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Giving Up Dress Shoes - Laughing with Mary

Vicky in Provo writes, "My physical therapists
want me to stop wearing dress shoes. They say it's a fall hazard and told me I
should begin wearing tennis shoes. I can't imagine giving up my beautiful shoes
to slog around in ugly, old gym shoes everyday and what do I do when I need to dress up? I know I can't ignore their advice, so how
can I make this transition?" Oh, Vicky. Do I ever understand about this. The last time I wore a really nice pair of
heels, I fell off them on the dance floor. I didn't hurt myself, but I severely bruised
an innocent bystander who took the brunt of the fall. At our age, the last thing people look at
are our shoes. They are more concerned with whether or not
we have a pulse, a heartbeat, some idea where we parked the car. By the time they get to our shoes, we are
long gone. I now wear seasonal tennis shoes. I have an Easter pair, a Christmas pair, a
Fourth of July pair, a black Friday pair and a stunning sequined pair for formal occasions. I no longer totter through department stores
and airports and I can get on an escalator without having to pause a few minutes to work
up my courage and then having to cling to the handrails as if my life depended upon
it, which by the way, it did. So get a crate of tennis shoes at a discount
store and start decorating. The world will be a safer place for you and
those around you.

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