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girl meets world; humor

[Music] hi what’s your name Lucas and these are my how would you like to be called a girlfriend and how would you like no girlfriend equally as much hi my name is a I’m completely available girlfriend isn’t it’s complicated you know what’s not complicated they available boyfriend often right now why isn’t a girlfriend eventually you’re not saying no you have to say something someday someday let go someday I got you this uh yeah Adobe there you are mr. Matthews yes my mother sent alone I’m never coming here again Nick I am excited bear for taking innocent lecture on never gathered here other Mike even though I must finally admit I’m beginning to think you are my intellectual superior I used to think so but now I regarded some people oh good then you’re not as smart as I first got it not Irish what hey don’t post hate help fire fire it doesn’t so yes Oh Clive Oh yep we could you take my bow hey Sherlock is there anything else jumping out at you how do you always had that lady know brand new it sparkles all righty just do not say who you have never sweetie I know how much they lose to you tell us never I won’t even tell you if it’s a him or her thank you Mike [Music] sorry cycle look listen to your heart your heart is what’s going to tell you what to do and then go and find your favorite five Mike’s under the ocean [Music] don’t take my box

35 thoughts on “girl meets world; humor

  1. 0:57 así como cuando un chico crees que eres hetero y te quiere proponer matrimonio pero tu tienes tu novia para protegerte.

  2. Exijo mas videos asi,son muy buenos,pero la proxima pon mas rilaya ahr,y viste el video de Thumbs de Sab,fue hermoso <3

  3. Omg there is a boy in my form who looks like josh but he called Adrian I swear they look exactly da same

  4. When maya throws the potato
    Lucas: annoyed
    When maya throws the soap
    Lucas: angry
    When maya throws the bagpipes
    Lucas: I hate myself

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