Laughter is the Best Medicine

100 thoughts on “(G)I-DLE on crack #2! Yuqi stans please collect your child

  1. Expectations :- The girls on stage and in mv being total badass.

    Reality :- babababababananana bababababananaa.

    I love them so much ☁💕

  2. They even don't know their own choreography? What is happening with kpop girl groups? I miss old ones, they did the best like 2ne1, 4minute or Sistar

  3. Lol wtf was the last clip? is the dude okay and the person recording "he dead"? Lmfao 😂😂 i feel bad that i laughed 😂😅

  4. I like Soojin but I have one Question why she is so silent ????….i really like her specially her Attitude On Stage 💓

  5. guys I'd just like to say that yuqi made me gay and im proud I was able to come out to my friends tysm yuqi for giving my my big gay tendencies

  6. Be careful it’s the normal ones that surprises u. Soojin is lowkey a crackhead with them.

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