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Gilbert Gottfried Revisits His 9/11 Joke and Other Controversial Bits

-I want to ask about this.
Doing this documentary, you had to talk about yourself
a lot on film. -Yeah. I hated that.
-But then you had to watch it. -That was horrible. -The watching or the talking?
-Yeah. Every part of it. I — This filmmaker, Neil Berkeley,
came up to me. And he said, “I´ve always wanted to do a
Gilbert Gottfried documentary.” And I said, “Well, you should set your dreams
a lot higher than that.” -But then he made
this wonderful film. You — One of the things
we found out — I want to mention
that clip real quick. You are a hoarder, it seems. -Yeah, yeah, I could be
on any one of those shows. -Uh-huh.
-It´s like — See, I think mainly
anything I can get for free. If someone came up and said, “I´ve got a carton of
sanitary napkins” or something, I´d go, “Okay, yeah.” You´d take that? -I´m sure I could find
a use for those. -Your children,
your wife are in the film? -Yes. -Do your children
think you are funny? -My son,
when he was in preschool, the teacher said,
“He´s always — He doesn´t pay attention. And he´s always trying
to crack jokes.” And I thought, “Yeah, I´m going
to really beat him for this. Yeah. I don´t know
where he gets this from.” And she said, “Where´d you
learn how to be funny?” And he said, “From my daddy.” And she said,
“Oh, your daddy´s funny?” He goes, “He´s funny at home,
not at work.” [ Laughter ] -He heckled you.
-Uh, yes. -He heckled you to a teacher.
-Yeah. And I have to respect anyone who doesn´t admire me
as a performer. -[ Laughs ] You talk about a couple
of incidents where you have gotten in trouble
for jokes that you did. One of them, I believe — -Luckily,
it stayed out of the press. -Yeah. You have had — -And it stayed off the Internet. -One was you told a 9/11 joke
right after — right after 9/11
at a Hugh Hefner roast. -Yeah. It was — It was like a couple of days
after September 11th. People are booing and hissing. One guy yelled out, “Too soon.” Which I thought meant I didn´t
take a long enough pause between the setup
and the punch line. And then I figure why not go to the
bottom level of hell? And I go in,
I tell the Aristocrats joke. -Now, this is funny. Because we´re talking
about one documentary, but the telling
of The Aristocrats joke led to a different documentary
about the history of the joke. Yeah, it´s called
“The Aristocrats,” oddly enough. -And that was —
That´s sort of a filthy joke. And it sort of won —
You won the room back. -It showed, like,
in situations like that, people need to laugh. They really want to laugh. In the documentary, there´s a part
where I´m doing a benefit at St. Jude´s Hospital, which is by no stretch
a funny place. -Of course not. -It´s, like,
a children´s hospital. And I went up — I thought, for sure, this would
destroy what I had of a career. And people were — It did great. ´Cause people
desperately want to laugh. -And breaking tension is sort of the root
of what it is that you do. I want to ask, because the Emmys
were just last night, Two nights ago, I should say. You hosted the ´91 Emmys.
-Yes. -And they had to put you
on a delay, yes? -Yeah. I think —
I think I´m the reason — I think, before that, they didn´t have a delay
with the Emmys. And I´m pretty sure
afterwards — Because it was the year
that Pee-wee Herman — he was in a porn theater doing
what people do in porn theaters. -Yeah.
-He was playing with pee-wee. And — And, so, I went on stage. And I said,
“I really sleep better at night knowing Pee-wee Herman´s
been arrested. If masturbation´s a crime, I should be on death row.” [ Laughter ] And how did they know
he was masturbating? Did they dust for prints? [ Laughter ] And, you know, and right now — And to think that by age 12,
I was already Al Capone. [ Laughter ] Like, you could put a charcoal
in my right hand, and I´ll crush it
into a diamond. And I was never invited back
to the Emmys. -Yeah. There you go.
Their loss. I promise you, it´s their loss. We could have used it
a couple nights ago. We all would have been
very happy with that. Thank you so much
for being here. -Thank you.
-Congrats on the documentary. Always a pleasure.

100 thoughts on “Gilbert Gottfried Revisits His 9/11 Joke and Other Controversial Bits

  1. The joke was “I have to leave early tonight, I have a flight to California. I can’t get a direct flight, they said I have to stop at the Empire State Building first.”

  2. Can someone please tell me the name of the documentary they are talking about? Plus I remember a while ago I heard Gilbert Godfrey talking in his normal voice and not in character and he sounds so different in real life! LOL

  3. So if the Emmies is the award for political correct comedians, which one is for those who are incorrect but still hillarious?

  4. Well.. if you told me 15 years ago that Gilbert's career would end as a special episode of Hoarders.. I dunno that I'd have a counter argument.

  5. whoa whoa whoa, Gilbert Gottfried's a hoarder?

    Also, I love how his "crushing charcoal to diamond" joke doesn't veer off chemistry.

  6. I take it, by the comments, that some of you were born in the mid to later 90s. Gilbert Gottfried has been around for nearly 40 years.

  7. I owe the scar near my left eyebrow to Gilbert!
    The good ole days when we worked the art file room at LKP International in Manhattan, NY …..Gilbert left the top file draw open, I was putting something back in the bottom draw, next thing I know, I'm gushing blood ….Boy, how Gilbert used to make me laugh😉

  8. His take on the Aristocrats joke was by far the best. Had I suffered a great deal and heard this joke I am sure I would have fell off my seat laughing. Comedy is a funny thing…

  9. That bit about him being a 12 year old Al Capone if masturbation was illegal had me in stitches. Dusting his right hand for prints and crushing the dust into a diamond lmfao

  10. Sitting with a group of fellow Staten Islanders at the waterfront, gazing at smoke pouring out of a blacked out Manhattan skyline, feeling numb at the surreality of what we were seeing, an elderly Jewish woman in the crowd says, "Well, at least the people who didn't pay their rent got lucky." We let out a collective groan, to which she replied, "We could all use a good laugh right now." She is one of my fondest memories of 9/11. Gilbert Gottfried is right. People need to laugh in those situations.

  11. Scumbag Stern banned him from the show…Gilbert is too funny to care about every little thing he says, so PC Stern just (or should i say Marci) has just forgot about him even though he was one of the best guests after the show

  12. For those wondering, here is the 9/11 joke: Sorry folks I can't stay, I got a flight back to LA. I couldn't get a direct flight though, we have to stop off at the Empire State Building.

  13. Gilbert Gottfried has kids? Can you imagine this cartoon character of a human being fucking someone? That's a hilarious mental image

  14. When I think documentary, I think Gilbert. When I thought about it more, when I think documentary, I think Seth Meyers.

  15. i've got some good jokes about 9/11

    Why were the people in the Twin Towers unhappy
    They ordered pepperoni and got plane

    The people in the Twin Towers were great readers
    They read 900 stories in 7 seconds

    after reading those you need to watch this whole video

  16. They should just say "to hell with it". In these politically correct times we can't win no matter what. So let's burn the Emmys to the ground and hire Gilbert Gottfried to host.
    We're going to either offend sjw's or disappoint normal people if play it safe so what do we have to lose!

  17. I'm getting an ad on the right for a movie called "The Aristocrats". Given the nature of the joke, I don't know if I want to publicly admit that I'm interested in watching that several times over in one day.

  18. I saw the Aristocrats documentary years ago, and I am still utterly confused.
    I am perplexed even.

    What did that crazy story have to do with Walt Disney’s cartoon classic from the 1970s?

    Har Har.

  19. With that voice. Believe or not, Gilbert does voice impressions of Seinfeld, John Lennon, George Harrison to name a few.

  20. Gilbert really irritated me when he hosted UP! All Nite on the USA channel. Silly me. He's awesome. Go look up his Aristocrats joke. It's here somewhere.

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