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Get Rid of Weeds in Sidewalk and Driveway Cracks

getting rid of in controlling weeds in sidewalk and driveway joints can be a tough battle especially if you don't want to use roundup over many years time the expansion joints between these concrete driveway slabs has filled up with dirt originally there was an asphalt sheet between the slabs as the sheet deteriorated the dirt took up the space the control joints in the sidewalk cracks open and also allowed dirt to accumulate making a great habitat for weeds I tried weed whacking the weeds down and in spraying different variations of vinegar solutions on the roots it didn't take long before the weeds were back and the crabgrass just laughed at this treatment my solution initially requires a fair amount of work but it will cut down on future work on the driveway expansion joints I saturated them with water and then dug out the weeds you can skip this step if it's spring and the weeds have not yet appeared then I pushed out the remaining dirt from the cracks and hopefully any weed seeds I had some shingles left from an old roofing job I cut the shingles in strips and slid them into the joint you [Applause] i sealed over the joint with roofing cement roofing cement doesn't tend to set up very quickly so he sprinkled some sand on top of it to prevent the asphalt from getting trapped around if the joint isn't recessed then roofing cement isn't a good choice later in the video I'll use another product for joints that aren't recessed the roofing cement costs about two dollars for a 10 ounce cartridge my local roads department uses a variation of this to fill in all their cracks so I'm thinking it may be the most effective and economical choice I tried this blacktop filler on one of the driveway expansion joints I don't have great hope for its durability the fine print on the tube says that it's warrantied for one year after the date of purchase it does sit up quickly and it's not sticky a tube of the filler costs about four dollars over the years I've been filling this expansion joint up with a hundred percent silicone and it only holds up for about three or four years I also remove the weeds and clean the sidewalk control joints then to seal up these smaller sidewalk control joints that will have foot traffic contact I use this product it's about eight dollars for a tube to save on material costs I feel that any large boys with sand it sets up fairly quickly and it won't stick to the bottom of shoes they work needed to clean and seal the sidewalk cracks should make up for the work you don't have to do removing weeds I hope you found this video helpful a thumbs up is always appreciated click on the channel name know-how now to find other videos and thanks for watching

28 thoughts on “Get Rid of Weeds in Sidewalk and Driveway Cracks

  1. Unless the joint is filled level with the sidewalk, dirt will accumulate and weeds will appear. I would rather not have filler of any sort – I think it would look horrendous. I just have the cracks pressure washed every year or so to keep then cleaned out.

  2. If only I had a dollar for every foot of expansion joint and crack I've pressurewashed and filled I'd be a wealthy man Oh wait! I did! Why am I not wealthy? 😂

  3. If you don't do a extremely neat job the black tar..caulk..will make a major ugly mess….and what's wrong with mortar….anything but black tar……

  4. Buy a spray bottle that is made out of NON-transparent plastic… Fill it with gasoline…. Spray weeds when your nosy neighbors aren't looking…. problem solved. 😉

  5. You do very good work! But I'm lazy. I use Spectracide weed killer, the cheapest stuff I can find, and it works fine.

  6. I was wondering how much of this lasted since last year when this video was posted. Would be great if the person made a follow up on what looks best on all product she used.

  7. The easiest solution to this problem is gasoline. Simply drizzle a small stream of gas into all the driveway cracks. !00% effective and takes no time at all.

  8. Sika Flex products are excellent…and you show Sika Flex Pro Crack Flex Sealant. I used another version and the tube looks almost the same….called Sika Flex Pro Self-Leveling sealant ( product code 91065)…..seems to work very well.

  9. Way way too much messy work and product! Round up round up, kill the crap quickly cheaply, don’t breath it, use a mask. Or vegetation killer, you pour it on not spray.

  10. Thank you love the video this is what i was looking for long time now i can make 100 if this moldes and start a company, thanks very much

  11. Fill sorry for the close mind, and want everything serve in a plane hand with out do natting, very common this day's

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