salute your truth in advertising with your fine feathered logo. :p We must assemble our comic comedy forces with the mighty SuperKnockedUp team for some cross-promotion adventure. We are game if you are! –Victor

  16. Gillian would certainly agree with RETCON although she might be dubious about its ability to achieve world domination. Unless Retcon demonstrated otherwise… we'll have to see what unfolds in season two…

  17. DUDE, where's our chutzpah?! Oh, there you are, thank goodness– what would we do without you?
    So uh, yeah girl, let's have ourselves a comedy love fest.

  18. No way, you love wine in a box with donuts too? We are so going to roll deep at Randy's off the 405 in LaLaLand.
    New wino donut bffs.

  19. Hark good sir Hembury! We co-creators, Victor & Steven, harkened back to Jack Kirby and his silver age comics, comic creator John Byrne with his tongue-in-cheek humor, the original Adam West Batman, TV shows from the 60s and 70s, and cartoons we grew up with. We wanted to create a fun and ridiculous send-up of the tropes in comics & TV that we could use as a calling card as writer-producers. Not all superhero tales need be dark and stormy.

  20. yeah totally agree , it's always nice to see another angle especially a comical one as like you said i think the dark and stormy route has been over covered lol so well done it's a good idea and a great format to put it in!

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