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Get Cinema 4D R21 for Free – Win Cracked

All right today we will be getting Maxon’s Cinema 4D release 21 perpetual for free. If you’re on a Mac
go to the time shown here for installation instructions on a Mac. Let’s get started! If you’re on Windows download these two
files. I will post any updates or any changes in this box. Once you have them
downloaded go ahead and extract both of them.
Open the installer folder. Make sure that this file is here otherwise you might
have an unsafe download. Run the installer. Click Next. Next again. And finally next
again. Cinema 4D has begun installing, this may take a couple of minutes
depending on your computer speed. Ok once it’s done installing, DO NOT RUN CINEMA 4D. You can minimize this for now open the patch folder. Again make sure this
file is here. Then copy this file to default location by holding the control
key and releasing over default location. Click replace file and
then click continue. If you have issues with this or need to do it manually for
some reason here is the location. Ok now we can go back to the Installer and
launch Cinema 4D. Now we see this message that says that they’re sending data back.
We do not want this so we will close the window and just to make sure go to edit>preferences>communication and make sure that this is off. While I was doing that
this update window opened. To open it manually go to help then check for
updates. BEFORE INSTALLING ANY UPDATES check back at the download page and make
sure that there’s information about the updates. Right now it says updates have
not been tested yet. Once there are some updates I will change this information
here. Then depending on the changes that Maxon has made you may need to do
nothing. Maybe you need to re-apply the patch file. Or maybe you’ll need to
download a new patch file for the version. If you need to download a new
patch file I will label the patch files by the version. If we go back here right now there are no updates available but there are several expansion packs. To show the
update process I will install the smallest one. It’s pretty straightforward
select what you want to select click continue. Do this if you don’t have
anything open or not working on anything. Continue and then follow any other
instruction that shows up. There will most likely be an admin screen that you will have to click yes to. Alright thanks for watching
please let me know what software I should do next in the comments. Ok this
section of the video is instructions for Mac users
please note please note that at the time of making this video there is no patch
for Mac. I used to dummy file to show that what the installation process would
look like. I will upload the actual patch file as soon as it is available. Another
note is that the lag you see is because I am running a virtual Mac. Ok let’s dive in. Once you’ve downloaded the Mac installer and Mac patch, open their location. First
open the Mac installation folder. Make sure that this file is here
otherwise you might have unsafe download. Open the Installer. Double click to run the installer.
Click open. T ype in your password Click next. Next again. And next one last time.
Once it’s done installing DON’T RUN CINEMA 4D. Open the Applications folder. Open the Maxon cinema 4d folder. Open corelibs.
Open the patch folder. Again check for the free programs file. Copy this file.
Paste it to the corelibs folder. Click replace. Type in your password. You can
now launch Cinema 4D. Everything else including updates is the same as the
Windows part of this video. Here’s the timestamp to that section. Alright thanks
for watching. Please let me know what software I should do next in the

10 thoughts on “Get Cinema 4D R21 for Free – Win Cracked

  1. Hey bro thanks. I have a question. I did install de try. what I do? uninstall de try or i can use the patch with the try? Thanks again

  2. Thanks for sharing! Works fine.
    I get a little pop-up window every time I open a new material saying "the external renderer is calculating an image. Do you want to stop it?"
    Any solution

  3. this is a fake don't down load steals your login details and sends spam mail….. windows installer doesn't work and the Indian guy who runs the sight is just after ur computer information.

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