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9 thoughts on “Girl cracks skull in freak accident

  1. Poor thing. That sounds like something a child should be able to get up from, tearful but ok. I hope it was just a freak accident of something hitting in exactly the way that would injure, and not something indicative of a bone disorder.

  2. My heart goes to you mom and dad. In dec 2018 my son too had a freak accident and cracked the front of his skull. he was lifeflighted to san antonio, and was in an induced coma for a week, and was intebated with a feeding tube. I was told he was going to die during surgery. Somehow thanks to God he survived and is doing great. He came home after 2 weeks of living at the hospital, with a neck brace. He was 2 vertabrae away from being paralyzed. I was thankful he knew how to sign spell letters. that was the only way to talk to him, because his hands had to be tied down. It was the hardest thing i have ever gone through. Your story made me cry all over again, because i can truly say i know what you are feeling. I am so glad she will recover. such great news. My son had a cut across his head like a headband and had to have partial skull removed to be put back together with plates, and then reattached to his head. the scar is still there but is covered with hair. we will never forget, and the pain in my head is still there from the memory, but we are so greatful that we still have him. cherish every moment with her. take care.

  3. Poor baby!! If there’s one thing I know it’s that kids bounce back really fast! I know the terror of dealing with your child and brain surgery very well so I hope she recovers quickly and has no lasting complications. Also makes me very thankful my youngest son has a hard head. I hope the parents have support and try to get some rest while dealing with this. The stress will make you sick so hopefully they have a network of people to help out.

  4. This poor baby. My heart truly goes out to her. Lost my grandmother to a fall causing a skull fracture. I wish this baby girl a full and speedy recovery.

  5. Is all God miracles.. we praying for a fast recovery and healing. For God to provide all their medical bills. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to see Gods Glory Grace Hope Faithfulness and that her parents thank you ..

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