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GHAR KI PAINTING | A Short Movie | Family Comedy | Aayu and Pihu Show

What are you doing? I am making a monthly budget looking at you mom’s last month expenses Listen your dad makes a face as soon as he hears my voice What did I say? Pihu dad made a face What is your problem with me? Did I even said a single word your mom has a problem with me As soon as she sees me her temperature gets high What happened tell me? First you will make a face Then you will say something to make me laugh and then start your drama, leave it We have to get the house painted So do it Pihu help mom We do not have to do painting in which Pihu will help me We have to paint the house What paint? Paint, wall paint Look at the state of the whole house You do not care about anything I have to look after all these things Oh Pihu we just got it painted Yes, when she was 5 years old You have gotten so big Yes, it is OK, we will get it done call the painter right now I know you will forget you never take me seriously You first talk seriously You do not laugh Look at everyone else’s house They paint their house every year All of my friends, paint every year and look at our house, it has been years People who use cement paint their houses every year This paint is also just like that – Low quality Our paint is very ice, very beautiful Do you think it is dirty Pihu See, you stop It is not dirty right? On this whole Aayu has stamped his presence he has made this whole wall dirty I do not have any problem living in this house If you have a problem You don’t I do have a problem So go to your mom’s house If I leave, your work will not be completed We will get it done, do not trouble me right now let me make a budget there are already so many expenses this month you always come with so many expenses Your mom and dad have named you wrong, Ruchi Your name should be expense You always want to spend money This is not something to laugh about Now I am getting angry My house is very nice It is not dirty I will not get it painted You won’t? No Come here I will show you What? You come here Oh God Come, show me So Did you see Mom and Dad have started again Will Mom get the house painted? Or will dad save his money Let us see Please like and share this video and show this video to your family members The whole wall is getting flaky Where? Look at this here Just a little, and it is hidden See the stool Put the stool here it is hidden now Look at this wall It is just a little You have an eraser Take a wet wash cloth and clean it You can not work you are telling me to get it painted come come, come say, look at it this wall It is fully cracked This will again crack if we get it painted No, come here Look here Look at it look we have kids in house it is dirty from here not on top it is only dirty here hands touch look at top look at the condition there is water seepage it happens during rainy season look at the kids room look at the state of kids room see it is so beautiful this move it here So we should curtains for whole house nice idea get curtains for whole house nice idea the walls will not be visible you do have some brain I will not get cheap curtains Remember that You want to prove that your name should be expense, not Ruchi So finally tell me will you get the house painted? If not, I will go to the painter and get the house painted because I can not depend on you I will go I will go today only right now only OK Will I get tea? What? Tea make it yourself brother I want my house painted Yes tell me Will we just get paint here we have paint and if you want I can arrange the painter also That is nice What will it cost? 40 Thousand for paint, 40 for painter at least that much OK, I will let you know 40 thousand for paint, and 40 more for labor at least that much Aayu Pihu where are you? Yes Dad, say Where did you come from? Magic OK listen 1 thing What? Yes, what happened? Why are you shouting? I called for Aayu Pihu Is your name Aayu Pihu? No I am their mother Did I call you? come here yes Do you like painting? yes very much you like it? yes What if we paint today? yes, it will be fun yes What are you teaching them? oh God Did I call the mom? Madame you go I am doing your work OK, we should paint What copy should I get? Not in the copy So in book no on chart paper no So? On the wall We have to paint the whole house It will be fun, yes But what color? Do one thing Bring your color box We will choose a color and then start painting OK, let us start First we will have to prepare This is our secret plan What preparation? Dad you should tell mom Tell me something you are not telling me anything We are doing what you asked for yes, we are doing what you asked So we are getting house painted yes Where is the paint? here and painter We three You are so smart yes, from childhood we are smart since childhood except mom From this much color these untrained painters they will paint the house untrained I got A grade in painting A and Aayu came first in painting completion Such big house and that too wall painting yes Do not get involved in your dad’s words He will get tiered and will get you tiered too Am I flying kite? that they are folding Aayu you will not be able to do it We can do it How many painters are there either 1 or 2 How many are we? 3 see he has more brain than you and mind that If you ruin or dirty my house then I will teach you all OK Till then will you sit quietly please please, finger on your lips yes If you ruin my house you fix it then, yes If I knew how to fix it wouldn’t I have done it earlier I would not have relied on you Do not sit, stand there are see yes, but do not disturb Go and stand there Yes come, mission you spoke in middle do not speak I am seeing your misery here Oh, Please finger on your lips. I told you not to speak What does this mean? Aayu Pihu control your father he has a problem in me speaking only Speaking is my only problem, yes Should we work? Should we start now? yes Good that you did not spoke again Mission painting start Aayu what brush did you get? so small It will take 2 years to paint the wall with this Dad first we will have to check yes right He has some brain we will first keep this First we will see, what color would suit here What all color do you have? Blue, we will try blue What color are you painting my house in Blue, no yellow, no black One wall black, one blue, one yellow and what color on your wall Our house will look so nice It will be so nice like a rainbow this is a house So many colored animals live here so paint it in all colours This is a house, not a zoo yes Please I beg you call the painter Do not do this See We have decide this so we will do it yes, we will do it This is not your decision This is called saving money, misery OK, we should prepare what preparation Listen to me With all your open ears, you three say Sofa, curtains, table and the floor if you drop anything on them then it will be bad and If it drops on mom yes, mom will protect herself OK, done I will stand here and see you will get tiered sit I will get a chair, do not worry If you were worried about me you would have called a painter I am worried about money, not you yes I know You are a big miser OK, start You broke the sofa I knew it I knew it already There is a hole in sofa Oh God You do one one thing, to ruin 4 It is fixed again, yes I do not know, I want a new sofa OK, fine I will buy you one do not trouble me I am going to sit here only Let me see, what you do to my house Oh God You broke my sofa Let us do our work First we will paint then get the sofa fixed No I want a new one OK, let us go buy a sofa leave the painting At least get the painting done why are you being such a miser oh god Tell her not to disturb me and let me work Get the paint what should we paint? First we will paint it black want to try black? yes Should we paint black? I am begging you Do not paint black It will never get dirty, no Yes it will never get dirty Does anyone paints black in their house? See, it will look really nice yes, it will look nice It is the color Pihu is wearing Start, take a lot of it Take a lot please do not do it I am begging you, please do not do it Dip it in properly nicely, now apply it No black will not look good take another color My, my color blue Such a dark blue Dark blue looks good Light blue does not, we do not want a sky I will paint blue We will paint sky blue on the ceiling Do it here, no here This black and blue has mixed to make black again Smart people Use different brushes for different colours You are using a single brush Painter, great We have such talented painters Mom do one thing That Give us that brush Give it to us help us a little Do not throw It will break, our brush will get spoiled catch very good hold this This red color looks so good yes It will be visible from far, yes here is the color red this is looking nice, yes But this is too small Do you like it mom? This is black this is blue and black, and this is red I do not like anything We should paint red We will do white White will be good First we will make a line with white yes, then we will decide This got spoiled again oh, do it on the next wall Laughing It looks very nice, very good There are brush strokes everywhere What is this make lines like this Yes, very good We have such a nice painter This is the 1st layer of paint We have to do at least 2 layers of paint There are all these brush strokes Do it, it looks nice We move our hand like this then like this like this, then this this, and then this White does not White does not looks good Not good? No not at all, very bad OK, then color change come on Do we want a light color, or dark? Dark Dark, yes very dark Light gets dirty Yes, so then dark Do you know? My friend’s husband got the painters from America and you you can not even get a local painter Who gets a painter from America Your friend is so stupid Look at this color not American, Indian color yes these are Indian walls, not American This is such a nice color great yes Yes we will do this one Now, tell me how is it? White color was not good yes this looks good but Who paints this color at home? yes, This pillar outside our house is this color we should not paint this colour inside I have one more color for inside, purple Yes we should do purple We will use this to color purple yes One time Aayu, one time Pihu yes, yes this is an offering sweets are getting distributed once Aayu then Pihu Let us work Why are you pestering in between We are doing good work You are just interrupting in between again again What happened to your voice? Interrupting come on Do not drop anything on the floor When painter paints then also floor gets dirty Yes I will not clean I know nothing is going to happen A little bit is dripping, do it fast Great bubbles This is like spray yes, spray paint This do it like this like this Now me, my turn What color looks good? Purple, red or white, or black or blue Do anything, just fix my house Fix, now it is spoiled If you do not fix it then you see this is dark, we should do this yes, right no purple, it looks better Should we mix both, yes no no it will be bad brush is also spoiled We should do this yes no, no let us this yellow color on the wall we should darken it a little yes, darken it Bright yellow, like Aayu’s tshirt yes, exactly yes, so yellow color is OK with you Here is our dark yellow color hold the bucket and take the brush my hand got dirty This will happen it is painting You have to dirty your hands a little I was telling you do not listen your father No Dad is right, it happens When you paint in school, then your hands do not get dirty Clean this a little, very good Let it come here oh great The color looks so good 1 2 This is right Now tell us, which one is nice Yes, mom say say, say tell us I dot like anything I want a painter only, you leave it What have you all done 1 hour has gone, What have you done in an hour Painter takes a whole day yes We did half a wall in 1 hour This is half a wall, what is this? From there to here, it is half wall Aayu yes Will you paint like this all day What are you thinking? This is painting, not a kids game OK, I will do the rest You sit there and see me work Right – OK I will finish 1 room at least today You will see Where is Aayu He was tiered, he slept Slept already yes I am tiered too Tiered? yes Yes I am tiered too Let us rest for a bit these hands let us wash hands Our clothes are also dirty a little bit Let us take a little break Not a break, I do not want to do this We will do it tomorrow You are going to sleep OK fine, even I am tiered What happened?? nothing I want the whole room to be in a single color before morning What have you done? So complete it during night kids are tiered, and they have slept I think I am getting an infection due to paint So I will get a painter tomorrow yes What did the miser father learned? Yes I will call him work should be done by trained professional and if other people do it, it gets ruined Now call the American one only I am going to America Listen, at least clean up your mess They just know how to increase my work load

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