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Godzilla 2014 5 Memorable and Funny Moments

Hey guys, welcome to entertainment talk nation,
this is Rob. This video we are going to take a stroll down
memory lane, 5 years ago and visit some of the best media related moments before, during
and after the release of Godzilla 2014. Before we begin this list, don’t forget
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channel a great deal. Godzilla 2014 Mothra end credit scene. Yes this actually happened, on June 17 2014,
website posted an article where they said that the Asian release of
Godzilla 2014 included and exclusive end credits scene. In this end credits exclusive, mothra can
be seen flying over the ocean and is flanked by an army of flying muto. I recall immediately making a video calling
this out. Believe it or not, the link to that article
still works, but upon viewing it, they of course edited everything out and made it just
about mothra being in the Godzilla sequel with no mention of the end credit scene, hey,
better late then never. Talaghan
This story was reported by on December 27th 2013. The link no longer works, but this story talks
about the original Godzilla concept teaser and the monster depicted in the trailer. According to the story, the worm looking creature
was actually a sort of reptile and that it had a name and it was Talaghan. The monster was apparently inspired by battra
and named by Bryan Cranston. Godzilla Game
On June 25th 2014 Bandai/Namco revealed the development of the Godzilla game. At the time this was such a big deal because
many people had been thirsty for a Godzilla game. The game was a ps3/ps4 exclusive, included
the 2014 version of Godzilla and the graphics at the time where the best ever seen in any
Godzilla game. The game was eventually ported over to the
United States and while it was met with enthusiasm by most fans, the game was panned by mostly
everyone, including myself. The mechanics where weak, the game was insanely
repetitive and it got boring quick. Since that time, it is now nearly impossible
to find the game and if you do, expect to spend between $150 and $500 dollars for it
as it has become extremely rare. Sequel to the Godzilla movie
Shortly after the release of Godzilla 2014 and its success at the box office, then COO
of Legendary Thomas Tull announced that a sequel would happen. Garoth Edwards was on board to direct and
the movie would be released in 2018. The long wait was due to Gareth Committing
to direct a star wars spin off that would eventually be Rogue one a star wars story. Gareth would eventually drop out and be replaced
by Michael Daugherty and the movie would be pushed back an additional year to 2019. Toho Monsters announced at Comic Con 2014
July 26th 2014 was the weekend of a rather large legendary panel. This is where we heard of a new kong movie,
more pacific rim, but what brought the house down was legendary confirming Rodan, Mothra
and Ghidorah for up coming Godzilla sequels. While it had not been confirmed yet, this
began the rumors of a monster cinematic universe which would eventually become what we now
know as the monsterverse. I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane,
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below if there is a 2014 media moment, Godzilla related, that you remember that I did not
bring up here as a lot of things happened leading up to and after the movie was released. This is Rob signing off for ETN, take it easy.

18 thoughts on “Godzilla 2014 5 Memorable and Funny Moments

  1. I miss the hype days of Godzilla 2014 from late 2013-may 2014. It's one of the best moments in my life, waiting for the release of the movie as the yr went by. I remember all the speculation, news and rumors of G14 without realizing it would lead to the MonsterVerse or GvK. It's a shame we'll never relive the experiences of that yr again, even with GvK coming.

  2. These where some of the funny and most hype moments during that time, I know there were many more. Lets see how many of you can remember some of the others. =)

  3. Ah Godzilla 2014, those were the best days! I remember I was known as the kid who is obsessed with Godzilla in 8th grade. I even made a Scale Project of Popcorn bag advertising the movie. I got an A on it but also let my favorite movie theater borrow it to display for everyone coming to see the movie. I love Godzilla and nothing will change that. Long live the King!

  4. Rob Check out this Video its hilarious it's about how Godzilla king of the monster should of ended, especially at 2:58 minutes into the video hahaha

  5. The hype days were the best back than in 2014 those were the good old days when excitement was in the air and everyone was planning when to head out to the theaters those were the good old days indeed

  6. Not all were major, but things that come to my mind when i think back were the people getting pissed about the trailer only being shown at comic con, pretty much all the trailers hyped people up, of course the thousands of people spewing #Rodanconfirmed

  7. I remember seeing Godzilla 2014 for the first time. It was an awesome time at the movies and I walked out of there hoping there would be a sequel. And now here we are five years later and the sequel has already come out. Time really does fly by fast.

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