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Ghostbusters (2/8) Movie CLIP – He Slimed Me (1984) HD

Venkman? Venkman?! Disgusting blob. I’m gonna have to hold him myself. Come in, Ray Venkman! I saw it, I saw it, I saw it! It’s right here, Ray. It’s looking at me. [Ray on walkie-talkie] He’s an ugly little spud, isn’t he? I think he can hear you Ray. Don’t move. It wont hurt you. [Screaming] Venkman?! Venkman?! Pete?! Venkman! What happened? Are you okay? He slimed me. That’s great! Actual physical contact! Can you move? [Egon on walkie-talkie] Ray? Ray? Come In please [Venkman] I feel so funky [Ray] Spengler! I’m with Venkman. He got slimed! [Egon] That’s great, Ray! Save some for me!

100 thoughts on “Ghostbusters (2/8) Movie CLIP – He Slimed Me (1984) HD

  1. I have a beautiful coloured female support worker with long dark hair called Sonia and I think it would be great if slimer gooped her in ectoplasm making her stink and feel gross.

  2. My babygirl loves her ghostbusters. She watched them over over and over again 😂 until I put them up for awhile. My favorite too and dear memories that I will always hold on to.

  3. "Venkman, what happened?"


    Yes Dan, indeed you've done it, that is the question of the hour!

  4. They’re playing it serious. Not joking every two seconds. not dancing. They’re playing at as if something serious and scary is happening.

  5. Ray how could you you used to be a funny guy in the cartoon seirys but your real life is smokeing im so ashamed of you!

    Sorry for the bad spelling

  6. First of all, I fear ghosts.
    Second of all, if just one ghost phases right through my door, I'd call the Ghostbusters.
    Or should I say that I'd call the Dino busters!


    i prefer contact-less

    I say that every time I see this movie now after the Halifax XD

  8. Dan Aykroyd was so funny and believable as the bumbling goofball in this movie. He’s just plain adorable as this character.

  9. This movie is STILL so goddamn funny to this very day… ive seen it so much i can practically see the movie with my eyes closed… and it STILL never fails to make me laugh or smile

  10. I think it would be great if my coloured female support worker Sonia bassi was confronted by slimer
    who came flying straight at her and covered her in gross gooey thick ecto plasm.

  11. Love how Spengler isn’t interested in the fact of actual physical contact … just interested in collecting slime.. just like his hobby 🤣

  12. The thing that makes me laugh is venkmN has a proton pack but instead a chooses to scream and hold hands in front of his face

  13. The scariest thing about this scene isn’t slimer. It’s not even Peter’s screaming. It’s the fact that…. RAY IS SMOKING! WHY????

  14. There is something sinister and unnerving about the original. It feels like a horror with some humour. Whereas the new one is just completely unscary and Childish.

  15. I really hope in the Ghostbusters maze we get to first see Slimer in the hallway and then scaring us in the next room while getting sprayed with water/slime 👻

  16. According to many sources, on the set, Dan Akroyd referred to Slimer as “the ghost of John Belushi”.

  17. In hindsight, Pete had best be thankful that Slimer's slime was neutral unlike the negatively charged pink slime Vigo was using.

  18. I think it would be funny if slimer flow at my pretty haired support worker Hayley borowiec and
    Instantly covered her in slime leaving her covered in gooey ectoplasm making her feel gross and messy.

  19. He Slimed me, THATS GREAT! Still makes me laugh to this day Oh Ghostbusters How iv missed you, Im so glad your coming back after a 30 years.hiatus

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