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Every year some people move to Gothenburg, where it is easy to fit in. But an introduction can be nice, so that is why we have created the Gothenburg course. Hello or! Welcome to the Gothenburg course! So damn pumped to see where you’re coming from! You can start! Stockholm. Fuck off! Fucking cheeky, think they are something. We listen to your needs to continuously evolve. I am a sober alcoholic, so I’m wondering if there are some AA (anonymous alcoholics) meetings? Ah I actually don’t know, they are so damn DRUNK on secrets. Nah, I think that it is worth a TOAST that you’re going. But it may not be a WINE-WINE situation! We shatter some old stereotypes! Everyone is not called Glenn in Gothenburg. Not me, for example! What’re your name, then? Jocke. Glennson. You also get to learn some Gothenburgish. Yes, you want translation on the following: “Hi” “How’s it going?” “How fun to see you it has been long!” And that is in Gothenburgish: “Hello or (what)!?” How do you translate “What are you doing?” Ah that would be a whole lot different. That would be “Hello or or!?” The course also includes a nice tour. Brackish water: Entirely damn useless. It’s called the Best Coast for a reason, right? Hey, what’re you doing? When you see stuff like that you have to intervene. Hello, you can’t fucking do that! You’re fucking up your backs! I’ll have to help here! I’ve got it, I’ve got it. Take care now then, fellas! Eh, wasn’t that a break-in? No for fucks sake, they were just some rad fellas! Like those guys we helped down to Syria last week! They were selling ice, it seems! We are now on the avenue, that shows that Gothenburg is a real city. Because it is always filled with people! Except for Saturday afternoons… Sundays… Workday evenings… Saturdays before paycheck… When there’s nothing going on at Ullevi… When there IS something going on at Ullevi… When it’s raining outside… Some summer weeks… And we give you important information about local transportation. This is the tram. And it is the absolutely quickest way of going somewhere. If you don’t walk instead, of course. The tour ends on our beautiful island Hisingen. And now we are in Hisingen. There is much to see here but you’ll have to dodge a little, you’ll have to look quickly! Like so. Over there lies an Hjalmar Brantning for example So sign up to the Gothenburg course today. Like and subscribe!

100 thoughts on “Göteborgskursen

  1. Den här videon är ju roligast i världe😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😆😆😆

  2. hahah förlåt mannen jag e från orten trots att jag e Gbg fast Malmö rosengård i bakgrunden nöjd orten Habibi gitt

  3. Å herre gud snubben som leder kursen låter precis som min no lärare och här är från norrland

  4. Helt seriöst så var det inte ett roligt skämt när Göteborgaren utvisade Stockholmaren. Det var diskriminerande, vi har dessutom inte gjort något mot er

  5. Klockrent! Ni har verkligen lyckats att fånga sillstryparmentaliteten som styr i det lilla fiskeläget på Sveriges baksida! 😀

  6. Som en äkta Göteborgare kan jag säga att allt detta stämmer som in i helvete hahahahaha, skulle du ba tatt bort den där grön svarta skiten på din mössa hade det vart en fullpott.

  7. So what you're telling me is don't bother visiting Göteborg because it sucks it the exact same ways that Toronto does? Gotcha. 👍😄🇨🇦

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