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Godha Movie Comedy Scenes | Vol 2 | Tovino Thomas | Wamiqa | Aju Varghese | Renji Panicker

You told us that you got
beaten up by Punjabis. But you didn’t say why
you got beaten up. It is it some girl trouble? That’s sure!
How are the poundings in Punjab? Baletta, don’t annoy me! I will annoy you! And ya, don’t worry that what
you got there was less. Vijayettan is going to stop your
dad’s wrestling tournament. Rest you can get from here. Vijayetta! You say the rest.
What is it? Vijayetta, let them host it. It’s not like earlier; dad and gang are really
serious about this. What is this change-over? Have you left ‘Youthism’ to
join the wrestlers’ club? I’m doing all this;
not just for myself; but for all the young
men in this town! I know! You want to get votes from the youth
by bringing a stadium to Manayath field. Are you saying that I’m playing
a game of politics? No. Let them do wrestling or whatever
the hell they want over there. I’m just saying that
we shouldn’t stop it. – It will turn worse!
– Let it! It should! If you’re scared, you don’t
have to be a part of this! Go back to your Akhara!
You were there earlier, right? I am here to decide the major things.
Got it? Vijayetta, don’t.. Vijayetta, calm down. He was just giving a suggestion. How can he say whatever comes
to his mind, as a suggestion? Saying what comes to my mind
is called a suggestion, right? Das, sit down! You shut up! We know how to solve
the problem between ourselves! Now you’re behaving
like your dad! Should I behave like someone
else’s dad instead of mine? You don’t behave like your dad,
interfering in unwanted things! Hey! The power is back! Play the match! Vijayetta, What is it, Das? Do whatever you want to do!
I’ll come. Okay? That’s enough! Sixer! Who is batting? Kohli? Did he hit
a century again? – 3.5, right?
– Yes. 3.5 Hey Pokkar. Let’s build the arena at
a height like always. – Done!
– That’ll be useful for the audience. Captain, This won’t happen. A judgement has been passed for the
case that Vijayan filed in the court. Case? Yes. That Manayath field
belongs to him as well; and if any programme has to happen
here, his permission is needed. He filed a petition
secretly in the court. Bloody hell! The judgement is out. That too, in his favour. Get all the stumps! Are you watching the match? Dude, Sachin is playing! You can watch it later. Uncle
will be here any moment. Grab all the stuff that you can! – Get the gloves!
– We can buy cups for money later. Don’t waste time. Start! “With fire in his eyes and
words as sharp as daggers” “Would he budge even in
front of a thunderous army?” “Not a soul would dare to
question or oppose him” “Everyone who challenged him,
bowed down to him later” – Break it!
– What nonsense are you doing? Instead of packing everything &
leaving before that monster comes, you’re watching TV instead? – I’ll teach you a lesson..
– Help us out! Everyone asked me not to come
up here, from downstairs. I am a little too curious! Please forgive me. “If he has a desire in his heart,
he will do anything to achieve it” “If you try to stop him,
he will get back to you promptly” “Those who tremble in fear,
even if he snaps his fingers” – Shall I break this photo?
– No! “Are awaiting their punishment,
forgetting all their rage” You escaped! You can go this way. Careful! There might be
glass pieces on the floor. Good that he left early. Otherwise he
would’ve made us break these walls too! Vijayetta, don’t do this. Didn’t you see his reaction
when you filed the case? He destroyed our club! Now if you do this,
he will go wild! We won’t be able to
live in this town! Go to the field and set things up.
We’ll be right there! Hey! Mejo! – Where are the boys?
– They will reach now. Call the boys from Desom too. Call Red Stars Onathumukku too. – Don’t leave any club!
– Okay. All the boys should play Cricket
on Manayath field from today! – Marathon Cricket!
– Is this a war or what? Consider it as a war! – Give me my weapon, Jabbar!
– Who is it? “Every land he has set foot
on, has always bowed to him” “Even a raging bull was
vanquished by him” We shall play here in this mud.
What say? Play with marbles instead
of cricket here? We should have brought two
sacks of seeds instead! Why don’t we move against
this politically? MLA of Kuttippuzha is
your friend, right? Shall we try calling him? We don’t have to call him
for such silly matters. This is a matter I can deal locally. Ask Ramani to give me
one more lime juice. We can’t let this go on. We have to react. Stop blabbering and go back home! Whose team are you on now? I think there was something
worse which could’ve happened. – What’s more worse than this?
– See! It’s true! Paandi, tell me! I’ve been trying Adithi’s
number for many days. Dude, the chariot is coming.
Move! I’m not able to get through. It’s switched off! What is it? Wedding? When? Dude, one minute.
I’m getting another call. Bro, lower the volume of that song.
How many times should I ask you? She is asking me to
take her to my house! Shall I bring her to
your house, Balettan? I get 6 meals per day from
home, along with fish; I also get money, even
without asking them! Don’t get it stopped, please! Then where will I take her? My house is free, by the way! Shut up & ride your auto!
Okay? I said that here.
Over here. I’m still in doubt. There’s something going
on between you two! No, Balettan! I swear!
She’s just a good friend of mine! But how did she correctly come
to you, all the way from Punjab? Didn’t I tell you, Balettan? There was a problem
in her house. Her brother fixed her wedding. So, she escaped from there. No one would come looking for
her if she’s here, right? If there’s rice in the attic, the rat
would even come all the way from Punjab! That reminds me, shall we hide her in the attic? For the time being, hide her in
your house without anyone noticing. One hour before uncle & aunt have set
their alarm to wake up tomorrow, I’ll be there! And then, we can think at leisure. Okay? Mummy! Stop here! Come! How much? 150. Here you go. Put your phone in silent mode. Oops! Go! Go! Go! Is that the ‘Akhara’? – What?
– Yes. Akhara! – Okay!
– Come! Where were you? Friend!
She’s my friend! Wow! Chips! Give it! My dear, why didn’t you inquire about
him before coming from Punjab? You could’ve saved your
travel fare at least! Get up!
Come & do pushups! Please don’t come out
until I call you. Okay? – Okay. But I’m really hungry!
– Bhookh (Hunger)? What book? Not book. ‘Bhookh’!
Hunger! Why are you hungry at midnight? My chips! Hey! – Just one. Please!
– No! Come with me! Come! Come, I say! I don’t want her oily chips! Hey Das! If this girl your
friend, or girlfriend? Whatever I have to say, I’ll
explain in detail tomorrow. Right now,
no one should know about this. They won’t. And wake me up before dad &
mom wakes up tomorrow morning. Consider that done! – Don’t forget!
– I won’t forget! Okay! So, good night! Actually, I don’t mind oily chips. Hello! Not that side.
Go this side. Sorry! Okay! Go! Das! Das! Das! Das! Das! Das! Das! Don’t hit me! I’ve been
calling you for a long time. Captain & teacher have woken up. Whatever you want to
say, tell them directly! – Where is Adithi?
– She is hogging nicely! – At the dining table!
– Dining table? Can’t you leave after some time? Ya right! I have to complete the syllabus.
Exams are coming up! I hope dad & mom haven’t reached! Dad & mom reached!
What to do now? Do something! Who is this? Isn’t that Appu? This is a grown-up girl. Must be her dance teacher then. Who’s that dance teacher
whom I don’t know of? Shall we hide in the attic? Hey wrestler! Tell me the truth! After roaming all around
for your Gatta wrestling,… …has she come looking
for her father? I’ll knock your teeth out! You don’t know me well enough! Yes. I don’t know!
Exactly! Who is that, mom? Might be your sister, dear.
Ask your dad! So isn’t it your friend? Not my friend! Then who is she? Why are you going backwards?
Come with me! I’ll show you who she is! Even if I betray you, you
shouldn’t betray me! Who are you, dear? What? Who are you? Adithi. I got that you’re an Adithi (guest).
But whose guest are you? What? – North Indian!
– What? Huh? She is Das’ friend! Das! Das! Captain is calling you!
Come here! – What is it, dad?
– Who is she? Is she your friend? Didn’t you hear me?
Is she your friend? She is Balettan’s friend! Dad is asking about
your friend, Balettan! Didn’t you say that you will come early?
Why are you late? She is my friend! Your friend? How can you have a
North Indian friend? When have you ever left Kerala? WhatsApp friend! Why is your friend staying here?
There’s no place in your house or what? – Painting is going on there.
– There’s no power there! Since there’s no power,
they are spray painting! They can do spray painting only
when there’s power, right? This girl has come from Thalassery
to meet her friend, uncle! So that friend went to meet another
friend of hers in Dubai, with her family; So I thought she can stay here with uncle
& aunt for a couple of days & enjoy; – Right, mom & dad?
– Else I’ll take her home! She’s beautiful! Staying is fine! If she keeps hogging like this,
I can’t keep cooking for her! It’s the Dosa & Chutney I had made
for teacher to carry to the school,… …that she’s hogging! So there’s no more Dosa? No more Dosas.
There’s some chutney left. Shall I get it? Aren’t you coming? I’m coming! You scoundrel! Leave my dear Das! As soon as a girl stepped in,
you’ve started fighting? Oh my God!
Das! I’ll bring tea then. The North Indian in my
mind was a Bengali, dude! If I had known that
she’s so beautiful, I would’ve hidden her in my
house last night itself! Balettan! Now this girl is
my responsibility! (in Hindi) – My weakness as well!
– Balettan! From now on, I’ll take care
of everything for her. – Hi!
– Hi! Your friend is a
real scaredy-cat! He is really scared of his dad! – Are you a wrestler?
– Yes! But how did you know that? I needn’t be Sherlock
Holmes for that! You’re really funny! Hey! Listen! There’s a wrestling training
centre near the house. Yes!
‘Akhara’! Yes. Akhara! Come, I’ll show it to you. – Ya?
– Come! Okay! – Come!
– Adithi, I… – Isn’t it our dad’s Akhara?
– Ya! Balettan! – This will be good.
– Please come here. You keep looking.
I’ll be right back! – What is it?
– Balettan, What’s your intention? You’re like a fly swarming
over a jack-fruit dish! If you call my nickname,
I’ll kick you! Fly Balan, it seems! – I’m fed up of hearing that!
– Balettan! Adithi is not the type of girl
we had imagined her to be. Maybe not like you
had imagined… But she is exactly like what
I had imagined her to be! You should break
everything, boss! – Break all the lights & balloons!
– We’ll break them, Manikkuttan! – Here they come!
– Break it, boss! Awesome! What?
Get lost! Get going! It’s not like that. What? She doesn’t like people
going behind her. Even I don’t like it! But who told you
that I’m behind her? Who is this Communist? You want this nail polish? Let me take that bangle. Oh! That’s awesome, boss! I didn’t mean that, but she might react to things
which she doesn’t like. And that might cause grief for you. She should react! That’s how girls should be! Boss! Say Sorry! Say Sorry! You rascal Say Sorry! – Who are you?
– Shut up, Manikkuttan! Say Sorry! Keep quiet! – What? Sorry?
– Shut up, man! Say sorry! Boss, did you hear what she said?
And that too, to us? Say sorry! Boss, my hands are itching! – Say sorry!
– Shut up, Manikkuttan! Why are you getting so excited? Hey! I’ll fall on your feet! – Oh my God!
– Boss! – How dare you hit my boss!
– Hey! Who are you? You come to my town & mess
with girls of my house? Your town? My hand is itching!
Shall I slap him? You’re finished!
You’re dead meat! – Finished? What is he doing?
– Give me that stick! He’s bringing that kid’s stick.
What is he going to do? You want more? Oh my God! Surrender, boss! My dear sister, I surrender! Das, bye!
Let me go have dinner! Did you see how she
hit him? She knocked the living
daylights out of him! This is definitely Karate! No way! From her movements,
I understood what it is! – It is Kung-Fu!
– Is it? Well, it’s not
Kung-Fu or Karate! It’s wrestling! Pure Gatta Wrestling! Wrestling? Girls? If we learn wrestling, can
we bash up men like this? When Valsettan comes home drunk in
the night, he keeps beating me up! Haven’t I told you earlier
to go to Captain’s Akhara and learn some martial arts? Vijayetta, she hasn’t come
here to learn martial arts. When her marriage was fixed,
there was no other way for her! Is there no other way out from
Punjab, other than to Kerala? Because of the wrestlers here,
I hang my dhoti loose. Now if this Punjabi joins them,
I’ll have to strip my undies too! Vijayetta! Vijayetta, just 4-5 days. – After that, she’ll go back!
– 4 to 5 days? I won’t let her stay here
even for one more day! What all lies she told us! Was she the one who lied? I didn’t say anything.
You did! She can’t be sent back
so soon, as you say! Why? The train that came
here goes back there too! If she goes back, her
relatives will hurt her. You don’t know how these
North Indians are! They would even kill her
to save their honour! Should a girl who insulted her family
on her wedding day, be kissed instead? Sheesh! I need to buy
medicines for cold. What will people say? I’m telling this to all of you! Talk to me only after sending
her away tomorrow morning! – Understood?
– Ya! What are you looking at?
Go inside! Please don’t send her away! What’s the decision? Will she stay or leave? We will know now! This is just the beginning,
Govindan Nair! Why? Look at that girl
going in slow motion! Kolhapur tournament will
be our first priority. It’s one of the major
tournaments in the country. From now on, you will focus on
basics & strengthening exercises. And Ramesh will be here to
help you here at the Akhara. So, because he didn’t get anyone
to study wrestling from Kerala… …has Captain imported
her from Bengal? Not from Bengal, Valsetta!
From Punjab! That’s what I heard. Then it’s confirmed! Das had gone to study in Punjab, right?
She must be his ‘set-up’. – Can you stop this?
– I will stop! I’ve just started Let me gossip some more,
and then I’ll stop! “Oh God! She is a stunner!
This girl is a stunner” “She looks so lovable!
This girl is lovable!” Adithi is a developed wrestler. Agreed! But how can she practise for the
matches without a training partner? We just need one person. Any girl who knows the basics. “Oh God! She is a stunner!
This girl is a stunner!” “She looks so lovable!
This girl is lovable!” Since she learned a little
wrestling long back,… …I’m still suffering! Now if you awaken the
wrestler sleeping inside her,… …I will be finished! So, you better get going! It’s not a threat. It’s a request! No, dad.
I can’t do it! My dear, you don’t have to wrestle. You just have to be there
as a support for her. Mom, dad is asking me
to study wrestling! You know even the colour of the
underwear worn by Pakistani wrestlers! But you don’t know that
your own child has asthma? Asthma? Awesome! Do you have asthma, dear? “She looks like a queen” “But she can knock you
out with her punches” “She has muscles which
put men to shame” “She’s a fantastic lady” Appu had told me that,… …some of you had trained in
wrestling during your childhood. It would be great,… …if you all can come
back and help me. Dude, I think she is in
urgent need of some cash. That’s what I understood. Baletta, please. Huh? Please? What to do now?
I don’t have any cash. – Do you have any?
– No! Bye! What did she say? What’s that soft-spot for? What?
Ya right! She’s asking us to
help her in wrestling! – Is that so? Did she come for that?
– Leave it! Why didn’t you say that earlier? “She looks like a queen” “But she can knock you
out with her punches” “She has muscles which
put men to shame” Uncle! “She’s a fantastic lady” Uncle! Why are you all here? All? Good morning! – Scoundrels!
– To learn wrestling.. We came to join When a girl came here, all of
you want to study wrestling? No! She came to the club
and begged us to join. So we thought we can reduce our
tummies & learn wrestling with her! Tummy is the main reason! To reduce your tummy, go running
around for a few days. Then we’ll decide whether to
take you in or send you out! – Run around with her?
– This is why I don’t want you here! – Around this shed?
– Shed? Not shed! Akhama! – Akhara!
– Do one thing. Write ‘Akhara’ on this
sand 10 times & learn it! You can start after that! This sand is for writing? Oh Lord Hanuman! Hail Lord Ayyappa! “Oh God! She is a stunner!
This girl is a stunner!” “She looks so lovely!
This girl is so lovely” “If you go close to her,
she will bash you up” “My heart is beating fervently” “She looks like a queen” “But she can knock you
out with her punches” Ever since Balan started training,
everyone’s talking about wrestling in town. Hey Das! How is your
cricket going on? Get me an orange Aren’t you going back to Punjab? Looks like you
are in some kind of tension. Why did you join the Akhara? I know that you want to ogle at her.
But don’t try that with my girl! Hey! It’s not for that! It’s for reducing our tummy fat.
There’s a good change now. Right? Didn’t I ask you clearly
& precisely on that day? And what did you say then?
That she is just your friend, right? Then, let it be like that only! Now you don’t try to ruin it! What is this dwarf saying? Dwarf? Hey! Das, stop messing
around & come here. Have you seen Jagathy (comedian) wooing
Shobhana (heroine) in any movie? No. Will Shobhana fall for Jagathy? No! She will be wooed only
by Mohanlal (hero)! Are you feeling
slightly relieved now? Spinach, Cottage cheese!
As if there’s no fish available in town! This is full of dried
Chappathi & dal curry items! She is a vegetarian! Prepare some Cottage Cheese for her! Ya right! Cottage cheese! Get it imported from Punjab! I can’t survive without
fish at least for one meal! What about fish ‘Avial’ then? Fish for you and
‘Avial’ for her! – Best!
– Listen! From now on, prepare food that she
can also eat, in this kitchen! No way! Hey! Stop there! If she gets fat by eating rice,… …I will chop both your heads off! I will chop her head! Hey! Don’t wear such knickers
in this house hereafter! Mom, these are not knickers.
They are boxers! Boxer, cooker or whatever
the hell it may be! There’s a fully grown
vegetarian refugee here now. You should shift to the out-house
with all your stuff today itself! Out! Out! Me? “You’re an untamed wild tigress” “We’re shattered to bits” “This town and its people” “Are dumbstruck by your power” “Anyone would call it quits
against this warrior” Dear.. Hey dear.. What is it, dad? Adithi, dear! She is taking bath. “She looks like a queen” “But she can knock you
out with her punches” “She has muscles which
put men to shame” “She’s a fantastic lady” Is she competing with
this mummy at Kolhapur? Not mummy.
It’s a dummy! I wish I was born as that dummy! Use your hip I say! Captain, if she has to fight it out
at the arena in Kolhapur, is it enough if she plays
with this dummy here? No issues, Captain! In fact, I used to fight
with boys back home. Beating boys is fun! From tomorrow, each one of you;… …will have to wrestle with Adithi. – In this arena.
– I will feel shy! Do you have a problem? I am ready, uncle! We are also ready! Captain! Should I come wearing a langot (wrestling
underwear) when I come tomorrow,… …or will it be given here? You will be ripped apart now! You shouldn’t be here tomorrow! Not just tomorrow!
Never again! What kind of a coach is he? Should a girl be taught
wrestling with boys? We don’t need a major
female wrestler. Just someone who
knows the basics. Is there any wrestler in this State
whom your dad doesn’t know of? Pokker Ikka, I heard that she’s
wrestling with guys now! Those guys are really lucky! – Why? Do you want to go?
– No way!

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