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GOOD GIRLS Official Trailer (2018) Christina Hendricks NBC Comedy Series HD

Everyone’s going to school. Brush your teeth. Wipe your face. Pants. I gotta work late. Who knew so many people bought cars on a Friday night. Hey you got plans later? My church is having a bring a friend night. Just not really much of a church person. You definitely a stuck-up bitch. She can barely make it through the school day right now. I’m here. We can’t Carla. There’s this new drug that’s just got approved. Oh my God! Can you please just listen to me for just one damn minute! The drug you’re talking about is 10 grand a month out-of-pocket. Why do we have hardly anything in our accounts? I made a few bad decisions at work. Oh. What can we do? Nancy and I are… Suing you for custody. Seriously my husband and I work all the time, but transplant lists can take months. So what you want to do this? Ladies and gentlemen this is a robbery! Hey Dead pool, you wanna… In my old job we got robbed all the time. Do they get caught? The dumb ones do. Don’t dick around with a registers of small potatoes. You’re gonna take my friend here to the cash vault. How much is in the bowl? Thirty grand give or take? Are you okay in there? What’s your name? What year is it? I robbed grocery store. How much do we got? We got more than 30 grand. How much more? I handled the mortgage because you couldn’t. Are you stay in the house? I get to stay in the house. Your clothes are in the car. And your meds a great option. We’ll start on it and she how she do. Who are you Oprah? I’m gonna take a shower. I smell like booze and crime. What do you want? the money you stole from us? You really gotta be careful ladies. You see a real song then. We’re not gonna sit back and let everything be taken away from us. We have to do this ourselves.

98 thoughts on “GOOD GIRLS Official Trailer (2018) Christina Hendricks NBC Comedy Series HD

  1. Exactly the same narrative as Breaking Bad: 'ordinary' suburb-people in financial trouble, start illegal stuff to bring in cash, get involved with organised crime, start taking things in their own hands…Starts off as black comedy, but getting darker along the way. Although this looks amusing, original it is NOT…

  2. They really need to change the thumbnail for this video. I seriously thought it was an independent erotic thriller.

  3. Has a similar feel to that movie Mad Money that was done back in 2008 but I'll watch anything with Retta so I'm sure I'll watch this.

  4. Mae Whitman get a new agent and Christina please get Nicholas Refn to write a movie for you or Ryan Gosling so you two don't have to do this shit!

  5. damn I love christian can't wait 2 see her in this show also other horror movie she in my favorite sexy redhead ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. These girls-gone-bad plots don't fit. Ocean's 8, Bad Moms, etc. Even women in comedy doesn't fit well because it's not believable. "Thelma and Louise" and "Set it Off" were believable because they weren't well off. Rebellion is to be expected. Middle class women drastically set off by 1st world problems? That's pathetic.

  7. just to be clear both the IRS and the FBI couldn't work out how 3 "unconnected" women suddenly paid off a mortgage, bought expensive motors and paid for a transplant at $10,000 per month wasn't connected to a recent local Walmart robbery? Mmmmm #feminsm in Hollywood really has to move along now, who watches this shite?

  8. Replace the โ€œGโ€ to โ€œBโ€ and โ€œDโ€ to โ€œBโ€ from GOOD, itโ€™ll become BOOB GIRLS.

  9. OMG, I really want to be #Maewhitman boyfriend/baby daddy. I'm talking about being her mouth opener whenever she gets home from work . ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. Wife who has a cheating husband, a wife who has a bad dealing husband and a wife has a sick child and want to rob from a gang…. this is interesting

  11. This garbage may make women feel good as its all women whining about how strong they are and only has weak male characters but aside from angry fat feminists who have been crying about girls being cancelled . It has limited appeal

  12. Show looks cute – what does it say about this country that so many shows are being made about people being pushed so far to the edge by the extraordinarily high cost of healthcare that they have to turn to a life of crime? haha

  13. i have watched this. trust me if you love Desperate Housewives +breaking bad kind of vibe you will love this!

  14. Just finished watching this on Netflix. It is so good. That cliffhanger tho ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    They need to make season 2 right now!!!

  15. LMFAO THE BESSSSTTTTTTTTTTT I couldnโ€™t stop watching it is literally almost 4 am ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  16. That sends a really bad message. Three women can't open a business together (for example) to make money and rather rob. Gee!

  17. Just watched the last episode of season 1, these ladies omg they are the bad b*tches I need as an example in my own life. I โ™ฅ how the actresses have real chemistry on screen and irl!!! โ™ฅ

  18. I watched the first movie on Netflix and I found it to be one big pity party of women who feel sorry for themselves. Instead of working to improve there lives, they blame other people and commit crimes to do better. The one woman that is some to be involved with the custody battle has zero common sense. After they robbed the grocery store she bought a 6 figure Porsche and she was going to have sex with the grocery store manager so he would not tell on her. So that is all you feel you are worth? Sex for money. It also did not make sense that most people in the movie have huge homes they are struggling to maintain. I understand this is supposed to be a comedy but there are some things that are not funny. It just doesn't make sense. I did not like it. I found it sad and shameful.

  19. Ok 8/
    Not bad ONCE you get beyond the feminist propaganda, & that mostly each male character is portrayed as a villain / Asshole/ or idiot , AND the fact that the first episode is loaded with this feminist B.S. rally crying message, it's actually pretty entertaining….. Otherwise the first episode is full of pandering B.S. ..Beyond that , pretty good show…Almost stopped at the first episode… Thank God for the 10 Sec fast forward, or I'd have never made it to episode 2 !! X))

  20. I couldn't even finish the first fucking episode! The premise of the show if fucking retarded. Don't know how a season concludes, I'm guessing their one time heist turns in to a profession. However, for as LARGE as these dumb bitches problems are, NOT even a $100,000 take could solve their problems. โ€ฆ and WHAT FUCKING PIGGLY WIGGLY'S HOLD THAT MUCH CASH ON HAND LET ALONE MAKES THAT MUCH IN A DAY?! Large cash amounts for ANY business are dropped REGULARLY in business TWICE A DAY! WHERE THE FUCK DO THEY FIND THESE WRITERS, AND WHO THE FUCK IS GIVING THEM DEGREES?!

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