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Gods Unchained – Ranked Constructed – End Times

And what’s up everybody its Gino finger How y’all doing hey I had a little bit of extra time before the clash of clans stream So I figured I’d jump in why not right see if I could get some gods Unchained in. Well, here’s where we’re at Let’s do a quick sitrep 75 I’m a total 75 Level 85 I don’t know what that means but it’s pretty good. It’s pretty very good. Now. Here’s the thing We’re doing a ranked constructed. It’s over there. See it ranked constructed. Why are we doing that? It’s the tournament for the weekend, right you can win prizes Cool ones too. Like raffle tokens. Look, I got a bunch of them over here. There’s like 5,000 of them in there I’m just hanging on to him. I want to be part of the raffle right so I figured I could get at least At least a couple games in here before the clash of clans dream, so maybe about 45 minutes Don’t tell anybody. All right, here we go. So I hit the start button now. I know I’m doing all ranked constructed Let’s jump into the game and see what happens. All right. Now why am I doing all ranked constructed? Here’s why it’s the tournament. Did I mention that? Yeah, like eight times Alright here. I got to make sure all the codes are right Otherwise, you guys don’t know that I’m here But some of you don’t know anyway, I’m gonna take a soulless undying wish not soulless that soul burn I’m gonna take undying wish I love it I’m up against a malicious. Who are you? your seymour 517 Owner if you meant to spell it Seymour sey, but it’s your choice Seymour sure show notes my show I’m recording all of this see more that way if you want to go back later. Mm-hmm You well – you’re gonna be like, ooh, I got cheetah whooped or he’ll just sit here forever. I chose my cards. Let’s go We got all day we got a clash of clans dream we got to do oh I’ll take that drop any day of the week double fronts I’m just making terms of it’s a new game. What do you want? I’m just here to teach you how to play it I Don’t even know but I’m learning fast. You better hurry up Where are we gonna begin Melissa since you wanted to defer Sometimes I like to make people play first Let’s go ahead let’s get a dawn Let’s let Melissa snow. We don’t have any time for her shenanigans none No time for her shenanigans at all She thinks she’s gonna Melissa sus she’s sorely mistaken sorely mistaken. What do you got Melissa? She’s kind of scary actually, I’m just saying what did she say let’s make a boy, huh? Let’s make him suffer Why don’t we just play Look, I got doubles. There’s a double now she knows I mean business Now she’s like man this guy. She don’t finger ain’t messing around. No, he’s not. He’s ready. He’s ready to go at any time Let’s go Really? This is how we roll. You’re gonna roll out like this. All right Don’t make me summon two one one battle thralls, cuz I can’t It’s not my turn That couldn’t have been good it made the transformer noise Okay, anytime I made the transformer noise I get a little worried what do we got here Never seen it it appears to be diamond of some back-alley vendor Replace all anims enchanted weapons and rooms in your hand with random legendary cards. Oh Well, this will be fun That must’ve been the card that they were waiting for Random legendary cards Wonder how much that costs a back-alley vendor Well the things mean I’m I’m just I’m scared to see what comes next frankly. Oh, let’s get some volume on that I got a bad feeling about this Pablo Will you carry reanimate huh? That’s never good when they kill themselves Will Chino be able to power through just based on sheer force of will But it’s your turn Seymour Give a friendly creature solace and then destroy it. Maybe he’s trying to get more legendary. I don’t know But we’re gonna go full guns blazing here That’s gonna go yeah, that’s gonna go soulless it has to This person’s planning something big I know it I’m actually scared No, we wait see both of those gave me burned I’ve got heartburn from attacking Couple of us girls. No, they’re not what are they? They’re just normal battle florals. Nothing to get overwhelmed about This that’s something to get overwhelmed about a Rampur king Can attack You could what’s this legendary an Aries peacemaker? Let’s make them suffer at the start of your turn destroy all creatures. Okay? If you’re gonna destroy all my creatures, go ahead That’s brutal He was soulless he just came right back he didn’t even care That’s kind of like, um Do whatever school of flame school of fire that’s what that’s like After all that drama, that’s what we did The our isn’t huh seem like a lot of drama for that but I can always I’m gonna save that for a one I Could probably select the same in and we creature twice if I wanted I’m just saying that it says it right there God Alright, let’s see Yep We’re gonna have to summon an employee We’re gonna get rid of that though, we don’t we didn’t want him there now. I’m in the 3-4 situation He’s a three damage that is not it is oh it’s not I’ll do this. Just give me a small bag of tricks Lock it be better than Archer get rid of this thing Cuz he’s a veteran he can handle it Now I did it leave my soulless creature for defense He’s either gonna take four and get obliterated or he’ll go whack like like the lack the whackin one of the two I Don’t know what he’s gonna do. I don’t know if he’s gonna whack a whacker if he’s gonna I don’t know I Think after this though, I’m probably gonna take Theory allowed The white bomb Of course never would have seen it coming This is a crazy deck you’ve got here Seymour They even sure what it’s doing you Win you’ve thrown Co off guard But that’s alright cuz I’ve got a door fan with And I’d rather turn this into another spawn anyway Now I should have attacked with them first I forgot But that little pixie she’s gonna need she’s gonna need a cellar so I’m gonna give her one that way she’s not soulless right It’s your thigh bein brawler out again That’s how you handle a Fabian Phoebe and brawler learn of its thievery inner thigh bein What in Hades an Amazon heart eater This guy’s got crazy cards remember he played that one that was like to have every random card the Peacekeeper the peacemaker Thank God, I got a locust I don’t even know what it does but I’m gonna its summons. That’s a good thing it summons a lot and Wham And its deadly everybody’s deadly Here’s a dwarf Atlit That’s damage 3 So what a handle and Then this guy can go 9 Too bad that soul didn’t have a soul Am I gonna get hurt No, that’s enough for now, it’s Melissa, svey Melissa’s hey there’s oddly You’re making a fire spirit play oh That sounds good. That sounds really cool. Make sure you send me a picture. You have my uh, my incident right? It’s mr Don Cheadle finger it’s easy That’s cool oddly spirit clay carvings They have those around here I live in the southwest of America lots of clicker bees. Well, that’s cool. Yeah, you’ll have to send me a picture I want to see that I’ll bet that’s really cool. Hey, we’re gonna do clash in 56 minutes clash of clans It’s gonna be awesome Whoa, whoa what the heck just happened? Why did they concede Why? Okay, I’ll take it. Hey, did you see that ugly? He’s like I’m out of here. It’s cheeto finger wool looking almost sparkly Hang on let me fix that all right, so let’s do There’s a good win I’ll take it I’ll take it. I wanted to get a legit win with Melissa’s though Let’s see what happened whoa Yeah. Hey, there’s some raffle tokens. Hey each one of those is a shot of that $60,000 card. Yeah. Yeah, that’d be cool. I think so. Let’s see here. Let’s see what happens So I do want to take Melissa’s out again She’s the sis’s Melissa and it’s called the cheeto vixen See they saw they saw that wreath card come out and they were like, whoa, it’s over. Yeah, that’s what happened All right, here we go. We’re into another I’m taking Melissa’s again All the golems would be cool if you could make golems Yeah, click as you could add that probe that probably wouldn’t be too hard. You could make golems with clay All right. Let’s see. I’m gonna do undying wish again. I love the undying wish It can it can turn anything into summon I love it That’s the way I like to roll Oh balloons, it’d be cool again little miniature clay golems disappoint me They put golems into this game. I know right? Who am I up against brain coin juniors I’m just glad I don’t have to go up against brain coins senior Junior junior looks mean enough already. You got enough grey for a golem How big are we talking like a little golem or like a big golem like that? What are you gonna do this guy I was playing last time it’s crazy pick one gain order for see he’s gonna for see see I told you he’s a wizard a Grey golem would be awesome a clash of clans golem made out of clay. I like it. Alright, okay What are you gonna I? Wouldn’t kill that if I were you Oops I meant to put nice That sounds fun. Ah, alright, what are you gonna do? Well, it’s my turn And now we wait Because if he takes that thing down boom out here comes another one and I got a backup. I got one in reserve I’ll finish this game and then probably one more and then I’ll have to get ready for clash of clans fun Somebody’s gonna win a season pass I’m pretty cool right there. All right, let’s see what happened my gold my ghoul You should have been able to get a shot on there lady Brain coin jr And of Marcy bata he brought a porta fort so I’m gonna have to front line and then I’m gonna summon I’m gonna deal one damage to their Boom There’s a deadly little em for you have some of that brain coin His name’s brain coin cuz he’s probably really into like Bitcoin and stuff which is cool. I like it I’m here collecting some it’s at thorium. I like at the room What are you gonna do man, what’s Pring coin jr. Gonna do you just don’t know And oddly is gonna make it great goal A tracking bowl what? Three damage to a creature, okay Don’t use all your cards at once. I’m just saying especially since you’ve got an order for Since you got a cool one hanging out over here, look at all that wizard magic I Don’t have anything little so I’m gonna have to use it to Wharf out Might as well, you know, let’s get into our fee and then I’m gonna use mice my small bag of tricks To make sure that my dwarf Atlas is avenged He’s got to be avenged that ain’t gonna hurt my little imp Now I realize I have no front line. I’m flying wide open very dangerous very dangerous Turn the light on What are you gonna do I had to turn the studio they look good now The hour is mine what summon a random creature Worth 3 mana or less from your void. It has blitz soulless and burn 12 It’s gonna be it’s gonna be burned 12 Here comes there he is You’ve got burned 12. That’s a lot of Revelations Now he’s just got a port afford and some giant Batlin thing Places he oddly crab at an outlet phalanx, he’s got doubles and a door and another porta fort And why keep putting up all these walls brain coin? We heard my feelers five But I came to come at a better time At least we got a little little shielding now and now we have to wait Christel rain, that’s bad Let’s make them suffer you just wait until I get a dired emilich That’s enough because I would never turn a DIYer Demick into a six six nether spawn no These cards are amazing you Never know what’s gonna happen. It’s like What Wow maybe I’ll open another pack I guess Go ahead bring there’s a golem. He’s a man a thirst. He’s a very thirsty golem Well, we’ve got one thing we can do here we can heal Then he goes soulless Now he’s got all these porta forts laying around so I’m just gonna heat it down just like in fort night I’ll put a pew pew on your fort night I’m gonna try for I have it on my ps4. That’d be hilarious. You guys would be like Shino shouldn’t be playing for night Maybe I will maybe I’ll start doing What do you want you two to try and I’ll try it and you guys would be like he’s horrible He’s probably the worst gamer of all times Well MIT, not of all time I’m sure somebody somebody’s worse Like brain coin look at this guy What’s he trying to pull what’s he trying to I mean, what’s he hoping to accomplish He should know. I’ve got a Dyer demo a broken Harvester I’ve been playing this for a week straight and cards are popping out. I’ve never seen let’s make him suffer The audacity of that guy, okay, you’re gonna be a form 1 You’re gonna go over there then you’re gonna take down this wall. No, you’re gonna hit here There we go now, it’s a 1 1 cinch we wait you Didn’t realize you were coming up against Marissa’s and the cheeto vixen deck Chill vixen 6 9.1 on the website. I uploaded it so you can use it Where GU cards That’s where I go GU Dex It’s bookmarked I have I’m in there like three times a day for ten All right, here we go what do you got a dwarf outlet, okay Is they looking good for Tito You guys have had your share of Chileans they happen all the time You just ignore him because you’re like I would have Baloo’s I want him to lose No, you don’t maybe oddly does probably he’s like, I really wish you just lose Then we’ll stop looking for these cards. I’m not I’m gonna take an ogre Archer He’s a one while he’s a 2/1. He’s not bad, right? Maybe I get to use him, but then they’ll die Let’s do that, let’s use him against this Then we’re gonna turn him into a very very crazy creature a six six nether spawn Now I know you probably didn’t see that coming so hold on to yourselves, okay, you probably did And then this guy, yeah, that’s got to go But it’s not gonna let me because of that piece So I’m gonna have to summon some battle thralls That’s what I’m gonna do Once he dies, of course, but first I’m gonna whack this guy he needs to go I didn’t even take any damage not even worried about it Now that six-six has to hit that maybe not But if he doesn’t there’s a whole lot of sixes. There’s more than three There’s more than the triple six cuz I don’t want that on my channel What I don’t know I probably don’t want that either a shadow Scryer His magic is strong Where’s an end times when you need it Or a dire demel ik if I can get that thing out now. Oh, it’s gonna be beautiful Maybe he’ll just defer he doesn’t have any cards he has to You carted yourself Vidya didn’t you brain coin if I get this win Oh beautiful another locus Do I want a five seven yeah. Yeah, I do the door fat look he’s gotta go Now he’s gone just like that I don’t even feel bad for him But I am gonna make I’m gonna make it so that he can come back Let’s go brain jump right over that Like it ain’t nuttin like it ain’t even nuttin That’s enough for now Marisa’s. This is an example of a Cheeto vixen long Dec long game, baby You have one card Unless it’s an eight play it I’m just trying to coach him along. I’m like, come on. Let’s go Giving this blast wave Well Decisions Now this has to come out it has to all friendly creatures They’re all deadly don’t touch him they’re my they’re my friends Hit the concede button then I’ve got time for one more before class plans just one not a lot Man I don’t even have any frontline, I don’t think it’s gonna matter right now This is the reason that we like this game this right here is the reason What are you gonna do brain coin He’s probably like ah, you got me cheat oh No, no, I’m gonna take the lowest card. I’ve got and just hit that. Oh, there we go He’s gonna go off fight and I like it I like his style He knows he can’t touch me you can’t touch the crystal school you can’t Cuz then I’ll just take this guy and kill it Come on I want to kill it It’s gone He’s not gonna be deadly though Would be nice if he was but he can’t be Because he here he gave his deadly to everybody else We should probably take Melissa so I’m just saying and to go over to the other screen. I got time for one more one And then it’s clash of clans prep time That’s a fun game too If you’re here for God’s Unchained or if you heard for clash of clans play gods unchained and vice versa you play both Look at a pack and a hundred and twenty tokens just for the win Just for the win Every every one of those tokens could be that sixty thousand dollar card You don’t know man, some people like to play lottery. I like playing cards join me. Here we go Whoo, man, and I didn’t lose so I don’t have to open a pack. Those are the rules You’ll see a pack opening when I lose. Okay. All right. Here we go Last one and then it’s clash of clans time. Here we go. I’m gonna hit the button over here We’ll see what happens. Hopefully we’ll get a match right away And we did here goes boom. We’re in like Flynn whoever Flynn is I’ve heard of the Finn treasure though. That’s pretty good It’s on the Internet Building the scene It’s gonna be a scene My lieutenant oddly is here. Yeah. We’re almost done. It’s almost class time almost Hey, I’m taking undying wish again and oddly. This thing is amazing. I love that card No, that’s not a card. Really. It’s my god power Hey, maybe it’s the same guy. Is it brain corn again? No, its sovereign I heard sovereigns very high up like a level 86 Where to begin, okay, I’ll play your silly little game. What is this dinosaur? Oh and rage It’s not a dinosaur look at it patience. He’s like But now I got to be patient and hit the button Hey ugly while you’re here. I got a question. Oh, let’s see cheat, excuse me My kid this but man, that’d be awesome. If I could make it rain Cheetos, I’d never be never be hungry again I’m just eating Cheetos all day or cheese puffs or whatever was offered Half life Now I don’t have anything in the void yet. Hey, what’s it read my feature troupe tonight oddly I’m really behind on my season pass, but that’s okay. What should be my feature troupe? What do you want me to build the most of? Let’s do this He’s ambitious Oddly and let me know what our feature troupe should be We’re gonna jump over. I don’t want to but I’d rather take the point Because that’s gonna have to hit down. We wait it has to Do disco wizards so party wizards. All right, how about party wizards and ice golems? That’d be fun I’ve never seen that combo have you? Maybe I mean if somebody’s already done it then we don’t want to do it again. That guy’s got deadly arsenal and it’s bad The boy didn’t drink Alright I stole lumps and party Wizards That’s a good way to do it, especially since we’re celebrating and we’re giving away the pass That’s the way we’ll do that. I got to get a battle rx out here Scene out now Now I am gonna take damage I am Alright, then it is Now here’s the question how many ice because as soon as I’m done with and we’ll call it the odd We’ll call it the oddly army. That’s what we’ll call it. It’s gonna be forever known as the oddly army What? This is getting out of control fast It’s that lady right there I’m gonna heal I’ve got nothing to block it all my heavy cards are coming out right now You may die You may die combat medic, but you will return he will return That’s gonna be fun ice golems and party wizards. That’s gonna be really cool Now that’s unusual sovereign probably should have hit my god for nine but We’ll see what happens especially with that burn probably wouldn’t have done that but I’m in a tutu sich One damage one day in Venice This could be a quick one, I don’t know Depends on how fast these cards come out He’s got 14 and damage on me if he wants what’s he gonna do He’s gonna end rage I knew it he wants a clean shot He’s going for all the marbles Oh I don’t want to make him suffer He’s got he’s give his fire spirit he’s getting their fire spurts are getting ice. Okay good. All right, that thing’s got to go Deal one damage to any two creatures now, I’m gonna do the same one to two times one two pow That’s gone You’re getting a hit bring me my ghost That’s enough for now, that’s all that’s all she wanted oddly Man I’m excited now ice columns and party wizards. That’s gonna be crazy They’re just gonna go everywhere. It’s not it’s gonna be cool. All right, well, hmm Man, I’m in the sixth region. That’s it Let’s bring somebody back You know we needed a battle aurochs It’s the only thing we’ve got that can stand up what? Why can’t I old ritual him? Oh, it’s cuz he’s on fire. It won’t let me and I can’t do him so here’s all I can do I can Do that And then He’s on fire I’m gonna leave it I’m gonna leave it I shouldn’t have left it Yeah, yeah, I’m gonna go yeah, I’m gonna make ice coulombs that’ll be out or maybe we’ll do one normal Gollum Free ice golems in a bunch of party wizards. I’ll get a training potion. We’ll just make them go real fast. I Know look at this guy. I Think sovereigns got me. I don’t know. Maybe I can do one more No, I’ll do a pack opening and then I then I’m gonna get ready for clash Just go ahead take cheeto out go ahead man Fire spirits are okay. That’s good. I feel better now. I might lose oddly, but I’m okay with it I am down that I know the fire spirits are done. I’m good Come on hit him. You know you want to see him. Oh, that was my bad. I Was looking at your cards sovereign Well, I always like to end on a win, but I’m gonna end on a pack opening Oh That’ll soothe me. I’ll have to open a pack here. Let me change the I’m gonna go to the let’s open a pack scream. I Hope I didn’t ranked down. No, I didn’t. Okay, good. I held I held in position Every loss could be the end. All right look total 77. I was just a seven this morning I mean really? Okay. Here we go. Alright pack opening I have 31 packs Each one could contain the card. Here we go If oddly we’re here if oddly were here I know This is the one he would pick right here that one the bottom left so I’m gonna go over here Trapdoor I don’t have it I do now Return a creature to it. So I do have that I don’t use it Why would I want to give it back? No, I want to blow it up cart. Jerk. I don’t have this Summon a 1:1 bodyguard with frontline. Oh That’s going in the deck immediately Stat. Aah Blade fly Hmm. I love those. Hey, I’m starting to get quite a few of them. I should be able to afford some someday They said or not they but I heard well, I’m saving that one I Heard if you have a bunch of one at some point You might be able to forge them or craft not fours, like make them up forging like tink Tink tink tink like you can forge a card into something better. Alright, here we go The Golem is ago we’ve got green light on golems 29 minutes a Frost giant dead shot. Alright now with all this talk of golems If I hit if I click this card and its a golem of some kind I’m probably gonna fall out of my chair We’ll see. I hate it when my green screen gives me a white blob. I mean I’m a hockey player. What do you want? Here we go It’s not a golem but its ad word or priest and I’ll take that all day alarm look at that He’ll your God for four and it only costs two. Mana That’s a that’s a cue that deck Two of those in like three regions and it’s over I’m gonna put it together and I’ll upload it I’ll call it the cheeto everlasting Jim Decker or something. All right. All right, Hey With that being said, guess what? It’s 28 minutes to class time and I have to clean up the studio All right. Otherwise, you guys will be like hey, what what show is this here? I’ll give you a little preview. Here we go Ready? Oh It was right there it was right there. All right cheeto finger out I’m gonna go get the studio ready for clash of clans Thanks for coming by for God’s Unchained and I’ll see you guys in just a little bit. All right cheeto finger I’ll be right back

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